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Awesome Art Picks: Hellboy, Batman, Shocker, and More

The coolest comic book art you won’t see in comics.

Every week we search for the coolest comic art that you won’t see in actual comic books. The reason you won’t is because artists often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their websites, blogs, and Tumblrs. Some artists even arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out.

Skottie Young’s ROCKET RACOON #1 is coming out this week and there was almost a gazillion copies ordered. He was recently at HeroesCon and almost did a gazillion sketches. Check out some of the art he posted on his Tumblr.

Clay Mann posted this Savage Land Rogue on his Tumblr.

Chris Samnee posted some art from C2E2 on his blog.

Ryan Stegman posted some HeroesCon sketches on his Tumblr along with some upcoming INHUMAN art. We saw the penciled version of his Batman last week but now we get to see the finished version.

Todd Nauck posted a couple sketches on his Tumblr but I guess they’re more than just sketches since he colored them and all.

Sean “Cheeks” Galloway posted this Ninja Turtles pic on his Deviant Art Page.

Phil Noto was at HeroesCon and posted this this painting on his Tumblr. It was actually for an auction.

Robert Atkins posted some new art on his blog. The Baroness pic was colored by Matt Wheat.

Kevin Wada was also at HeroesCon and posted some sketches on his Tumblr.

Kris Anka was at HeroesCon as well and posted a bunch of sketches on his Tumblr. The final sketch cover was a jam piece with Havok by Valerio Schiti, Thor by Mike Del Mundo, Captain America by Anka, Rogue by Mahmud Asrar, and Wolverine by Will Sliney.

Mike Henderson posted a few new sketches on his Instagram page. Don’t forget to pick up NAILBITER #3 this week.

Reilly Brown posted some new sketches on his Tumblr including a Thorcules and Hercuthor

Joel Gomez posted some sketches from Amazing Las Vegas Con on his Tumblr.

Bill Sienkiewicz did this Usagi Yojimbo piece to be auctioned for Stan Sakai. You can bid on it HERE.

Marcio Takara did a bunch of sketches at HeroesCon and posted some on his Tumblr.

Guess where Francesco Francavilla was last weekend? He was at HeroesCon as well. Here’s some art he posted on his Tumblr.

Tony Daniel paid a visit to the 90s and posted this piece on his Facebook Page.

Mike McKone posted some commissions on his Twitter page this week.

Peter Nguyen posted this Batgirl pic on his Tumblr.

Mahmud Asrar posted some pre-commissions from New York Special Edition on his Tumblr.

Agnes Garbowska posted some commissions from Wizard World Philly on her Tumblr.

Gene Gonzales posted this Harley Quinn piece on his blog.

Ray-Anthony Height posted a bunch of recent commissions on his Tumblr.

Mike Mayhew posted some new art on his Twitter page this week. The White Queen is a work in progress.

Ryan Ottley was at HeroesCon and posted some sketches and warm ups on his Tumblr.

Yildiray Cinar posted a few new pieces on his Instagram.

That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed all the new art the artists posted this week. We’ll be back next time with some more.

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Posted by ARMIV2

Anka's work is so gorgeous, and then you stack with Asrar and Takara's work with all of the rest and...dang.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Not the best collection this week, but some stuff like the Phil Noto piece really stood out.

Edited by AllStarSuperman

Not the best collection this week,

I thought the same, good, but not spectacular. Although that Black Queen picture

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

WOW, awesome stuff this week. But I must say my favorite is Kris Anka this week. LOVE his style so much. I hope to get a sketch or something from him at Comic Con (and I hope he is there).

Here are some seemingly random but all heroic-ish Amalgam characters.

From Your screen's left to its right,

Booster Gold + Bishop = Bishop Gold, Rip Hunter + Cable = Rip Cable, Hawkman + Falcon = Falcon Man, Clark Kent + Steve Rogers = Clark Rogers, Martian Manhunter + Space Phantom = Martian Space Phantom, Batman + Spider-Man = Spiderman, Green Lantern + Silver Surfer = Silver Lantern, Damian + Kane (Peter Parker clone) = Damian Kane, Blue Beetle + Iron Man = Iron Beetle, Power Girl + American Dream = American Power, Huntress + Spider-Girl = Arachnothera (or spider hunter), Wonder Woman + Thor = Thor

Booster Gold is a Mutant from the future who traveled back in time to a happier era to be a fun hero. He stole a costume and ring from the Legion of X-Men and went back to the 2000s. He is partnered with Rip Cable, another time traveler, who took on the duty to ensure the stability of the time stream, he hasn't told Bishop but Rip is his son. Occasionally they are joined by Bishop's sister Michelle AKA Shard.

