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Awesome Art Picks: Firestar, Batman, Captain Marvel and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Every week we love to hunt down the coolest comic book art that you won't be able to find in comics. The reason you won't is because artists often do sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their blogs and Tumblrs. They're too good not to be seen by everyone. You can even arrange commissions with some artists through their websites so be sure to check them out.

One of the reasons I love doing this feature is to see the artists draw different characters. Paolo Rivera has been killing it on Marvel projects he's been doing but check out these commissions he posted on his blog of Batman and Two-Face.

Speaking of Batman, Dustin Nguyen posted this Mr. Freeze pic on his Tumblr which I have a feeling might appear in the next BATMAN: LI'L GOTHAM digital first comic. He also put up a Batman pic on ebay. Unfortunately it's already sold (for $745).

Shall we continue with the Batman theme? Denis Medri has been doing some Rockabilly Batman sketches lately. There is a Facebook fan page for it in the hopes of making this project happen at DC. Check out the latest sketches he posted on his Deviant Art page. Now we get to see his Batgirl, Catwoman and Nightwing.

Daniel HDR posted a couple Batman's on his Tumblr this week. What made me smile was seeing a sketch of Spectreman! It's an old Japanese live-action-rubber monster show and I used to watch it on a syndicated channel when I was a kid everyday after school.

Chris Giarrusso also posted a Batman sketch on his website. These sketches are available for purchase when posted but some are already sold out. He also posted and is selling the original Image 20th Anniversary variant covers. They're not cheap but essentially one of a kind, being the original art for the covers. Check out his site for the prices.

Todd Nauck posted a variety pics on hist Instagram. It's great to see his work on different mediums.

Joel Gomez posted a cool Joker sketch on his Tumblr. I love the detail of wanted poster of Joker.

Skottie Young posted a couple more Daily Sketches on his website. They go on sale afterwards (and are usually purchased moments later).

Philip Tan is at it again. He posted some more sketches on his Facebook page.

There's a Mike Mayhew Hero Initiative FANTASTIC FOUR cover sketch up for sale on ebay. Mike posted some other sketches he's down lately on his Twitter.

Agnes Garbowska posted a few different sketches this week on her Tumblr. She also posted the WALKING DEAD Hero Initiative cover she did.

Mahmud Asrar posted the final version of a Rocketeer sketch he did for Comic Con Paris 2012 on his Tumblr.

Michael Walsh posted a few recent commissions he completed on his Tumblr.

Robert Atkins posted a sketch of Stingray (the former Avenger) on his blog. You can also see an inked version over there.

Gene Gonzales posted a few Conventionless Convention Sketches on his blog.

As we wait for SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN to debut in January, Ryan Stegman posted a few sketches on his Tumblr.

Marcio Takara will be filling in for Francis Manapul on THE FLASH #18. Until then, check out the commissions and tiny characters he posted on his Tumblr.

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the selections. As always, we'll have more next time as we find them during the week.

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Posted by ARMIV2

Very awesome! The Gene Gonzales pieces are my favorites in this pick.

Posted by theTimeStreamer

sif and wolverine ones are AWESOME!

Posted by longbowhunter

Paolo Rivera's Two Face is one of my favorite things ever. Straight outta the animated series.

Posted by Blizaga101

I really liked the stegman pieces on this post, also Asrar and medri

Posted by blur1528

Michael Walsh is killin' it! So is Stegman as usual.

Posted by Death_By_Smoke

Another week of solid art work. Loved the archangel and Sif pic.

~You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone. -Al Capone

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Man, there are some really beautiful works of art this week!

Paolo Rivera is especially awesome.

Posted by DonFelipe

Baby Michonne is cute! I'm all in for Agnes G's drawings lately.

On her tumblr page, Agnes posted a link to this adorable story of a grandmother and her cat. So powerful. No one said the awesome art pick has got to be comic related...

