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Awesome Art Picks: Justice League, Captain America, Spider-Man and More

The coolest comic art you won't see in comic books.

Each week we comb the internet (not with an actual comb, of course) in search of the best comic art that will not be appearing in comic books. The reason why they won't appear is because artists often do sketches and commissions and post them on their blogs, Twitters and Tumblrs. It gives them a chance to draw characters that might not normally appear in the books they're working on and they're just way too great to go unnoticed.

Last weekend was C2E2 in Chicago. It gave me the chance to catch up and meet artists I haven't had a chance to talk to before. One of them was Gabriel Hardman. I don't know how he gets so much work done but he was drawing non-stop at the convention. I made sure he was going to scan and share the commissions he did on his blog so we could check them out.

== TEASER ==

Peter Nguyen was there. It's always great talking to Peter (and his willingness to do the Mystery Art Challenge you'll see way down below). Another cool thing is I got to see this Spider-Man and Mary Jane piece as he was working on it at the show.

Peter also posted these sketches of the little Batman villlains, Scarlet Witch and Hope Summers.

Todd Nauck was another Mystery Art Show contestant that was at C2E2. It was actually he and Peter that talked me into doing it. I wasn't planning on it but their eagerness to do it made me gather up some other artists to take part in it. I'm not sure how Todd found the time to do his part. Check out all these sketches he posted on his Twitter from the convention.

Because there's so many, click on each to view them.

Ben Templesmith was there as well but somehow I completely missed him. He did post this sweet pic of a Sandtrooper and Fantomex. I think he might be posting more sketches from the convention soon.

I also got a chance to talk to Robert Atkins. Be sure to check out his blog to find out his commissions. He's been posting sketches of different Avengers for the month of April.

Paolo Rivera posted a couple commissions from past cons on his blog. He will be at the Boston Comic Con this weekend. Be sure to check out his commission policy if you plan on attending and paying hi a visit.

You don't have to go to conventions to do commissions. Gene Gonzales has been posting "Conventionless Convention" sketches on his blog. Check out his Stargirl, Power Girl, Shanna the She-Devil and Zatanna.

Daniel HDR also is available for commissions. You can find out how you can get one on his website. Here are a few examples.

Freddie Williams II posted this pic last week. He was firm that it's a MUTANT and not an ALIEN.

Marcus To posted a couple commissions on his Tumblr he recently did. Check out his Renee Montoya and Loki.

Mitch Breitweiser posted a couple pics this week. Check out his Captain America sketch and birthday card he made for his nephew (did you see his art and Bettie's colors in this week's DEFENDERS?).

Mike Mayhew posted a Red Sonja sketch cover at Comic Art Fans. This is why you shouldn't mess with Red Sonja.

Jeremy Roberts posted this homage to Jim Lee's X-MEN #1 cover with the Justice League in place of the mutants. This can be seen on Roberts' Deviant Art page and thanks to postman for bringing this to my attention. (click to enlarge).

And finally it's time for the Mystery Art Challenge. The video was posted earlier this week. Here is is again if you haven't had a chance to watch.

Here are the finished pieces.

That's it for this week. I'm sure we'll be seeing more sketches from C2E2 and other conventions. Be sure to look for the next installment.

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Posted by ImperiousRix

Awesome as always, one of my favorite weekly postings. Glad to see the blown-up versions of the art challenge sketches, and the rest of the stuff is great, too.

Again, nothing but positive stuff to say!

Posted by Deadcool

Who is Gabriel Hardman and why is he so damn awesome?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Gosh, all of these are so great! I will admit though, the Jeremy Roberts piece of the Justice League done in homage to X-Men #1 is the best and what brought me here especially :) That Sandtrooper by Templesmith rocks too!

Posted by Grim

you guys are too good to us...

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Best one of the bunch!

Posted by Or35ti

I absolutely love the Justice League X-Men Homage!

Posted by sethysquare
JusticeLeague art is awesome sauce
Posted by AlKusanagi

Wild Dog?!? Damn, he dug deeeeeeeeep for that one!

