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Awesome Art Picks: Robin, Emma Frost, Captain America and More

The coolest comic art you won't see in comic books.

Every week we search high and low for the coolest comic book art not seen in comics. Why is this great art not in comics? Artist often do sketches and commissions at conventions. Many also have their own blogs or Tumblr pages where they post their sketches. It's a way for them to draw for fun or do some experimenting on characters they don't normally get to draw in whatever books they're currently working on.

To start off with, Phil Noto is normally a regular in these posts but has been in Europe the last few weeks for conventions, signings and a gallery show. Check out his rendition of Emma Frost.

She might not look icy enough but the simplicity in her white outfit on a white background really draws your focus to her eyes, which speak volumes. It's almost like she's looking into my soul!

== TEASER ==

Skottie Young has been a little MIA lately as well. But with his extremely awesome first issue of MAGNETO: NOT A HERO, we can cut him some slack. He's back to doing his daily sketches on his website where, once posted, you can buy the original.

Here's Max from "Where the Wild Things Are."

Eric Powell's The Goon.

David Petersen's Mouse Guard.

Sam Kieth's Maxx.

Francesco Francavilla has been busy as well posting some Not-At-NYCC sketches.

Last week we saw Peter Nguyen's sketch of Poison Ivy. This week, he added some color to it.

Here's a pic of Loki and Joker. He suggested they date. These were commissions for the same guy.

Here's a NYCC sketch of Mary Jane from Paolo Rivera.

Here's one from a couple from Mitch Breitweiser, Sexy Wonder Woman and Batman Beyond.

Agnes Garbowska posted some more recent commissions she did.

Here's some Philp Tan posted on his Tumblr. Check out his Daredevil, Starman and Stargirl.

We saw some Damian Wayne sketches at Comic Twart last week. He's one by Tom Fowler posted after I gathered the others.

Remember all those ads for the DC Comics Converse shoes? Turns out there was a comic you can download online. Cameron Stewart did a 2-page "Origin of Catwoman" comic and here's one of the pages. Go to his Tumblr for where you can check out the rest of the comic.

And speaking of Catwoman, at this year's Long Beach Comic Con, I challenged several artist to draw a Green Lantern. Why a Green Lantern? Because it was something different, something they most likely hadn't done before, just like when I challenged artists to draw Batman with a broom at SDCC.

If you haven't already, there's the video to watch them in action.

You can watch a high res version of the video here. And here are scans of the actual images so you can get a closer look.

Peter Nguyen's:

Brian Buccellato's:

Dustin Nguyen's:

Ray Anthony Height's:

Joel Gomez's:

Todd Nauck's:

That's it for this week. Be sure to check out the next installment of Awesome Art Picks.

Posted by ARMIV2

So many, many, many wonderful works here.

Posted by slick23

Robin and Daredevil and that stargirl thingie takes the cake!

Posted by moywar700

this is lovely

Posted by AwesomeAquaman

Iron Fist, Hawkeye, and Captain America were awesome! Nice to see the Catwoman pictures up close.

Posted by The Devil Tiger

Damn ! Emma Frost is looking... nice ! O_o

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The Apocalypse and Daredevil and Starman ones were AWESOME! I'll comment on the Catwoman ones again though. I love them all, but it seems that Todd Nauck's was the most wonderful in terms of detail. Conceptually, it seemed Ray Anthony Height captured the essence of Selina as a GL perfectly. Wish I could have these myself!

Posted by MintBerryCrunch

@The Devil Tiger said:

Damn ! Emma Frost is looking... nice ! O_o

She looks different don'tcha think? Not much skins howing and boobs are smaller than usual, doesn't seem Emma-like, not to say it's bad.

Posted by thechessclub

That Cap is gorgeous. And of course everything Scottie Young does is golden

Posted by pikahyper

oh how I love Skottie Young and that Starman is fantastic.

Posted by Wonder Princess

Love the Catwoman shots and the link for the comic was great. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by maxicere

I love Phil Noto art... it's amazing!!

Posted by Arevish

Why there's always an awesome art pick about Robin?

Posted by Billy Batson

good stuff

Posted by Decept-O
Posted by nonfiction91

wow, that emma frost is incredible. Wether it was laziness or artistic perspective, he was smart to go with the absence of color in the clothing, says alot about the character. she's hot here too, wonder whos face he used to work off of. Apocalypse has that great old school feel, as do hawkeye, iron fist, captain america, and doc fate I like that. daredevil ooks seasoned and weathered but expereinced. Batman Beyond looks the most realistic as I've ever seen the character which is great.

Like others said it's great to see an upclose of the catwoman lantern sketches. I especially like Heights's sketch, I think he should win it,if thats how it works. All-in-all its incredible art that can't be condemned in anyway, I love it all in one way or another, please let them know that fans greatly appreciate it. :)

Posted by pspin

Emma was great and that Joker was awesome

Posted by Gambit1024

That Daredevil is the best.

Posted by The Impersonator

She might not look icy enough but the simplicity in her white outfit on a white background really draws your focus to her eyes, which speak volumes.

I'm already focused on her eyes. :P

Posted by core1065

God I love Phil Noto's artwork. Its amazing!!! but a lot of his female faces look similar, he must be using the same reference for a lot of them. I'm guessing his wife or something.

Edited by Mbecks14
Justice League Girls

Posted by victoriancuckoo

love Captain America, Poison Ivy, Emma and Hawkeye!

Posted by horshbox

Love the Starman and Joker ones!

Posted by fbdarkangel

awww! I absolutely love the Dany/Drogo one!

Posted by Daveyo520

I like Dustin's Catwoman the best.

Posted by CitizenJP

Wowy wow probably some of the best artwork I've seen in awhile! A lot of awesomeness.

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Young's version of Max and Tan's version of Daredevil are my favorites, but that's not to say everything was amazing. "Awesome Art Picks" is my favorite.

Nguyen and Height''s Catwoman pieces are great too!

Posted by Omegalpha

Lovely edition.

Posted by -Vigil-

You can never have too much Robin!

Posted by Sobe Cin

I would like the Hawkeye pic.

Posted by mijamoto


Posted by allpro

cant stop staring at that  Emma Front, has a pretty woman's face down pat, whoa

Posted by Super_Soldier23

I really liked Captain America. :D

Posted by ripjim93


Posted by Wolverine0628

LOVE that Starman art!

Posted by Eyz

Gorgeous art, all around.

gotta say, love the drawings from the challenge there :P

And I already miss STARS & Stripe :/

Posted by Renchamp

I love Skottie Young.

Posted by sa5m

This artwork is most impressive =)

Posted by fables87

Loving the Emma Frost picture and the zombie Wonder Woman!