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Awesome Art Picks: Superman, Captain America, Punisher and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

It's time to check out the coolest comic book art you won't see in comics. The reason you won't see it is because artists love to do sketches for fun or for commissions. They often post them on their blogs, Tumblrs and Twitter accounts. At conventions, if you're lucky, you can get sketches like these from them, or you can contact many of them through their sites and get a commission of your own. These images are too good to go unnoticed.

Tony Moore art is always great to see. He has done some recent conventions and has posted them on his Tumblr. Check out his versions of Carnage, Wolverine, Punisher, Donatello and a...severed Skrull head.


== TEASER ==

Daniel HDR does a lot of commissions through his website. Check out his classic Daredevil and Black suit Spider-Man.

Yesterday, as you know, was May the 4th. That means it's time for some Star Wars art. Check out this Luke Skywalker sketch Michael Walsh posted on his tumblr.

That's not the only Star Wars pic we have this week. Agnes Garbowska posted this Han and Chewie pic along with a cute Uncanny X-Force sketch on her Tumblr.

Peter Nguyen posted a few sketches this week, check out his Wonder Woman, Chamber and Iron Man.

Todd Nauck went to an Avengers screening after party and did a lot of sketches which he posted on his Twitter page. Most of them were Avengers-related of course.

Speaking of Avengers, Marcio Takara posted this sweet Captain America pic (and Batgirl) on his Tumblr this week.

Robert Atkins has been posting a different Avenger on his blog all month. Check out his Captain America and Black Knight. Also be sure to check out his site for commission information.

This next one might not technically belong here. Cliff Chiang posted this nice Joss Whedon on his Tumblr. The reason I say it shouldn't be here is because it is a published piece, just not in a comic. He did this for GQ magazine.

I just discovered Stephanie Buscema's Tumblr page. Check out the colors she used on these two. Definitely worthy of being framed.

Skottie Young did some more of his Daily Sketches on his website (which go up for sale once posted). This week he chose a fairy tale theme. Check out his site for more.

Going back to yesterday, it was a great day being Star Wars Day along with marking the U.S. opening of The Avengers. Unfortunately it's also the day Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys passed away. Check out the tribute Dustin Nguyen posted on his Tumblr. Let's wish happy thoughts to Yauch's friends and family.

Tom Raney was at the Boston Comic Con and posted some sketches on his Twitter. Check 'em out.

Gene Gonzales posted some more "Conventionless Convention" sketches. Check out his blog for more.

Freddie E. Williams II must have been crazy busy at C2E2. Last week I posted a bunch of his sketches but it turns out he had more that he posted on his Twitter.

dfjanco on Twitter suggested I check out Andy MacDonald's blog. Check out his X-Men sketches. I love the slightly different take he gives them.

And last but not least, it's time for some Paolo Rivera art (his DAREDEVIL cover also made this week's Best Comic Book Covers of the Week). Because everyone's talking about the Avengers, he decided to post a Kirby-inspired Superman pic on his blog. Along with another Hulk commission.

Hope you enjoyed this week's picks. Be sure to check out the artists' pages or follow their Tumblrs or Twitter accounts. Be sure to let them know how awesome we all think they are.

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Posted by Deadcool

Awesome pictures arround me, I want them all...

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I need all these. Absolutely awesome. But the Joss Whedon piece by Cliff Chiang FTW I say.

Posted by Inverno


Posted by Icon

I really love the Wonder Woman one.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Awesome works, especially Andy MacDonald's pieces. Gambit is adorable.

Posted by TheWitchingHour

Paolo Rivera knocks it out of the park.

Am I the only one who doesn't care for Todd Nauck's art all that much?

Posted by JamDamage

so much good stuff on tumblr

Posted by TheGreyOutcastX

@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

I need all these. Absolutely awesome. But the Joss Whedon piece by Cliff Chiang FTW I say.


Posted by longbowhunter

That silver centurion Iron Man is great. Probably my favorite Peter Nguyen piece.

Posted by AgeofHurricane

Chamber & The X-Men.
Adore that.

Posted by Billy Batson

Saw Moore's Carnage a while back, Daniel HDR's Daredevil is awesome, the UXF variant's cute and Takara's amazing.
Also, you left a small m after the Carnage pic :p

Posted by JonSmith

Sorry, had to do this.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I like the picture Cliff Chiang did of Joss Whedon for GQ magazine. Because it tells everyone that from now on the Avengers movie will be part of the Whedonverse along with Buffy and Firefly, etc.

Awesome pics.

Posted by Nessy


Posted by RedOwl_1

I TOTALLY loved the Nightwing one :P

Posted by LordRequiem

Finally Chamber gets some recognition, sort of.

Posted by sentryman555

@JonSmith: LOL I thought the same thing when I saw that pic.

Posted by Primmaster64

About damn time Superman was featured in this. That Donatello one

Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k

It pains me to know that most of them don`t get to draw as many comics, as they should.

Posted by revbucky

Awesome artwork by all!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by xanthiss

Hulk Sad!

Posted by Scribbles

@TheWitchingHour: Agree completely on Nauck; from a technical perspective, his work is nearly flawless. But all the figures tend to look the same, and everything is just so...I don't know...clean?

If put on the an "all ages" type of book, I think he would shine, but I feel like his style is not terribly interesting to look at.

Then again, he is a professional comic book artist, and I just comment on message boards. So screw me and my opinions.

Posted by Renchamp

Skottie Young's Princess and the Pea is excellent.

Posted by Overlander

@JonSmith: @JonSmith said:

Sorry, had to do this.

Love it!

Posted by NXH

Some great pics. Especially Tony Moore. Wish he would do more stuff with Marvel instead of the occasional issue here and there.

Posted by ALittleTooRaph

Chamber!! So awesome! I also love the Donatello one too. All really good ones this week though!

Posted by deadpool25mm

Wow some realy great artwork!

Posted by Ijan092

I gotta say, this art pick ups was freaking amazing!

Posted by sdunham818

As always love the Saturday edition of art. Thanks hope you all had a great FCBD on 5.5.12!!!

Posted by Queso6p4

Gotta catch 'em all! I wish I were rich so I could commission all of these artists. Another great article to read.

Posted by BlackArmor

Donatello for the win!!!

Posted by Nova`Prime`

The Beastie Boys pic is the best this week. RIP MCA!

Posted by blueninjapanther

Marcio Takara art looks amazing and donatello just kick shredders ass

Posted by TheMadMonkey

@TheWitchingHour: No, you're not the only one. His work has never appealed to me at any time. I get that all the art presented here are quickly-done sketches. But, does almost everyone have to look like they just got punched on the side of their faces?

At least his work is not complete garbage...unlike Humberto Ramos...

Posted by TheMadMonkey

Skottie Young gets my vote.

Posted by TheWalkingComicbookfan

I'm pretty sure that if there was a comic book that just had these drawings in, I would buy it!

Posted by wsst


I'm leaving COMICVINE. I would like to donate my profile.

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password = iceman

change password and enjoy!

Posted by pikahyper

D@mn I want that Tony Moore Punisher >.<

That Cliff Chiang Joss Whedon is excellent.

Skottie Young will never disappoint me ♥.♥

Posted by YourEggcellency

@TheWitchingHour said:

Am I the only one who doesn't care for Todd Nauck's art all that much?

Not at all - he has the same face shape for almost everyone. It's practically a copy+paste & then fill in some defining trait for him. It's not bad; it's just not particularly interesting or good, either.

Posted by uniform

I miss Phil Noto art. He was appearing in these week after week for a while, but lately he's been absent.

Posted by KidSupreme

Freddie E. Williams II is one of my fav artist!