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Awesome Art Picks: Elektra, Indiana Jones, OMAC and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

It's time once again for Awesome Art Picks. Each week we scour the internet for great comic art that won't appear in comic books. Why won't they be in comics if they're so great? Comic artists simply love to draw. It's a way for them to let out steam or even experiment on characters they might not normally get to draw in the books they officially working on.

Let's begin this week with some updates from Phil Noto. It's always a treat when Phil posts on his Tumblr account. Check out his hauntingly beautiful Elektra and Daredevil.

== TEASER ==

If that wasn't enough, check out his 1970s version of Black Widow. It's from an old pitch that he and Ivan Brandon were working on. Does this mean the pitch wasn't accepted? That's just crazy.

Okay, how about one more from Noto? Here's Emma Frost and Joe Strummer (from the band The Clash) in London, 1979. Amazing, as always.

Hopefully you read Wonder Woman #1 this week with art by Cliff Chiang. Last week I posted some Wonder Woman pics from Cliff but I somehow missed this commission he posted of Kitty Pryde from the Baltimore Comic-Con.

Mitch Breitweiser posted some interesting pieces this week on his website. First up is a "Loki study for [his] issue of Journey Into Mystery." Mitch doing a Journey Into Mystery? Sounds good to me.

The next couple demonstrates that even a simple drawing can speak volumes. Here's a Nick Fury done on his iPad!

Here's a sketch of Clark Kent. Again, even with the simplicity, it speaks volumes. It's almost like less is more.

Have we seen or heard from Doom Patrol in 'The New 52'? Here's a sketch Gabriel Hardman posted.

Did you see our little Inkwash & Watercolor article with Joel Gomez? Check out his stuff including his amazing Batman Beyond pages. Here's a Darkseid he did.

It was recently Supergirl's birthday. Peter Nguyen started a little sketch and says it's "part of something bigger" he's working on.

We posted a sketch of Magneto Peter did before. Now it's in color!

I haven't made a decision on what I think of the new OMAC series. But here's a sketch by Dan McDaid.

Paolo Rivera is getting ready for NYCC. As it approaches, he decided to post commissions he did last year. These are watercolor on paper, 9 x 12." Here's his Namor and Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

And our last piece comes from Tony Harris. He posted a commission he did on Indiana Jones.

What do we have to do to get Tony on an Indiana Jones book?

That's it for this week. What did you think of this batch? We'll have another installment next week.

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Posted by Wonder Princess

Awesome stuff!!!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, Peter Nguyen's Magneto is top notch! And Tony Harris' Indiana Jones is WONDERFUL :)

Posted by shawn87

Magneto looks awesome! Black Widow, Elektra and Indiana Jones are cool as well

Posted by Or35ti

That Magneto drawing and OMAC cover are siick. I like the Namor and Peter Parker/Spider-Man ones too

Posted by ImperiousRix

Love the Phil Noto and Paulo Rivera stuff.

That Doom Patrol drawing is awesome, too. I wanna see Doom Patrol in the New 52!

Posted by PurpleDelirium

I love the Namor and Peter Parker drawings, I wish I could draw :(

Posted by Om1kron

I think it would be nice if we just featured one phil noto piece every week instead of it being cool phil noto art and honorable mentions. Don't get me wrong I dig his stuff but maybe expand the horizons a bit.

Posted by Billy Batson

Nice. Doom Patrol!

Edited by ParaDemise

Am I the only one that sees a resemblance between 'The Hauntingly Beautiful' Elektra and the equally as lovely Sara Lima? Man, if I had but half the talent of these artists, I would definitely pick up drawing as a hobby.

Posted by Daveyo520

That Spider-Man one is amazing. That happened to be a pun.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

"What do we have to do to get Tony on an Indiana Jones book?"

End all wars.

It never ceases to amaze me how great these artists are.

Posted by pikahyper

That Indiana Jones is awesome !!! I would totally buy a new ongoing Indiana Jones comic especially if Tony Harris was working on it.

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Doom Patrol and Nick Fury are looking amazing in those sketches. Rivera's work is beautiful as it always is.

Posted by Mercy_

I think at this point in time Phil Noto may be my favorite the very least he's among the top three.

