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Awesome Art Picks: Magneto, Batman & Ultimate Spider-Man

The coolest comic art you won't see in comics.

Each week we search the internet for the coolest comic book art you won't see in actual comics. The reason you won't see this cool art in comics is because artist often do commissions or post sketches they do for fun on their blogs and Tumblr accounts. It's all simply too good to go unnoticed.

Freddie Williams II is busy cranking out some sweet art in the pages of CAPTAIN ATOM each month but he posted a bunch of art from a recent convention on this Twitter.

These should give you enough of a reason to try to track him down at the next convention he attends.

== TEASER ==

Phil Noto has updated his Tumblr with a pic of Vision & Scarlet Witch and Hellboy.

Speaking of Hellboy, Chris Samnee posted sketches of Hellboy along with Batwoman, Daredevil and the Shadow.

Todd Nauck had some time and asked, via Twitter, for a suggestion for a quick sketch. He drew and posted a pic of Wiccan.

Joel Gomez updated his Tumblr with some head sketches he did.

Michael Walsh has been busy as well. Check out his recent sketches of Princess Mononoke, Miles Morales, Link and Huntress.

While Marcus To is wrapping up the HUNTRESS miniseries, check out his sketch of Angel.

Who is the Law? Dan McDaid's blog is this week. Check out his Judge Dredd.

Rocketeer just celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the movie. Dennis Calero posted this pic on this Twitter.

Philip Tan updated his Tumblr this week. He mentioned missing doing pencils and did a sketch of the first character in the DC encyclopedia, Abra Kadabra.

That's it for this week. Be sure to check out the next installment of Awesome Art Picks.

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Posted by thechessclub

Philip Tan misses doing pencils? What is he doing on Hawkman now??

Posted by blur1528

I love that Tim Drake. Glad they gave him a blue ring. It matches him perfectly considering that he never gave up hope that Bruce was alive.

Posted by blur1528

Gomez's Death is really cool. I love how Freddie added his name to the creative team on that Wolverine and the X-men cover. That made me crack up.

Edited by TheWitchingHour

Some really beautiful pieces here. I'd love to have that Rocketeer piece autographed. And quite the statement from Freddie Williams II to smack Batman on the cover of Marvel's book.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Freddie Williams doing the Superman Family and Dennis Calero's Rocketeer FTW!

Posted by CitizenJP

Is Captain America..."Tebowing" right now?

Edited by moywar700

I like the jean grey cover

Posted by Deadcool

All thsoe are awesome

Posted by BlackArmor

I love all of these especially the Superman family and I really really want that Tim Drake pic colored

Posted by clemj

is that Nightwing with a green lantern?

Posted by tonis

you just made me an instant Freddie fan, great finds :)

Posted by Mutie199

awesome art is awesome \m/

Posted by azza04

The Super Family one is awesome.

Posted by KINCART

@azza04: I agree but it is missing Steel.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I`m gonna pass out, because the shock wawes that these pics cause make me pass out.

DARN, these are awesome. Amazing, I tell ya! Amazing.

And the women drawn here look really striking.

Posted by longbowhunter

Freddie Williams is wasting his talent on Capt. Atom.

Posted by TypH

Freddie's best pieces in my oprinion are his Wolverine and Capt America, they rock his batman ones are pretty sweet to though!

Posted by

All these pictures are amazing. This is probably the best week I've seen so far. They're all so great, the only ones that stand out to me are The Rocketeer and the first pic w/ Connor, Kara, and Clark. Special mention goes to Michael Walsh for drawing mononoke-hime. Lastly, that wolverine looks too Feral for his new team book w/ the kids. He should have flowers coming out of where his claws would normally be or something.

Posted by krilling

Like that Black Cat pics.

Edited by The Impersonator

Amazing work!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Link is awesome 

Posted by nonfiction91

great art, laughed when I saw cap tebowing

Posted by fables87

Nice collection!

Posted by ulrich200

Great stuff.

Posted by mikeclark1982

tebowing cap. AWESOME

Posted by feargalr

These are all real cool, though the link one in the middle is a bit random haha but still great

Posted by shawn87

Now this definitely makes up for the absence of picks last week. That Rocketeer is by far the best out of them all. But Freddie Williams is killing it too. 

Posted by Larkin1388

So much awesome art this week.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Really loved all the artwork this week. Great work!

Posted by kartron

Great picks! Why does many characters by Freddie have no pupils? example: electra, thor, etc?? :O In the original art they do have right?

Posted by SpidermanWins

LOVE the pictures of Link, the Blackest Night variant, and Rocketeer

Posted by Decept-O

Each one is so fantastic. Can't even begin to say which are my faves. The Daredevil use of black and white is absolutely outstanding. Loving The Shadow as well, not to forget the incredible Black Cat pieces. I want to comment about each one, I really love them ALL. Very inspirational artwork on display

Thanks for finding all these and sharing, G-Man.

Posted by cattlebattle

Daredevil and Link have got to be my faves

Posted by pikahyper

That Cap is pretty awesome.

Posted by Billy Batson

Awesome and even Death was there!

Posted by DanPrice

Really cool. Love the rocketeer pic.

Posted by skaarason

awesome !!

Edited by Mbecks14

Weak showing this week. I'm sorry but Freddie Williams is NOT a good artist. I just hate his "style."

Mike Walsh's stuff is great though!

Posted by Bestostero

love the art, one of the reasons why i love captain atom so much! freddie williams is very talented

Posted by Carolina574

Captain America is Tebowing, that's awesome!

Posted by Primmaster64

About damn time I saw Superman. That Link portray is awesome!

Posted by mynameis7

What is batman on the dark avengers cover all about, i absolutely love the batman and joker sketch as well. And the hellboy with color, I I like that kind of artwork. I must say this is a segment if that's what you would call this(whatever) that I look forward to.

Posted by three4daeast

Totally forgot about the Rocketeer! I haven't seen that movie in forever.

Posted by jhazzroucher

Storm is awesome!

Posted by blueninjapanther

I like the super family and Tim Drake with a blue lantern ring. They look awesome.

Posted by lectriccolossus

wow, this stuff is literally awe inspiring, Im especially loving the rocketeer piece, this makes me want this

Posted by SilentButcher

Gotta love the pic of Cap "Tebowing" lol'd so hard when I saw that. All of Freddie's art is great though.

Posted by Mandrewgora

more like very awesome art picks

Posted by ReVamp

Noto + Williams + Nauck = Win.

Posted by Green_Lanterns_Light

Most of these are crap but man can that dude freddie williams II draw. His art was the only ones truly worth posting. Some of the others were ok but nowhere on his level.

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