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Awesome Art Picks: Nightwing, Thor, Wolverine and More

Some of this week's coolest comic book art you won't see in comic books.

It's time once again to check out some of this week's coolest comic book art that you won't ever see in an actual comic. The reason you won't is because artists often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their blogs, Tumblrs and websites. Some artists even arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out for more information.

Next week is New York Comic Con. A lot of the artists seen here will be there, working hard in Artist Alley. One artist that has been doing several pre-con commissions is Marcio Takara. Check out the latest sketches and inked versions he posted on his Tumblr.

Todd Nauck is always going non-stop at conventions. Check out the classic 80s-style X-Men sketches he posted on his Tumblr. Makes you long for the good old days.

Gabriel Hardman will be at table K-9 at NYCC. You can check out his rates on his blog.

Peter Nguyen was at Vegas Con and posted some sketches on his Tumblr. He'll also be at NYCC. Most of his commission slots are full but he may still have some if you visit him on day 1. He'll be at table H-12.

Daniel HDR has been working on several pre-NYCC commissions. Check out the latest posted on his Tumblr.

Dustin Nguyen will also be at NYCC. Stop by his table to get your Li'l Gotham comics signed or to pick up a print. He mentioned on his Tumblr he'll have some original art for sale too.

Tom Raney posted some art from Granite State Comicon which took place in Manchester, NH on his Twitter. He will also be at NYCC.

Agnes Garbowska will be at table D-4 at NYCC. She posted this Superhero Minions pic on her Tumblr. She donated it for the NYCC auction.

Joel Gomez was also the Las Vegas Comic Expo. He posted some sketches on his Tumblr.

Denis Medri posted a Star Wars 80s High School pic on his Deviant Art Page. This is titled "Breakfast Wars."

Vinny Navarrete posted this Conan sketch on his Tumblr. He also has some 11x17 posters for sale.

Chris Giarrusso posted some more Mini-Marvel pieces which are for sale (some have been sold already) on his website. He also posted a Justice League and a Spider-Man pic that is for an auction to benefit SAFE in Hunterdon (to aid victims of domestic violence and abuse).

Freddie Williams II posted some new art on his TwitPic page.

That's it for this week. There may not be an Awesome Art installment next weekend as I'll be at NYCC, spending time in Artist Alley. If you're there, be sure to look for us and say hello. Also be sure to tell these artist how much you dig their stuff.

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Posted by longbowhunter

Lots of Nightwing pics this week. I like the Freddie Williams one the most. His Batman and Green Arrow is pretty great too. I see those little tater tot babies from Despicable Me pop up on here from time to time. Do people really like those things?

Posted by Sleepbutnodream15

@longbowhunter: Apparently a lot of people do. They were absolutely abused in the second movie though. They tried forcing waaayy to many scenes and jokes with them in it. Now I kinda hate them.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

lots of GOOD pieces this week, especially the Nightwing stuff

Edited by WaveMotionCannon

Freddie Williams killed it this week!! The Nightwing is awesome.

Posted by longbowhunter
Posted by TheManInTheShoe

A lot of good Nightwing stuff (not that I mind :P)

Posted by teclo

My favourites are the NAITOWINGU one and the Ivy one.

Posted by Tradewind

@wavemotioncannon: Agree completely, his works are sick, and like longbowhunter mentioned, the GA and Batman piece is outstanding.

Posted by Wilbertus

Wow, so much awesome stuff this week that I can't even choose my favourties!

Edited by loQ_on

Great as always. Raney takes the top spot for me this week. Freddie Williams ll killed it also. But again, they r all friggin dynamite

Posted by sinestro_GL

Nice picks from Peter Nguyen

Edited by Pokeysteve

Good week.

That first sketch of Babs is my favorite. Then Freddie's Ollie and Bruce.

Posted by Blizaga101

I think Freddie wants to be the next artist on nightwing :P

Posted by Sawcesome

Tornado Twins!