Posted by Spartan101


Posted by Lvenger

The Gabriel Hardman pictures, the Justice League image and Captain America with pizza pics are the ones that caught my eye. Another brilliant set of sketches!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Templesmith is great but my favs are Justice League and Donatello

Posted by X35

That X-Men #1 homage is awesome

Posted by nahadef

The Hardman pics this week are awesome. Really gritty looking. I'll pick up the new X-Force he's doing (if I remember correctly). Mad Dog cracked me up a little. Sucky character, but my best friend as a kid loved him.

Terry Dodson from this week:

Posted by Bloodflow

The Hobgoblin, TMNT, and Red Sonja are my favorites.

Posted by pikahyper

Wow Wild Dog, obscure and awesome :D

Moderator Online
Posted by azza04

love the MJ and Spider-Man!

Posted by MrDirector786

Love the Justice League image.

Posted by CrackedVersion00

Great week for Awesome Art Picks, I pretty much love everything in this post, but my favorite has to go to that homage X-Men/Justice League. That picture alone: SO MUCH WIN!

Posted by ragdollpurps


And the best Art Piece of the Week is this, by Phil Noto

By Phil Noto
Posted by LordRequiem

That Hope picture is excellent.

Posted by FiguredOut95

This is my favorite selection yet :D

Posted by AirDave817

That Justice League is just awesome!

Posted by IAMGROOT


Looks so.....BEASTISH!

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I normally pick out one or two that I really like but in all honesty they were all top notch stuff!

Posted by revbucky

This is the cream of the crop baby! Awesome art! This is one of the reasons I love comics so much.

Posted by TheHeat

The Cap America ones are funny!

Posted by Mumbles

amazing JLA after mr.lee

Posted by randalmeister
Posted by sora_thekey

Peter Nguyen continues to be amazing... I also like Marcos To's art style very much! Oh and can I please have Jeremy Roberts' Jim Lee homage Justice League pieces as a huge poster for my wall?

Posted by Powerzone789

the arrchangel one is my favorite...

Posted by The Impersonator

Posted by PowerHerc

Some really nice stuff!

Posted by Bestostero

WOW!!!! I LOVE the justice league cover homage to the X-Men 1 cover, it is now my wallpaper! WOO!

and firestar! i haven't heard anything about her since Divas (which i didnt keep up with unfortunately), hope she pops up somewhere soon though :)

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Love the Spidey and Mj pic!

Posted by feargalr

All the Gabriel Hardman ones are awesome

Posted by Icon

I showed the Justice League image to Jim Lee on Twitter last week and he loved it. It's a great homage (you'd be fooled into thinking it was Lee himself who did it).

Posted by Loki9876

Who's the green villain in the justice league drawing by Jeremy.

Posted by aouric

Wow Gabriel, I would love to see more!

Posted by ARMIV2

Man I love seeing these. Great artists and great pieces.

Posted by Blizaga101

Always wondered what Peter uses to colour his work, such delicate use of colour?

Posted by VioletPhoenix

thanks to Peter Nguyen I am the proud owner of the Scarlet Witch and Hope Summers commissions, he's truly a spectacular artist!

Posted by G-Man

@Loki9876 said:

Who's the green villain in the justice league drawing by Jeremy.

That's a Parademon.

@VioletPhoenix said:

thanks to Peter Nguyen I am the proud owner of the Scarlet Witch and Hope Summers commissions, he's truly a spectacular artist!

That's pretty sweet!

Posted by JamDamage

always great

Posted by mtrakos

TMNT and Todd Nauck's stuff looked great. JLA looked fantastic.

Posted by luke_kerridge

These should be available as prints, I'd buy so many of them.

Posted by Queso6p4

This has been my favorite art related articles so far. So many of these are utterly amazing! Cap eating pizza is hilarious!

Posted by HolySerpent

I love the strormstrooper and Gotham villains

Posted by RigorMortis

I'm starting to think it's impossible for Fantomex to not look awesome. It just can't be done.

Posted by primepower53


Posted by Loki9876

@G-Man: thanks

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