Posted by Nova`Prime`

This is a really cool feature but can we start getting some different art styles and maybe some different characters?

Posted by Zeeguy91

That Captain Marvel by Takara is gorgeous.

But, Comicvine, please stop posting a million Chris Giarruso pics every time you have one of these. Taking classic covers and "cartooning" them up isn't what I'd call great art.

Posted by Illuminatus

@Zeeguy91 said:

But, Comicvine, please stop posting a million Chris Giarruso pics every time you have one of these. Taking classic covers and "cartooning" them up isn't what I'd call great art.

l could not agree more. They really need to stop giving so much credence to a guy who is becoming more of an annoyance than anything.

Posted by TDK_1997

Denis Medri's drawings are just amazing.

Posted by Twentyfive


Edited by urstenky

I could not agree more, the cartoony covers really bring down the art of serious artists who put so much time and effort into their craft. Please go back to drawing Archie Comics or whatever. And please, Comicvine, quit showing the cartoony art; it's as bad or worse than manga!! Oh, yeah, Gene Gonzales, I love the way you pimped out Catwoman! NOT!!!

Posted by Trevel8182

Make Rockabilly Batman happen!!!!!

Posted by Crotchmen

Cool artwork

Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

@Trevel8182 said:

Make Rockabilly Batman happen!!!!!

Is it bad that I like the Rockabilly designs better than the actual Batman line of comics?

Posted by Press Oblivion

This has to be one of my favorite features on the Vine!

Posted by Rafa Lee

Not so awesome Art... but is mine so who cares!

Posted by thespideyguy

Good art.

Posted by iaconpoint

I like the cartoony pics because they always seem to upset so many people.

And Dustin Nguyen never ever gets old.

Posted by wdchefdave

Nightwing looks more "badass" than Batman!

Too bad this series doesn't exist.

Even a "one shot" would be beyond cool!

Charlie 27 looked like he could kick Hulk;s butt!

All good art!

Edited by Fantasgasmic

Casandra was holding a GIR doll! So cute!

Posted by fodigg

I love this Nightwing:

Am I wrong or does it make him kind of a "Prep" to have that jacket instead of the usual leather jacket?


I do miss them so.

Finally, are those the quantum bands that Captain Mar-Vell is wearing?

Posted by evilvegeta74

Spectreman and Captain Marvel made my day.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Mahmud Asrar's Rocketeer FTW I say...and not just because I'm meeting a female Rocketeer cosplayer later today.

Posted by Saint_Michael

@Illuminatus: I third this thought. His work is nothing but a rip off IMO. Taking classic comic heroes and dumbing them down artistically (and getting this much appreciation for it) is ridiculous. Making all the characters look like Spaceman Spiff and calling it art? Especially when you look at some of the truly good works you post in this section.

I feel even more-so about the doe-eyed, bigheaded work of Agnes. I've seen better quality at a state fair from those booths where you sit down and someone draws you in a scene in 10 minutes.

When you post the work of these two next to the work of a true talent like Tan or Mayhew, it cheapens the whole group.

Posted by Saint_Michael

Sorry, but I don't get the trailer trash batman stuff. I just don't picture Batman sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette.

Posted by grenade728

Great Art as Usual!

Posted by revbucky

Incredible artwork and a great variety too.

Posted by Decept-O

A bit too many cartoon pieces for my taste this week. Not that they're bad but just a bit too much. Sorry just my opinion.

Todd Nauck's Firestar--love it. Tan's artwork continues to kick so much ass.

Posted by ComicMan24

That Captain Marvel pic looks amazing. And of course Tan and Asrar do it again. And that Rockabilly Batman looks pretty interesting.

Posted by Mieux

I'm all about dat Rockabilly Catwoman. B]

Posted by Wolverine0628

I love that Wolverine sketch with the arrows in his back. It really captures his toughness.

Posted by Mbecks14

Love all the work this week!

