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Awesome Art Picks: Hawkgirl, Batman, Supergirl and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Each week we look all over the internet for the coolest comic book art that won't be appearing in actual comics. The reason they won't is because artists often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their blogs, websites or Tumblrs. Some artists even arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out.

This weekend is FanExpo so we'll probably be seeing lots of great art coming out of there. Ryan Stegman is there and posted a few sketches on his Tumblr.

Marcio Takara has been working on pre-NYCC commissions. Here's some he posted on his Tumblr. Some are still WIP.

Here's a couple commissions Paolo Rivera posted on his blog.

Brett Booth posted a sketch of Wonder Woman on his blog last week.

Agnes Garbowska is at FanExpo this weekend (at P12). Here's some commissions she posted on her Tumblr.

Robert Atkins posted some new art on his blog. The Hawkgirl pic was colored by Simon Gough.

Tom Raney posted some sketches on his Twitter.

Peter Nguyen is also at FanExpo. He's at P83. Here's some sketches he posted on his Tumblr.

Daniel HDR is getting ready for NYCC. Here's some pre-commissions he's been working on, posted on his Tumblr.

Joel Gomez posted some more Marvel/Upper Deck Fleer Retro Sketch cards on his Tumblr.

Freddie E. Williams II posted a couple sketches on his TwitPic page. The Superman was for a guy at Kinkos and Batman for a charity auction.

Skottie Young did Spider Jerusalem for his Daily Sketch on his website.

Mahmud Asrar is also working on pre-NYCC commissions. Here's a Dejah Thoris he posted on his Tumblr. He also posted a time-lapse video.

Dustin Nguyen posted a Li'l Gotham tease on his Tumblr.

Chris Giarrusso posts fan art on his website each week. Here's a G-Man sketch by Fred Hembeck.

Todd Nauck posted some sketches on his Tumblr and Instagram. (ROM!!!)

Jim Lee is on a trip and Tweeted this "work in progress" shot. The Catwoman one he was unable to finish because the plane started descending.

Our last one comes thanks to Robert Atkins for pointing me in this direction. Jeff Wamester posted this Supergirl pic on his new site.

That's it for this week. We'll be back next time with more great art!

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Posted by GeekOfKrypton

I always loved this section.

I liked the Supergirl drawing.

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