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Awesome Art Picks: Harley Quinn, Batman, Loki and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Each week we search high and low for the coolest comic book art that won't actually be appearing in comics. The reason they won't is because artists often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their websites, blogs and Tumblrs. Some artists even pre-arrange commissions so be sure to check out their sites for more information.

Todd Nauck posted a couple #WakeUpAndDraw sketches on his Tumblr. Several comic pros contributed original art to be auctioned off by the Hero Initiative to help legendary creators in need. He also posted a Booster Gold and Raphael sketch on his Instagram.

Gabriel Hardman posted his NYCC commission rates on his blog. You can also contact him for more information.

Freddie E. Williams II posted this Flash sketch that's up for auction for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund on his TwitPic page. It sold for only $128.05! You can find more info on the auction and the CBLDF HERE.

Chris Burnham posted his #WakeUpAndDraw sketch on his Twitter page. Here's an interesting take on the Bat-franchise. It's a Bat-Manticore.

Ryan Stegman posted some more sketches on his Tumblr (from FanExpo).

Paolo Rivera posted this Loki sketch on his blog. I love how he captured his essence. He also drew Cap for #WakeUpAndDraw.

Humberto Ramos Tweeted this Black Cat image earlier this week.

Mahmud Asrar posted a couple pre-show commissions for NYCC on his Tumblr. Check out his Night Girl and Laurel Kent.

Daniel HDR is getting ready for NYCC also. He's been working on pre-convention sketches and posting them on his Tumblr. Here's a couple finished ones and a bunch of (cool looking) work-in-progress sketches.

Agnes Garbowska was just at FanExpo last week and is getting ready for Baltimore next week. Here's a sketch she posted on her Tumblr (where you can also find the rest of her schedule).

Clay Mann posted some more sketches from FanExpo on his Tumblr as well.

Joel Gomez posted some sketches on his Tumblr.

Here's the second Raphael sketch this week. Michael Walsh posted this one on his Tumblr.

Here's a Batman sketch Richard Zajac posted on his Tumblr.

Chris Giarrusso posted this pic on his website for the #WakeUpAndDraw benefit.

Joe Jusko posted this Thing for #WakeUpAndDraw on his Twitter.

Peter Nguyen posted some more art from FanExpo on his Tumblr.

Ryan Ottley is getting ready for Baltamore and also posted a #WakeUpAndDraw sketch on his Tumblr.

Marcio Takara is working on pre-NYCC commissions. Here's some posted on his Tumblr (where you can also find commission info). Last week we saw the pencils for his X-23 commission. Here's the inked version.

That's it for this week. We'll have more great art next time.

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Posted by cbishop

Nice stuff.

Posted by Dabee

That Loki looks like he's looking inside of me. Also loved @danielhdr's Thanos. Really can't wait until Baltimore to hopefully get a sketch, all great stuff!

Edited by longbowhunter

I think i prefer Daniel HDR's pencils to his colored work. Really dig the sense of motion in his Fantomex piece. That Gabriel Hardman Batman/Question pic needs to be framed and hung in my living room immediately.

Posted by sanityisoverrated

Ok, I really like that image of Harley, but who is the girl in the green and black in the background supposed to be?

Edited by ARMIV2

OOoooooooh, so much goodness here! Loving Laurel Kent.

Posted by Pokeysteve

Why have I never heard of Gabriel Hardman?! His stuff is great.

Has anyone else noticed that only the women in Spidey's life are ever drawn wearing his clothes. You never see Black Canary in GA's hat. You never see Betty Ross in little purple pants. Carol never has on a GL t-shirt. Every now and again Lois is wearing the S in some way.

Some one needs to get on that.

Posted by new_onslaught

That Harley Quinn is phenomenal!

Posted by dondave

That Thanos piece

Edited by Tradewind

This week in hawtness: Humberto Ramos' Black Cat & Clay Mann's Harley Quinn!!

Posted by flazam

Alot of good ones this week

Posted by batpala

always here for Peter Nguyen art. [And proud owner of two pieces]

Posted by wmwadeii

Love Takara's X-23, Ramos' Black Cat and Mann's Harley Quinn. Wish some of these artists would update their deviantArt pages as well so I could add them to my deviantArt Picks

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Good stuff.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

Black Cat is HOT!

Posted by SavageDragon

Im really liking that X-23.

Posted by DocFishstick

the black cat one was so cool

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Love that Batman and Question sketch!

Posted by HolySerpent

thanos+ cigar = straight up stupid

Edited by Akindoodle

Marcio Takara's stuff is so cool. Also, the style of Mann's Captain and Gambit reminds me a lot of Olivier Coipel's. I like both

Posted by sinestro_GL

Booster and 1st Raphael are :D

Barda and Black Cat are :O

Posted by AllStarSuperman

The bunny ninja from TMNT is attacking Invincible! Right? That's my favorite piece. I like booster gold too.

Edited by Barkley


Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Mahmud Asrar's Laurel Kent is AWESOME :) Love it!

Posted by RustyRoy

Awesome art picks!! Love the Batman ones and that Black Cat pic hot!

Posted by fallbrigade

Always enjoy seeing some nice Zatanna art.

Posted by spilledmik

Humberto Ramos' Black Cat needs a square meal or two by the looks of it

Posted by Miss_Garrick

The Laurel Kent is the best one!

What the hell with the Usagi Yojimbo/Invincible pic? Ryan Ottley made Usagi look like a dork! Usagi is totally not a dork! He's way more awesome than that Invincible guy.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Edited by CrazyScarecrow

I like that Batman and Question drawing.

Edited by Jaymundo

Some amazing picks this week, too many great sketches to pick just one, we have been spoilt.

Posted by danhimself

man I hope Clay Mann gets put on something soon

Posted by DonFelipe

@allstarsuperman: Usagi Yojimbo is a samurai

Strictly speaking Usagi is a ronin -- a samurai without a master.

I really like bunny ninja though.

Posted by papad1992

I LOVE the Laurel Kent design!!

The X-23 art is beautiful as well!

Posted by Bloxxeh

Stegman's SS 01 Variant is puffing awesome!

Edited by GeekyEverAfter


Posted by addikhabbo


Edited by TheHeat

I loved Clay Mann's art.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Batman/Vic and Hex = <:-D

Posted by umbrafeline
Edited by HeraldofGanthet

@holyserpent: thanos+ cigar = straight up stupid

Well the bright side is (as an Eternal), it won't give him cancer. Congratulations on 12000+ posts by the way!

Edited by HeraldofGanthet
Edited by MadeinBangladesh


Edited by Arkhamc1tizen

nice pics.

Posted by Zadoulo

These are amazing.

Posted by DadaHyena

It's been far too long since Batman fought a giant gorilla. Makes me miss the 30's!

Posted by HolySerpent
Posted by HeraldofGanthet


Yeah, man! I'm trying to get up there. You know, near the upper echelon with you Dozen Thousanders!^-^ Again, congrats mon ami!

Posted by nappystr8

Love this week's work by Marcio Takara, Gabriel Hardman, Ryan Ottley, Humberto Ramos, and Peter Nguyen's Batman Beyond.

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