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Awesome Art Picks: Mysterio, Captain America, Harley Quinn and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Each week we search the internet for the coolest comic book art that won't ever appear in comic books. The reason you won't see them in comics is because artists often do commissions and sketches at conventions and post them on their blogs, Tumblrs and Twitter accounts. They are too good not to be seen by everyone. Many of these artists also offer commissions through their sites and Tumblrs so be sure to check them out.

Let's start off with Michael Walsh. Michael posted a couple pics on his Tumblr this week. He's also been doing a "Sketch Request Mondays" there where he'll choose one of the request to draw. This week's was Rocket Raccoon.

== TEASER ==

Paolo Rivera posted a commission of Iron Fist from the Toronto Comic Con 2012 on his blog.

Mitch Breitweiser's been posting a lot of Captain America on his site. And of course, it's a good thing.

Dustin Nguyen must be playing Harley Quinn's Revenge because he posted a couple drawings of Harley and Joker on his Tumblr.

Daniel HDR does a lot of commissions and posts them on his Tumblr and Instagram accounts.

Agnes Garbowska posted a few commissions that she's done recently on her Tumblr. She also posted her Summer 2012 convention schedule so be sure to head over there to check out where you'll be able to find her.

Mike Mayhew posted a few stellar pieces through his Twitter account. It's interesting to see the different styles he's capable of.

Great news, Marcio Takara has posted these pics on his Tumblr along with information on how you could get a commission from him. Head over there to find out more.

Todd Nauck posted a 'warm-up ink' sketch for his upcoming GUARDING THE GLOBE series he's working on (coming in September). Then check out this amazing picture of Totoro he did during a "Draw Something" game.

Joel Gomez posted this cool sketch of Fantomex on an UNCANNY X-FORCE blank cover.

Are you ready for some Chris Giarrusso art? Check out this Avengers sketch that will go up for auction with proceeds going to the St. Louis branch of the Special Olympics (click here for more detail). And check out Chris' Abe Sapien and this week's Tribute Tuesday posted on his site.

I remember someone commenting how Batman was always appearing here each week. I almost didn't find any Batman sketches until I saw Rafael Albuquerque's sketch on Instagram. It was a commission and possible exclusive print for Paris Comicon.

Philip Tan hasn't updated his Tumblr in a while. But when I noticed he did this week AND with a picture of Mysterio, I was thrilled.

Robert Atkins has been doing some G.I. Joe 'Yearbook' sketches. Here's a few but definitely check out his blog for more. I love what was under Snake-Eyes' pic, "Most likely to never call you back." Robert will also be at Project Comic Con this weekend so if you're in St. Louis, track him down and say hello from everyone at Comic Vine.

Peter Nguyen has been travelling all over the place lately. But that's not stopping him from drawing. Check out these sketches he posted on his Tumblr this week.

Our last selections come from Terry Dodson. Be sure to check out this week's DEFENDERS. Between his art and Fraction's writing, it's a fun book. Terry posted some sketches on his Deviant Art page that he did at Kapow! last month.

That's it for this week. I actually found a couple sketch covers I got back in February that I need to scan. Hopefully I can finally post those in next week's edition.

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Posted by ARMIV2 all makes me wanna draw sooooo bad...but school work...

Posted by sentryman555

Catman and Scandal Savage! Are they back in the New 52? And that Mysterio drawing. Awesomeness!

Posted by pikahyper

yay Rocket Raccoon !!!

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

Damn that's one awesome TaskMaster pic.

Posted by TheHeat

The Mysterio pic is awesome!

Posted by chuckzana

The Chris G art is gorgeous!!!!! also Paolo Rivera´s Iron Fist!!!!

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Nice some good looking art this week.

Posted by venomyak

Finally some respect for Mysterio.

Posted by JimmyAlbo

pretty cool stuff

Posted by LordRequiem

Mysterio!!!!! That is excellent. Nice to see Spider-man's best rogue for once.

Posted by lifeboy
I miss the phantom lady:( i cant believe dc killed her, uncle sam and black condor and their whole team. I hope they are reserrected soon with this new 52. Btw, how could anyone concentrate on fighting the phantom lady, when she dresses like that.
Posted by Inverno

@ARMIV2 said: all makes me wanna draw sooooo bad...but school work...

