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Awesome Art Picks: Shazam, Batman, Black Cat and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Each and every week we gather up the best comic book art that you will not see in comics. The reason you won't is because artists often do sketches for fun and commissions and post them on their websites, blogs and Tumblrs. Many artists often arrange commissions through their sites so check them out for more detail if you're looking to own a cool original piece.

Michael Walsh was at Toronto ComiCon and posted this Superior Spider-Man sketch on his Tumblr.

== TEASER ==

Here's a couple Paolo Rivera posted on his blog that didn't make it onto last week's post for some reason.

Phil Noto posted another of his 'photograph' sketches on his Tumblr along with one of Megan Draper. (When is Mad Men coming back on?)

Megan Draper

Mahmud Asrar posted some more pre-show commissions from London Super Comic Con on his Tumblr.

Todd Nauck posted a pic of Josie (from Josie and the Pussycats) on his Tumblr.

Here's a commission of Wonder Woman Peter Nguyen did at Megacon and posted on his Tumblr. He'll be at WonderCon and C2E2 doing commissions.

Agnes Garbowska posted some commissions from Toronto ComiCon on her Tumblr.

Cameron Stewart posted a sketch of Death and one of Catwoman on his Tumblr this week.

Joel Gomez recently did this Venom sketch for a friend and posted it on his Tumblr.

It's a sad time for Batman this week but check out this sketch Dustin Nguyen posted on his Tumblr.

Peter Krause posted a could Batman rogues last week and here's another, Mad Hatter in black-and-white and color, posted on his Twitter.

Denis Medri posted some more Star Wars 80s High School sketches on his Deviant Art Page.

What's that? We need more Cyborg? Here's a pic Phil Bourassa posted on his Deviant Art Page.

Last week we also saw a Billy Batson/Shazam sketch Francis Manapul posted on his Tumblr. He updated it with some more finishing touches.

Jeremy Roberts posted some Man of Steel images on his Deviant Art page.

Mike McKone posted a Batman commission on his TwitPic page. Apparently the client insisted on this gargoyle.

Daniel HDR posted the beginning of a Deadpool commission on his Tumblr.

Chris Giarrusso posted another sketch cover from the Mid-Ohio-Con on his website.

Brett Booth posted this sketch of Superman and Wonder Woman...and a dinosaur on his blog.

Terry Dodson posted some commissions from Emerald City Comicon on his Deviant Art page.

Gene Gonzales gave Hulk his close up this week on his blog.

Robert Atkins posted some recent commissions from ECCC on his blog.

That wraps up another installment. Since we are now officially in Con Season, you can expect more next week.

Thanks to OutlawRenegade for his suggestions!

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Posted by Mia26

The Superman art looks pretty awesome, am beyond excited for Man of Steel.

Posted by iaconpoint

Yay! Con season!

Posted by ARMIV2

Oh man, all of this great art!

Posted by modunhanul

Awesome arts!

Posted by Billy Batson

That Manapul piece isn't bad. Not bad at all.

Posted by Brownghost

Manapul does an amazing shazam.

Posted by ragdollpurps

Cameron Stewart after my own heart with those Death and Catwoman pieces.

Posted by uniform

Love Noto's work. His second work is very nice. Love that green. I just wish it wasn't Jessica Paré.

Posted by Mbecks14

Manapul's Shazam is incredible

Posted by Danperrin

yup, that Supergirl is on my wall :D

Posted by dondave

Great Art picks

Posted by SoA

@Danperrin: very cool!

Posted by Danperrin

@SoA: Thanks :)

Posted by sethysquare

@Danperrin said:

yup, that Supergirl is on my wall :D

looks awesome

Posted by bunkerbuster05

Oh, Phi Noto. What I wouldn't give to have you draw everything. He might have become my favorite artist over the past few months.

Posted by DH69

the franklin richards meeting hulk pic put a smile on my face.

Posted by TDK_1997

The Captain Marvel one by Manapul is awesome!

Posted by Pokeysteve

Nice seeing Lady B again.

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Man Zod's hairstyle and chin hair looki ridiculous.

Posted by Decept-O

Cameron Stewart's Death and esp Catwoman...I really love 'em. Just eye candy, so incredible, just wow. Same goes for all the art here...just wow! Great display this week by all the talented artists. Dodson's Wonder Woman is icing on the comic art cake.

Posted by ccraft

I really want Brett Booth to do JL vs Dinosaurs! Maybe a mini series idc I just want it!

Posted by Captain13

The Man of Steel, Cyborg, Supergirl, Josie, Red Sonja, Shazam, and Star Wars 80s High School pics are my favorites.

Posted by HushoftheWind

Man, after seeing those Man of Still pics, Superman definitely needs to lose that collar. Ever since they gave the collar to Aquaman in Brightest Day, i guess DC went collar happy.

Posted by longbowhunter

The Shazam piece is incredible. Wingman vs. Redbird is kinda obscure.

Posted by fables87


Posted by Captain13

@HushoftheWind: The collar looks good on Superman in my opinion, but let's not get into a debate.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Best one! Although the 80's Star Wars are a very close second!

Posted by jointron33


Posted by The Average Bear

Why would anyone let Hulk hold a baby...

Posted by umbrafeline

i so totally love the baronness

Posted by Icon

This weeks selections are amazing.

Posted by Vitaeleous

The gargoyle in that McKone drawing cracks me up. Also by the looks of it, this friendship between Franklin Richards and The Hulk will be long, fruitful, and full of witty cynicism.

Posted by Oscars94

I'm not really a Superman fan but after seeing trailer 2 and this artwork I'm pumped for it!

Edited by AllStarSuperman

When Kenneth Rockfort leaves superman I really want Brett booth to come on!

Posted by Reignmaker

@Billy Batson said:

That Manapul piece isn't bad. Not bad at all.

Best artist in the New 52 imo. The man creates some absolutely gorgeous splash art.

Posted by phillywonka


Posted by grenade728

Great picks as usual!

Posted by mcbean


Posted by Overlander

Lots of great art this week. Is that first one from Robert Atkins supposed to be Ken from Gatchaman? Either way, cool pic.

Posted by Barkley


Posted by New_World_Order

I love the Hulk & baby Franklin Richards one.

A lot of these are display picture worthy.

Posted by zachkastner

Francis Manapul's Captain Marvel is gorgeous. I really need to save up money for that kind of commission from him.

Posted by sho3s22

Red Bird and Owlman FTW

Edited by SpitfireINK

Emerald City Comicon 2013'

Posted by Grey56

Bourassa's Cyborg is too sharp to ignore as is that Stitch/Yoda from Garbowska. Honorable mention goes to Asrar's Black Cat - because it's tough to not like a buxom lady.

Posted by KnightofSteel

My favorite here is Robert Atkins' work. Does anyone know if he's doing any G.I. Joe comics right now?

Posted by sweatboy

since everyone's pointing out Manapul's Cpt. Marvel and Zod, i'm gonna say Gene Gonzales Hulk's haircut, jawline and other features appeal to me. The green hint of the hair too. Paolo Rivera, Robert Atkins and Agnes are all very talented and have their unique styles. Idk if they could ever do as bad job. So what's that first Robert Atkins' work? Batman vs Talon?

Posted by MrArrogant

That Manapul piece is my new phone backround.

Posted by detective38

Seeing anything with Damian still makes me sad...

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Jeremy Roberts' Man of Steel stuff for the win, with Manapul's Shazam a close second and Joel Gomez' Venom in third for me. Awesome stuff overall though!

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