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Awesome Art Picks: Nightwing, Judge Dredd, Walking Dead and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

This is the time we gather up all great comic book art from the comic professionals that will never actually get printed in comics. The reason why is artists often do sketches and commissions and post them on their websites, Tumblrs, blogs and Twitter pages. They are too good to not get the spotlight.

With Judge Dredd's movie opening in theaters (in the U.S.) this weekend, let's start off by taking a look at Paolo Rivera's version posted on his blog.

== TEASER ==

Mike Deodato posted some convention sketches on his Tumblr. Check out his Batman! Is it wrong that I love that pic of Spidey?

Check out the Marvel villains sketch Philip Tan posted on his Facebook page this week.

Todd Nauck posted some great sketches this week on his Tumblr. I don't envy anyone that has to draw an horde of zombies. Check out his 90s Jean, classic Sue and Captain America.

Chris Giarrusso posted a cover tribute, a sketch cover as well a cool pic of Doctor Who and Amy Pond on his website.

Speaking of Doctor Who, Francesco Francavilla usually does a minimalist poster after each new episode and posts it on his blog. Here's his take on Episode 7.03, "A Town Called Mercy."

Peter Nguyen is getting ready for New York Comic-Con. Here's a sketch for a print he's working on posted on his Tumblr.

Denis Medri posted a couple great pieces on his Deviant Art Page this week.

Daniel HDR posted a commission of Aquaman on his Tumblr. If you check it out, you can see it in different stages.

Brett Booth also posted a sketch of Aquaman on his blog.

Joel Gomez drew this picture of Joker on a sketch cover for BATMAN #0 and posted it on his Tumblr this week.

Michael Walsh also posted a picture of Batman and Doctor Strange on his Twitter.

Dustin Nguyen posted a couple sketches on his Tumblr and shows that even in simple pencil form, it's great stuff.

Mike McKone posted a bunch of sketches on his Twit Pic page this week.

Agnes Garbowska posted a Superman pic on her Tumblr she did for friends that had a baby they named Clark.

Mitch and Bettie Breitweiser's cat had a recent medical emergency. Luckily he's fine now. Mitch decided to do a small print run of their cat to help pay for the medical cost. You can find more info on his Tumblr.

Mitch also posted this cool Juggernaut pic on his Instagram.

Check out what Marcio Takara posted on his Tumblr this week. He's also making a print out of the Bat Family for NYCC.

Mahmud Asrar posted a couple sketches on his Instagram this week.

Freddie E. WIlliams II posted a few charity trading card sketches along with some "thank you" sketches on his TwitPic page.

As you're aware, it's 'zero' month for DC Comics. Each issue has a similar "burst" design with the character(s) busting through. Cliff Chiang had been working ahead on WONDER WOMAN and did the following cover before knowing they were going with the "burst" design. He posted it on his Tumblr and hopes it could be used somewhere but who knows what the chances of that are. It's pretty dang cool.

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed all the selections and be sure to check out the next installment in a week.

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Posted by blueninjapanther

Marcio Takara's Bat Family looks awesome

Posted by guttridgeb

I don't think Spider-Man should be allowed to play cards with his mask on...

Posted by btmt

What is the name of this character?

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope




I was thinking something completely different.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

That Gandalf is awesome 

Posted by Gonzo33

Sad Dredd.

Posted by ARMIV2

Man, oh, man! These are all so fantastic!

If I had to pick a favorite though...

Posted by Decept-O

Plenty of fantastic art on display. Great works!

Posted by Billy Batson

Constantine, yay.

Posted by ragdollpurps

I want a print of that Peter Nguyen piece when it's finished. o.o

Posted by longbowhunter

What was the cat's medical problem? Being shaped like a barrel? If so I've got a male cat with the same ailment.

Posted by Cavemold

Should of had orginal covers for all the 0 issues

Posted by TDK_1997

I love the RoboCop one.

Posted by jesusdisciple001

Freddie.E.Williams II all d way

Posted by VaizD

Man, is that John effin' Constantine? This site does not get enough Hellblazer love.

Posted by jesusdisciple001

Freddie.E. Williams II all d way also liked clark's room

Posted by spidey 15

Philip had left me speechless with that amazing piece.


Posted by LordRequiem

Booth's Aquaman seems a style very reminiscent of Michael Turner's. That's a good thing.

Posted by BlackPookie

I miss Batgirl Stephanie!

Posted by Metron144

How does one have a chance of having his/her work appear onthis list?

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Argh. I should know these characters, but I'm blanking. Someone help me out here!

Posted by Elfaki

I love Takara's lines so damn much! He is amazing as always. 

Posted by ComicMan24

Nguyen, Tan, Booth and Takara :3

Posted by Novemberx2

@guttridgeb: the thing look stoned in that picture

Posted by gunmetalgrey

Ha! Spidey on the john with a comic.

And I don't agree with Batwoman having sparkly eyes. =/

Posted by Twentyfive


Posted by Night Thrasher
Posted by sturmritter

I really like the Emma Frost by Mahmud Asrar. For some reason I can't quite pinpoint, that one really stood out for me.

Posted by feargalr

That GL Justice League cover is awesome

Posted by Cap10nate

That villains picture by Phillip Tan is amazing

Posted by G-Man

@btmt: Freddie listed her as "Armitage" but no idea who that is. Just looked really great.

@Metron144: I take art from comic book professionals' blogs and such.

@Miss_Garrick: That's Grifter and Zealot.

Posted by danhimself

Marcio Takara needs to be on a Bat Family book stat!!!!

Posted by Inverno

Giarusso and Medri were the best ones this week

Posted by TheMess1428

Who was in the picture between the Green Lantern and Green Arrow pictures?

Posted by DocFishstick

love the bat family one and hands down best the one of the cat

Posted by Ganthetsward20

Dr Who Marshal!!!! Haha loved that and the Aquaman pic,

Posted by Miss_Garrick

@G-Man: AHA! I knew she looked familar, but he was giving me trouble. No wonder since he wasn't wearing that neat mask of his.

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Wish I could buy that pic from Phillip Tan! Some of my favorite villains! Simply epic!

Posted by sora_thekey

Marcio Takara's art is always amazing. I love his use of colors! I'm sure that Peter Nguyen's final product of all those DC ladies is going to be amazing!

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Really liked the Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl picture. But all of them were awesome!

Posted by JamDamage

Emma Frost is such a whore

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Yeah I'm still riding on the coattails of awesomeness that was Dredd 3D yesterday so I say Rivera's Dredd piece FTW today :) But still, all of these are truly awesome.

Posted by darkvare

i have to ask this what is superman doing in that cover did he just happend to lift the car to crash it on a stone or is he saving the dude underneath it or what?

Posted by Wolverine0628
Posted by spidergirl2012

@btmt said:

What is the name of this character?

Mrs. Boobs McGee


Posted by btmt


Lol, but seriously I actually don't recognize her, all I just know is that she is from Dc universe.

Posted by sweatboy

@JamDamage said:

Emma Frost is such a whore


Posted by jarrodthekidder

What is the name of this character? The cowboy with the scared face?

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

love the Aquaman one

Posted by ParaDemise

Time and time again I'm amazed at how talented these people are. I couldn't draw a simple sketch for the life of me!

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