Moderator Online
Posted by jewunit

Did Sara model for that Elektra art? I think that Elektra looks a lot like her.

My favorite of the group would be McDaid's OMAC though. I am a sucker for the Jack Kirby style. Phil's Black Widow art is also quite nice.

Posted by mikeclark1982

joel gomez's darkseid is super retro. LOVE IT!

Posted by Gambit1024

Indiana Jones!

Posted by Wattup

Wow, that Elektra is fantastic!

Posted by halfpastwhenever

Elektra and Magneto are amazing

Edited by Burnstar1230

That Magneto......

And the Elektra....pretty much took Maria Menounos' face and gave her a red top and scarf over her head. But seeing as they're both of greek descent, it's understandable.

Posted by sora_thekey

I'm a big fan of Peter Ngyun's work. His Magneto is amazing and I can't wait to see what that Supergirl sketch is for.

Posted by ForeignLawns

As much as I like Phil Noto's style, his faces all like very similar. It's the same problem greg land has, except that Phil is way better at anatomy.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

Phil Noto is slowly becoming my favorite artist. I absolutely love his style.

Posted by Decept-O

Can't even begin to say which one if my favorite, each is incredible. Wow. Thanks yet again, G-Man, for sharing all these with Comic Vine. A nice treat and inspiration.

Posted by yeopop

Elektra looks like Jaimie Alexander.

Posted by longbowhunter

Being a HUGE Starman fan Tony Harris has a permanent place in my heart. Love that Indy pic. 
I recently bought and framed a Paolo Rivera Daredevil poster. It hangs on the wall facing my side of the bed. Every day starts out with me waking up to this man's beautiful painted art.
Posted by PowerHerc

Great stuff! Wow!

I really liked seeing the real OMAC, though his Mohawk looked more like Tiger Shark's head-fin.

Posted by tonis

man, those inkwash & watercolors that Joel does are awesome. Love the look and feel of that technique.

Also beautiful works from all the other artists.

Posted by Jordanstine

Phil Noto's Elektra does look a lot like Sara (Babs)!

Edited by _transgojobot_

Just when I couldn't flove Phil Noto more, he goes and throws up an 'Elektra' piece on his blog.

Maybe he can do a 'Mohawk Storm' to make up for that weirdly awkward one he did two weeks ago. lol

Posted by _transgojobot_

@ForeignLawns said:

As much as I like Phil Noto's style, his faces all like very similar. It's the same problem greg land has, except that Phil is way better at anatomy.

I won't allow my Noto!Bias™ to wave away your critique because, well, you got a point. Phil's particular way of drawing women's faces often have them looking very similar to one another. It's a style that he can claim all his own; you'll recognize a Phil Noto drawing, when you see it.

Now that you got me thinking about this, Phil Noto reminds me a little bit of Hiroaki Samura, the creator of Blade of the Immortal. Samura's command of anatomy is nearly unparalleled in his field. However, it can be difficult to tell most of his women apart from one another because he draws nearly all their faces the same way. lol

Posted by NYStreets09e

That Magneto pick is awesome, and the Elektra pick is Amazing!!, Much Respect to the artist for drawing my favorite Marvel Heroine.

Posted by RareCheshire

Peter Parker and Namor are done nicely!

Posted by slick23

Bad ass art as usual! keep it coming guys!

Posted by maxicere

Niiiice!! Noto rocks!!

Posted by The Impersonator
Posted by Goldeneye01

would love some of the links to there stuff, that one thing on this site they dont do

Posted by Eyz

Some truly amazing art picks!

Specially that beautiful Elektra! Rrrroowr~

Posted by Dedpool

Magneto and Elektra are asbolutely fantastic!!!

Posted by SuperCoonce

great post. all of the artwork highlighted in this post is amazing.

Posted by Mumbles

noto still sucks.

Posted by Sammo21

Amazing artwork, but I really cannot stand the OMAC character design...not one bit.

Posted by christopherwalken

Pretty cool...

Posted by Assassin_Elektra

The Magneto art is my favorite. It stands out with excellent colors and details such as Captain America's shield and Iron Man's helmet.