Posted by Shazam78

Great to see Nauck drawing Impulse. Young Justice was first exposure to his work. I love everything this week but thanks to Daniel HDR I got the Spectreman song stuck in my head(and loving it).

Posted by G-Man

Wow. I hate seeing such negative comments. Of course if you don't like something, that means it's the worst thing ever. Nevermind the fact that so many others may love it. I always see a bunch of people at their tables at cons. Guess everyone's a "critic," right. I just didn't think our site was so full of hate.

Posted by Kal'smahboi
@G-Man: Don't let them get you down. I look forward to this on Saturdays.
Posted by Barubal10

Love this week's selections #goodvibes #batmanwins

Posted by TheCowman

@Kal'smahboi said:

@G-Man: Don't let them get you down. I look forward to this on Saturdays.

Indeed. So many people are too eager to automatically condemn anything that could be called "kid-friendly".

You can bet if you switched the cartoonified covers with zombified ones, nobody'd be complaining.

Posted by LordRequiem

Firelord and Stingray this week, excellent when it's a change from the norm.

Posted by kaleb2470

While I do agree that making cartoony versions of famous covers isn't that impressive, I really despise that so many comic fans only want art that looks ultra realistic and detailed. Making something that looks like a photograph is just as unimpressive as drawing comic characters with tiny limbs and big heads. What the hell is the point of art if all you're trying to do is re-create real life? Why not bring things to life in a way that hasn't been seen before? Don't we get enough of real life? What I find impressive in an artist (aside from technical things like composition, design, gesture etc.) is when they draw characters and settings that look like they could exist in some alternate dimension out there that suits the story, something that doesn't look like this world but you can easily see it existing.

Posted by ladymastermind

Love them all! wish i could draw like that(mine never come out the way I want them to). Really loved Ryan Stegman's Gambit one.

Posted by saintyak

enjoy :)

Posted by katherinebrowne22

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Posted by SupremeHyperion

That firelord is nothing short of amazing.

Posted by Spideycap

Man I want that Nguyen framed piece and all of Michael Walsh and Takara's pieces as well.

Edited by Selinaky

I love Nguyen's Batman characters! They're so sweet, and the colouring is gorgeous.

Posted by Saint_Michael

@G-Man said:

Wow. I hate seeing such negative comments. Of course if you don't like something, that means it's the worst thing ever. Nevermind the fact that so many others may love it. I always see a bunch of people at their tables at cons. Guess everyone's a "critic," right. I just didn't think our site was so full of hate.

I apologie to any I may have offended. Obviously, I am not talented enough to pull off any of the works produced by these artists. If that puts me in the "those who can't, teach" group, oh well. I realize that it takes different strokes for different folks and there is obviously a receptive audience for their type of work.

But a lot of people "enjoy" going to McDonalds to eat. Does that mean their food is as good as Harris Ranch steakhouse? No. Does it mean McDonalds is the worst thing ever if I believe a steak from Harris is better? Again, no. A lot of people like Hello Kitty artwork. Does that mean it is as good as, and requires as much talent as, a Norman Rockwell drawing?

Maybe I was too harsh in my postings, but I was giving my honest opinion. As pointed out by others, the Awesome Artwork posts usually contain an abundance of pieces in the "cartoony" style. Some feel it is overdone. Heck, why not just use black and white stick figures if no one cares about a certain amount of realism?

I could easily say it is hateful to label someone a "critic" because they happen to point out that frequently the works posted here of Giarrusso's art are comic-strip style copies (putting it kindly) of some of the greatest comic covers of all time. Dressing it up with a sweet-sounding "tribute" tag-line does not make it right IMO. His work indicates that he possibly does not have the imagination to draw an original pose and/or lacks the talent to make them look anything other than overly cartoonish. Some find it patronizing and that it takes something away from the original copied work and the memories those covers held for us. Comic books still face the society stigma of being either for kids or for nerds. His work does not help that.

Posted by DocFishstick

love the batman ones and that nightwing one is cool

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