Falcon Man I already mentioned in another post. But Sam Wilson was a SHIELD agent who touched a Thanagarian artifact and had all his past life memories restored and found out he was Katar Hol, the Falcon Man.

Clark Rogers is the name of Super Soldier's alter ego. He works, alongside Peter Wayne, at the Bugle Planet, as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist (since Steve Rogers is an artist), he carries around a big portfolio which he hides his shield in, but also his art. Being from a different era Clark acts like a fuddy duddy some times. He wears frumpy clothes, has pencils and pens sticking out of all his pockets and behind his ears, and wears running sneakers instead of fancy shoes.

J'onn was a spy/assassin sent in to infiltrate the Justice League of Avengers, where he pretended to be one of their members. But being on the team with "friends" and away from his controller, J'onn began to see things differently. After he was discovered and became an outcast but then redeemed himself to the team he became a full member. He still hid his true form but the one he chose was almost the same. J'onn loves life on Earth and does not want to return to Mars or the other Space Phantoms.

Spiderman you already know, if not you can read up on him in other art posts I put up here. But this is an armor version of his costume I designed. Comes with pouches, and a spider-signal belt light. Here he is holding a Spider-Rang, shard and fast.

Abin Radd, the original Silver Lantern, died trying to stop his master the renegade Guardian Krona Galactus. The Guardians once protected all of space and time, but after many errors and poor judgment they decided it would be best to simply record everything and do nothing, except Krona Galactus. Abin Radd became his herald to save his own planet from Krona's hunger. Now Earth is in Krona's path and without Abin Earth needs a new hero, Hal Jordan of Earth (a pilot and SHIELD agent) promised to take Abin Radd's power if he could save Earth. Abin's dying breath was giving Hal his power, turning Hal into the ring and lantern. He is the surf board. Hal was now pure power cosmic, and because of this he was able to make Krona leave Earth for another world, however the power now tied him to Krona Galactus as his herald. It wasn't until later, thank's to Hal's unparalleled will power that he was able to free himself. Kronos tells him if he wants to be on Earth so much then he must guard it and makes Hal unable to leave that space sector, 2814. One of his enemies is Thanosied, who wants to open Krona Galactus up and use his power Cosmic to rewrite all of reality. His body is puer green power cosmic energy with a silver coating.

I already mentioned Spiderman, and his clone Ben Grayson, but he had another clone. Dr. Ras al Doom and his daughter Negative Talia, used Warren Strange/Jackal's cloning to create a mini Spiderman they could mold and train in the Doom's League of Shadows. Damian Kane was sent to kill his "father" but instead was taken in as a son and made his new sidekick. His methods are darker and more aggressive, but he is learning.

Tony Kord, or Ted Stark (which do you like?), was on an archaeological dig with his former teacher and now good friend Dr. Garret Yinsen. Normally Tony/Ted is busy being a young billionaire genius inventor, but he took a break. They unearthed the fabled Scarab that Garret was looking for all these years, using Kord/Stark tech helped him finally find it. But before they could celebrate they were both kidnapped by terrorists who wanted Ted/Tony to create a bomb. While Ted/Tony worked Dan was able to activate the Scarab long enough to create a distraction so Tony/Ted Stark/Kord could escape. Garret Yinsen made Ted/Tony promise to come back for the scarab later and use its power to be the hero. But Ted/Tony never found it, instead he began what he always did in times of pain or anger, or happiness, or boredom, he built stuff. He began making a giant scarab ship, but as he went on and improved it and trimmed it down he turned that giant ship into a suit of armor that had non-lethal repulsar rays, repulsar jets, strobe lights, and flash bombs, gas bombs, nets, magnetics, etc. It was fast, could fly, was strong, and impervious to pullets and small weapons.

Down the line he met his best friend Bishop Gold, and the world was never funnier.

A2, or Amalgam's Earth 2, is an alternate universe. There Steve Kent (alternate version of Clark Rogers) AKA Mr. America's daughter grew up to be American Power. She was best friends with A2's Spidergirl, the daughter of Bruce Parker and Felicia Kyle/Black Cat. During a battle with Thanoseid, the two were bolted into Amalgam's Earth 616 Prime. There they found alternate versions of their loved ones, their friends, and family. They never knew that back home their parents were killed by Thanosied's forces.


Thor, Diana was born on the island of Themescara where no men had been allowed for centuries. But there was once a man on the island, the only man who the Amazons honored enough to bury and keep his weapons as a shrine. Thor, the Asguardian. He died protecting the Amazons. But now Evil threatens them and Earth again, with sorrow in his voice Odin enchanted the weapons of his son "Whoever be worthy will have the power of Thor." So when Diana was able to lift the weapons no one else could it was clear she was the chosen champion. She is Thor!