I know how it feels.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Ummmmm..... you SAY that's Marcus To, but if you look at the style and the SIGNATURE it's CLEARLY Marcio Takara.

Posted by primepower53


Posted by revbucky

Wow! There is a lot of talent out there.

Posted by doomsilver

Peter Nguyen is my favorite artist right now. Dude is awesome!

Posted by Ganthetsward20

A lot of the art was just freaking awesome!!

Posted by carnivalofsins00

Hey Tony, the Fire and Jean Grey sketches aren't Marcus To's, they're by Marcio Takara.

Posted by Ghostalt

Needs moar mysterio!

Posted by longbowhunter

Catman and Scandal...I miss Secret Six so much. I think Mike Mayhew's Phantom Lady is my favorite this week.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Dodson's Ghost, Harley and Ivy are so....GIGGITY...

Posted by Comic_Sans96

Mysterio !!

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Like all the batman drawings and Quinn's boobs.

Posted by TheWitchingHour

Love the Mysterio, Iron Fist and Rocket Raccoon. Terry Dodson always delivers (though not exactly in a politically correct way)

Posted by ravisher

very nice

Posted by Cavemold

Hmm poison ivy me like!

Edited by Teerack

I love how Terry Dodson draws women's faces.

Posted by Nova`Prime`

That Rocket pic is awesome, and you won't be seeing Mayhew's Wonder Woman in comics anytime soon, she must be taking style lessons from Vampirella, Phantom Lady, and Silk Specter.

Posted by Decept-O

Terry Dodson! And..he did a pic of Ghost!!! Sweet! Damn his work is awesome.

Phantom Lady by Mayhew and Tan's Mysterio really really blew me away!

So many more awesome pieces by everyone. Thanks for sharing G-Man.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Really great stuff

Posted by Thezz


Posted by MadRooster81

These are awesome. Great job to the Artist!

Posted by DaWeppla

Man---that Phillip Tan Mysterio is totally SICK! Mysterio has never looked so utterly badass!!! And Mayhew's stuff is great, too!

Posted by Video_Martian

Mysterio looks epic

Posted by strangeling

I really like Chris Giarrusso's tribute covers.

Posted by bloggerboy

Phantom Lady deserves love. Love the Wonder Woman pic underneath it too. Mysterio's cool!

Posted by ATVhero

Harley Quinn and Posion Ivy are awsome.

Posted by MrMazz

Is that supposed to be Luke in the Star Wars picture? He looks a tad feminine. Still there is some very very pretty pictures.

Posted by G-Man

@MrMazz: I thought it was Padme. She wore an outfit like a Clone Wars episode or something.

Posted by difficlus

Nice pics

Posted by sweatboy

That Paulo Rivera guy! His April O'neil was awesome enough, and Iron Fist? i've been infatuated about Iron Fist for a couple months now

Posted by JamDamage

so good

Posted by rasx

WOW! I love the Mysterio, G.I.Joe characters and the Bat females.

Posted by Sovereign91001

Loved WW and The SBFF Batgirl

Posted by kartron

Love Rafael's Batman n Eiffel story arc "Batman in Paros" eh? Also love Nguyens batman art. Deviant art pages are totally sensuous!

Edited by comiker

Awesome sketches this week!
Michael Walsh's "Avengers" were neat.
Paulo Rivera's  "Iron Fist" is amazing!
Mike Mayhew's female characters  (especially "Phantom Lady") were hot and so were Terry Dodson's "Poison Ivy" and "Harley Quinn".
Philip Tan's "Mysterio" is mind-blowing!
Peter Nguyen's sketch of "Catman" and "Scandal" is amazing (though at first I mistook Scandal as X-23 because of the claws popping out! Then after seeing the viewer's comments, I came to know that it's Scandal!).

This is my Favorite section of Comic Vine.
Thank you, CV, for providing art-thirsty fans with this weekly visual-delight!

Posted by Sebas_1603

Gotta love Robert Atkins sketches!

Posted by Spidey_Guy1

I never realized Harley Q had curves like that. No wonder Mister J liked having her around.

Posted by SeanNOLA

BATROC! I need more Batroc in my life.

Posted by Queso6p4

As usual, very nice stuff.

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