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Awesome Art Picks: Catwoman, Galactus, Psylocke and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Each week it is our pleasure to hunt down and present to you the coolest comic art on the internet. This is stuff by comic book creators but you won't see these pieces in actual comics. Artists often draw for fun or do commissions and post them on their blogs or Twitter accounts. Because they are too good to be missed, we do our best to find all the great sketches and present them to you.

Phil Noto is an artist that makes drawing look easy. Whenever he post sketches on his Tumblr, they're always amazing. Check out his sketch of Betsy and Logan.

== TEASER ==

Looks like Phil's been watching the Sherlock Holmes show on BBC. Check out his Sherlock and Watson.

Talk about making drawing look easy, Todd Nauck cranked out a lot of art this week. On his Twitter account, he asked for suggestions of characters to draw. In a short period of time, he drew these. Check out his renditions of Machine Man, Superboy, Booster Gold, Firebreather, Impulse, Boom Boom, Colossus, Hal Jordan, Spider-Woman, Mr. Freeze and Kim Possible.

Tom Raney has been busy this week also. He posted some sketches on his Twitter page. Check out his Scarlett, Phoenix, Steampunk Captain America, the Shadow, Galactus and Luke Cage.

What about Peter Nguyen? It's obvious one of his favorite characters to draw is Catwoman. Any time he does is good for all of us. Here's the latest he posted on his Tumblr.

Chris Samnee hasn't been able to update his Tumblr too much recently due to his actual drawing commitments but it looks like he's back and not holding back. Here's his versions of Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel, the Phantom, another version of the Shadow and Supergirl.

It's always great to see Michael Walsh update his Tumblr. We definitely need to see more from him. Here's his versions of Beta Ray Bill and Ghost Rider.

The live action Akira movie might be facing delays again but check out Nathan Fairbairn's take on Shotaro Kaneda.

Dan McDaid gave us a nice take on Iron Man posted on his blog. It's an interesting design and always great to see an artist give a slightly different interpretation.

That's it for this week. Let us know what you thought of these and be sure to look for the next installment of Awesome Art Picks.

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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Must...have...The Tom Raney...and Chris Samnee...

Edited by TheWitchingHour

Some really great pieces here. But Phil Noto comes out on top as always. Chris Samnee has a beautiful sketch of the Phantom. I'd pay good money for that.

Posted by pikahyper

Steampunk Cap, The Phantom and both Shadows are awesome :D

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Both Shadow pics, Galactus, and SP Cap please.

Posted by moywar700

this is great

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Love the Thanos and Ghost Rider by Walsh.

Posted by HolySerpent

Most of them alright

Posted by BatClaw89

No Batman? well Catwoman was all right

Posted by ArkhamInmate

Catwoman is great!!

And all Tom Raney pics are awesome, Steam Punk Cap that's just hilarious!!

Posted by Grim


color me satisfied. :)

Posted by Sharkey

I love that Sherlock piece, I would certainly hang that on my wall if I could! :)

Posted by jcbart

Phil Noto draws a perfect Betsy. I'd love to see him illustrate a Wolverine & Psylocke series.

Posted by clemj

that's artwork

Posted by RedR0bin

Love the steam punk captain and the beta ray bill! how does catwoman's belt stay on? :D

Posted by krilling

awesome Shadow pics

Posted by tonis

pure gems this week :)

totally dig the Captain & Mary Marvel

Posted by Night Thrasher

Tom Raney might be comics most underrated artist.

Posted by Gordo789

Wow Tom Raney's stuff is amazing.

Posted by longbowhunter

Never thought much of Tom Raney, but this is STUNNING! Stop ruining his work with color. Woohoo Machine Man!!!

Posted by Renchamp

That Michael Walsh stuff was awesome. And Phil Noto has stopped impressing me. Not because he sucks, but because he's always busting out classy and quality stuff.

Posted by bunnieswithtophats

Ghost Rider and Mr. Freeze <3

Posted by LordRequiem

I'm not too sure about Wolverine's face, but Betsy's is absolutely perfect.

Posted by dcfox

Really dig the Phoenix by Tom Raney. And of course Phil Noto is always great.

Posted by Schabbe

is it just me or are Colossus and GL basicly the same face?

Posted by Mbecks14

Great batch of art this week!!!

Posted by KINCART

@Schabbe said:

is it just me or are Colossus and GL basicly the same face?

I think you just figured out Green Lantern's secret identity.

Posted by umbrafeline

luv it

Posted by ARMIV2

So awesome...!

Posted by JangoCrossfire

Fantastic work on display here. Especially love the Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, and Ghost Rider.

Posted by Decept-O

Whoa. Tom Raney's work is exquisite. Love the crisp line work, the details, the incredible use of black and white, shading, effects, anatomy and facial expressions. He seems to draw female characters spot on to boot. Very impressive! Chris Samnee likewise did an incredible job with use of black and white and chose some iconic characters I truly like. Loving The Phantom piece A LOT! Michael Walsh's pieces really stand out, especially that Ghost Rider.

Thanks again or sharing all these G-Man, it is always inspirational to see how the Pros do it!

Posted by nonfiction91

Damn, DIGGING the old school, I really think they need to bring back the shadow based on the great art uptop, mainly the one with the smoke effect

and that captain america is tough, I wish they still did it like that

Posted by pixelized

I like Catwoman's hula-hoop.

Posted by feargalr


Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Must...have...The Tom Raney...and Chris Samnee...

Haha exactly what I was thinking
Posted by Billy Batson

good stuff.

Posted by stormtrance1618

Wow! Great stuff!

Posted by Daveyo520

Sherlock is a great show.

Posted by sweetesttoaster

That Chris Samnee art looks amazing. Also, Peter Nguyen's looks awesome too.

Posted by sdunham818

A-MAZ-ING!!!!! nuff' said

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

Not really "Steampunk Cap" more of like... WWII Ultimate Cap w/ Steampunk Helmet.

Posted by Overlander

Good to see The Shadow getting some 21st Century representation.

Posted by guyver 0

Weird. I haven't watched the Shadow in years. I have it on now then looked at this and TWO shadow drawings. SO WEIRD!

Edited by The Impersonator

Akira english live-action movie sounds a horrible idea.

Posted by Video_Martian

Was bored with the artwork until I found Shazam :D

Posted by kartron

Green lantern and colossus look the same! Like the spider woman n Catwoman art... Nice.. The Phantom art - awesome!

Posted by Miss_Garrick

The Sherlock one is amazing. LOVE that show.

Posted by venomyak

Does Mary look to thin to anyone else?

Posted by ulrich200

Amazing picks as usual.

Posted by shawn87

I saw those Phil Noto pieces earlier this week on his tumblr. I was digging them. I also like Tom Raney's work as well.

Posted by SmoothJammin

Iron Man would look so good on a retro t and me wearing it

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