I also love the height situation. Clark Rogers being Super Soldier is taller than Spiderman. But Martian Space Phantom is taller than Rogers. Thor is also taller than Spiderman, and maybe Rogers too I haven't checked.

Edited by M3th

Loved tHe artwork tHis week.


Posted by AmazingWebHead

Good stuff. Especially Raphael vs Rocksteady.

Ha! Thor & Hercules cosplaying as each other!

Posted by cdw101

Man. like the the 90's picture of Adam x-treme! That was the first comic I ever bought as a kid so fond memories seeing that remake of the x-force cover. Wish theyd bring him back but I suppose there are too many Summers brothers???

Posted by cdw101

P.s- can anyone tell me the character is in chains please?

Posted by Karnak
Posted by Mandrewgora

Lots of stuff this week!

Posted by Brione

Some great art here as always, but I'm really surprised that there's not much more from the Wizard World Philly Comic Con. I saw a lot of really great stuff there and some of the best artists in the industry were there. Here's a sketch cover I got done by Mikel Janin.

Posted by HeraldofGanthet

Dat Usagi Yojimbo, dat Rom the Spaceknight and dat Batgirl doe...

Edited by longbowhunter

@brione: Ooh, nice. Mikel Janin is awesome.

Really loved Skottie Young's Swamp Thing. I'd kill to have the Phil Noto piece up from auction. So much good stuff this week.

Edited by Brione

@brione: Ooh, nice. Mikel Janin is awesome.

Yeah, he's definitely an awesome artist and he seems like a cool guy too.

Edited by cdw101
Edited by Skinja

When Ryan Ottley is done with Invincible Marvel needs to get him on a Spider-Man book as soon as possible.

A couple of other things posted this week

Guardians of the Galaxy inks by John McCrea

And colours by Jack Davies

And a couple of Moon Knight commissions by Declan Shalvey

Posted by longbowhunter

Loving Nailbiter and just ordered Masks & Mobsters. The Mike Henderson stuff is a welcome addition.

Edited by HushoftheWind

im most certainly digging my favorite tmnt fighting Rocksteady, with Krang looming in the background.

Really good selection of Spider-man art too

and lastly, i really miss Hawkeye in his more "super hero" costume.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

@skinja: He has posted pictures of himself as a kid redrawing Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man panels. You can see his influences when he draws Spider-Man. I agree with you. He would be a good Spider-Man artist.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

That Phil Noto piece has me wishing I had went to Heros Con just to get my x23/Black Widow stuff signed. Marcio Takara is amazing too. Along with Mahmud those are three on my dream commission list

Posted by Winter_Kills

Lots of awesome art to love this week! Glad to see a lot of Cap/ Winter Soldier stuff- always looking for more great art in that department! Hard to give a shout-out to all the awesome stuff here without leaving something out. But Noto's piece was beautiful(wish I had it to frame), I also really love WW2 Cap movie-style, the Hellboy piece with those damn heads(one of my fave HB short stories) and that pic of the Baroness is freakin' sexy!

Edited by MachoMustachio

man this was the best week in a long time, almost everything was awesome (except for Agnes Garbowska and Todd Nauck whose art I don't like especially Agnes, not that either one is a bad artist i just don't care for their work)

is it me or is everyone in Phil Noto's style look so sad (still beautiful though) and I want to turn Kris Anka's art into a woman and make sweet sweet love her (that guy is amazing)

Edited by WheatStalker

Just say Noto getting back together with Matt, Natasha.

The Baroness? Snake Eyes?! No one reads the Joes except me.

That was a very Shulkie She-Hulk ... well done, Ray.

Posted by JangoCrossfire

Nice to see Mike Henderson finally getting some attention here. He's been horribly underrated and overlooked.

Posted by RAHeight
Posted by Crimsonlord53

Glasses. Check

Tight black leather. Check

Crimson cobra symbol. Check

Why do I find this brunette bad girl so intriguing?

Posted by victorcheenoanleu

Brian Booch did some amazing sketches of Shatterstar & Gambit for me last week at Las Vegas comic con. Anyways I love all this weeks art but that Havok costume I still can't get over how ugly that thing is. Ugh

Posted by sentryman555

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I love Skottie Young's style mixed with it. So I need that drawing lol. It's too bad I don't see any for sale on his site. It looks like he only does it for cons.

Posted by IcePrince_X

Usagi for the Win!

Posted by Vertigo_Knight

My weekend isn't complete until I get a chance to check out "Awesome Art Picks"!

Muchas Grazie Tony, and as always, great stuff this week.

Posted by Tensta

I just love Skottie Young. Great picks

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

Oh man, that Yojimbo piece is amazing!!!

Posted by Maddpanda531

For some reason, I really loved Kevin Wada's Cable.

Posted by Hassun