Posted by Mapuia_Ralte

Soooo many Nightwing this week!

Edited by The Stegman

Female Nightwing and Female Trickster? They should be Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown (he dad was the Prankster after all)

Posted by LCazT1996

Hey @g_man in case you don't already know this (which I'm sure you do, I just wanna make sure you do), Brett Booth typically updates his Twitter with drawings more often than his blog. I really like his work, so that's why I'm making sure his new work gets in here as much as possible. xD

Posted by Scarlet_Spider_Forever

Alot of good nightwing ones this week! But genderbend dick grayson? Not cool at all.

Posted by wmwadeii

Wow another great week. Love FWII stuff as usual, and Vinny Navarrete turtles are so cute. For those interested I also have my deviantArt picks for this week as well.

Posted by Outside_85

Great as usual but I think you missed some :) (by Stjepan Sejic)

Posted by G-Man
Edited by BloodTalon

I like the JLA Hawkman cover, and is Batwoman smoking a joint?

Posted by wundagoreborn

Oracle - great way to start this week's picks.

The Thanos and acrobatic Nightwing are awesome.

Edited by BallPointHero

Robin the Boy Hostage.

Edited by G-Man

@bloodtalon: I'd say it was a cigar. It's what the person ordering the commission asked for.

Edited by jaybefre

Great week!!! Takara's art is always a delight for the eyes! Idk why I haven't seen him on any comics though... maybe I'm not reading the ones he drawing. His art is top notch. I would love to see him on a major book.

Posted by capuga

That Freddie Williams Invincible and Atom Eve is for me. Gift from my wife. Turned out sweet!

Edited by Extremis

Awesome stuff here!

Posted by Nightwing_Beyond

Peter Nguyen's Nightwing and Red Hood make me wish he was doing a mini series with those characters... Him adding Starfire to his original sketch brought a whole new dimension to the piece. It's just perfect.

Posted by BloodTalon
Edited by CitizenJP

Wow! Really good pics this week!

Edited by Timotheus316

I think FW 2 needs to give Marvel some love in an ongoing of his choice. I would pick it up in a heartbeat.

Posted by Webjaker

Takara's Oracle Barbara is extremely sexy

Posted by Mezmero

Truly awe-inspiring art picks...

Edited by EnigmaLantern

Peter Nguyen and Daniel HDR's artwork is awesome, but for me Freddie Williams II wins it for me, both his Iron Man and Thor are awesome!

Posted by SupBatz

These just seem to get better every week. Love the Oracle. And nice to see so much Batwoman and Nightwing.

My favorite is probably the Batman and Green Arrow.

Edited by Lykida
Posted by Canderia718

Coupla nice Batwoman pics.

Edited by Canderia718

@outside_85: Those are amazing. I wish WW looked like that in the comics. So much more bad ass/ practical.

Edited by Outside_85
Posted by wessaari

Peter Nguyen's Nightwing and Red Hood make me wish he was doing a mini series with those characters... Him adding Starfire to his original sketch brought a whole new dimension to the piece. It's just perfect.

This, this and alot more of this

Posted by kilon

i like the daredevil one.

Posted by Skyhawk1

Batwoman with a stogie. Love it.

Posted by SavageDragon

Love that Nightwing Jason and Starfire.

Posted by Zeeguy91

Oh god, I love that one with Starfire, Jason, and Dick. Someone PLEASE put Peter Nguyen on Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Posted by longbowhunter

@capuga: Freddie Williams gets around. His Daredevil commission he did for me back in April popped up here a while back.

Posted by GeekyEverAfter

Wow... so much beautiful artwork this week. A lot of bat-family members drawn, Fantastic!

Posted by DocFishstick

I love all the Nightwing ones. The one with the female Nightwing is so cool.

Posted by HeraldofGanthet


Damn! That's some DC Movieverse style action for yo a$$ right there!!!

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