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Awesome Art Picks: Psylocke, Batman, Dr. Strange and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Here comes your weekly installment to the best comic book art that won't appear in actual comics. The reason they won't is because artists often draw sketches for fun and commissions and post them on their blogs, Tumblrs and websites. Some artists also pre-arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out for more information.

Todd Nauck continues to post several great sketches week after week. Here's just some of what he posted on his Tumblr and Instagram. You can also bid on his WALKING DEAD Hero Initiative cover HERE.

Joel Gomez drew a great Krypto sketch on his Tumblr.

Michael Walsh is busy drawing X-FILES SEASON 10 but he still found time to post some commissions on his Tumblr.

Marcio Takara's commission list is open. Head over to his Tumblr for more information. Check out his Stephanie Brown commission as well as a couple previously posted pieces with colors he added "for fun."

There's been some Doctor Strange rumblings lately. Ron Salas posted a character redesign on his site he did for Project: Rooftop at HeroesCon.

Marcus To was recently at One Million Comix and posted these sketches on his Tumblr.

Gene Gonzales posted a couple new sketches over on his blog.

Mahmud Asrar posted several new sketches on his Tumblr this week.

Agnes Garbowska was at Ace Albuquerque last weekend. Here's a couple commissions she did and posted on her Tumblr. Her next convention is SDCC!

Paolo Rivera will be at Supercon. He posted some recent commissions on his blog.

Check out this Snake Eyes pic Robert Atkins posted on his blog.

Daniel HDR posted some commissions from MultiversoComicon on his Tumblr.

Chris Giarrusso posted a few different things on his website this week. First is a picture for an auction for the American Librarian Association. Next is a team up pic of G-Man (no relation) and Action Cat and Adventure Bug from AW YEAH COMICS and a Thing sketch card. Chris also posts fan art on his page. Here's some 'adult' versions of his characters by Mark Ninness.

Peter Nguyen posted a couple sketches on his Tumblr. The Young Avengers piece is a work-in-progress.

That's it for this week. Rest assured, we'll have loads more in the next installment.

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Posted by longbowhunter

That Dr. Strange redesign is awesome!

Posted by sinestro_GL

Kara :)

Posted by CyberWarrior

Astonoshing Nova pick.

Posted by loQ_on

For me Snake Eyes(& I'm not a huge G.I. Joe fan), Daenerys(& not just cause of the nip slip), & of course anything by Nguyen(he's MONSTER)

Posted by loQ_on
Posted by Crimsonlord53

Is it just me or dose wonder woman look like she has a split lip? Betsy and carol look great.

Posted by BuNKiTZ

Doctor Strange! The redesign looks sweet!

Edited by Icarus_Ashes

LoL Parks and Recreation Guardians of the Galaxy.. Tom/Drax's face rofl

Posted by nightwingnerd

Damian looks awesome

Edited by wmwadeii

Love the Nauck's Terra, I picked it last week for my deviantART picks. This week I also picked the Takara's Black Cat & Captain Marvel along with Nguyen's Young Justice.

Super Kirby is awesome M'kay. They should make a whole series of these with other Superheroes powers.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

Peter Nguyen, perfect as usual!

Edited by Neon_Jackal

That Doc Strange was awesome, though there is a disturbing lack of the Eye of Aggamoto

Edited by lifeboy


Posted by Billy Batson

Cool, John and Shade. And heh, Terra and Beast Boy.

@lifeboy said:


Agnes Garbowska did one?


Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

That Doctor Strange by Salas intrigues me to no end!

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

@wmwadeii said:

Super Kirby is awesome M'kay. They should make a whole series of these with other Superheroes powers.


Posted by SobeCin

I really love the Young Avengers at the bottom. That was fantastic.

Edited by Nahuel

Peter Nguyen, Mahmud Asrar and Marcus To are BOSSES... already following them on tumblr and the Dr. Strange redesign is wonderful, so actual and yet so close to the classic.

Posted by Kal'smahboi

Krypto Unchained! :)

Posted by wundagoreborn

Second this:

@nahuel said:

Peter Nguyen, Mahmud Asrar and Marcus To are BOSSES...

Posted by HeraldofGanthet

Robert Atkins' Snake Eyes. Like a boss.

Posted by Jake Fury

Man, I loved Psylocke's costume with the armor.

Posted by Ninjablade09
Posted by MyNameWasDeleted



yes... that'll do nicely

Posted by umbrafeline

I love how todd colored kitty <3

Posted by Fantasgasmic

That Krypto would be way better if it was "Krypto Unleashed"

Posted by Timotheus316

Love how you threw that sketch of you in there G-Man! :)

Posted by comicace3

I like the nova pic

Posted by AskaniSon295

I allways liked British Psylocke over Asian Psylocke ( & white Jubilee over asian Jubilee) I wonder why Jim Lee changed her.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

There are WAY too many awesome pics for me to post here. So much awesome!

Edited by krazyman27
Posted by Hawkguy
Edited by Renchamp

What the Batman/Superman fastball special?

Posted by SoA

todd nauck should draw everything

Posted by FlyingGrayson22

I got to meet Robert Atkins and my LCS today. Bought a sweet Nightwing print from him. Super nice guy.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

Michael Walsh did commissions on my top 4 favorite characters

Posted by JonesDeini
Posted by HushoftheWind

did i see a nip slip in one of those drawings?

Posted by LarryDavis

I think Tony bought stock in Todd Nauck.

Posted by yo_yo_fun

These are all awesome! My favorite is Krypto Unchained! XD