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Awesome Art Picks: Captain America, Joker, Savage Dragon & More

The coolest comic book art not found in comic books.

It's that time again. Time for some really cool comic book art that you won't actually see in comic books. Each week as I cruise around the internet, I come across these amazing pieces of art that never ends up actually being published. Many of these are from the artists' personal blogs or Tumblr sites. Other times artists are gracious enough to donate a piece for a charitable cause.

For our first piece (seen to the right), you might be saying, "Not another Captain America picture." Yes, we've had a few Caps in past Awesome Art Picks but with the movie coming out next week, it makes sense. Plus, you can also see this image was actually for the Fourth of July.

Because there's been so much Cap lately I would normally hesitate to include yet another rendition, but because this amazing piece was done by Francesco Francavilla, I think that fully explains why it's here. Just look at that picture. We have classic Captain America with his original shield in a pretty cool-looking action scene. The image was originally done in 2007 but (I believe) was recently colored. Check out both versions on Francesco's website.

== TEASER ==

Joel Gomez recently drew the Flashpoint: Reverse Flash one shot. I got the opportunity to meet him at WonderCon during the Francis Manapul panel. He's a cool guy and has not just one but two pieces here this week. The first as you can see is a creepy looking Joker from his Tumblr. Creepy but with a hint of class, if that's possible.

The second piece by Joel is a simple but elegant picture of Angel.

I mentioned art for charity. Erik Larsen did a Savage Dragon PSA for AIDS Walk 2011. You can find out more about the cause here.

Chris Giarrusso, creator of G-Man and Mini Marvels did his version of Savage Dragon as well for the same cause.

Phil Noto has been featured here pretty much every week. How about one of his classy/elegant pictures? This time it's Domino, posted on his Tumblr.

Cliff Chiang posted a private commission he did of Dark Phoenix on his Tumblr.

Cliff will be at San Diego Comic-Con next week and has also re-posted this image inspired after he watched the Runaways movie (based on the band, not the comic) to let everyone know where his table will be.

Finally, we had some great news this week. With all the DC "New 52" announcements, one name that was missing was Marcus To. It was announced that he will be doing a Huntress miniseries starting in October. Here is a picture he did of a young Barbara Gordon/Batgirl after re-reading Batgirl: Year One.

That wraps up this week's picks. If you missed any previous installments, in the search bar above, click to filter to articles and start typing "Awesome Art Picks" and you'll see them listed. We might be taking a break next week since we'll be in the thick of Comic-Con. We'll see.

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Posted by spaceboy

DC's women rock!

Posted by pikahyper

Cliff Chiang section you said Comic-Con was last week and not next week :P

Moderator Online
Posted by The Poet


Posted by U R Sofa King We Todd Did
@spaceboy said:
DC's women rock!
Posted by Ultimate_MiracleMan

The Savage Dragon one just made my weekend

Posted by spider-man 2996
@Ultimate_MiracleMan said:

The Savage Dragon one just made my weekend

Posted by The_Peter_Cosmic

The Domino pic was my favorite. I love the Awesome Art Picks features, look forward to them every week.

Posted by The Impersonator

Lucky Domino!

Posted by Billy Batson

Already saw Domino and the Cliff Chiang poster :p 


Posted by tonis

man that Chiang poster kicks butt, I would so go to that show :)

That Angel is gorgeous too.

Posted by Labeeb

Hahaha, JL Rock Band. Great find.

Posted by Decept-O

So incredible, each and every one. Glad to see this here in the Artist Forum. Sweet pumpkin pie!

Posted by cattlebattle

HEY, The  Savage Dragon pics breaks the rules you guys try desperately to enforce, "this is a family site" no bad words!! LOL 
Where do I submit these, because I have a lot of great art I've found through my internet travels

Posted by ImperiousRix

Both Savage Dragon versions made me LOL.

Posted by turoksonofstone

Freakin' Sweet!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Haha the Runaways one I love the most, but those Savage Dragon ones are just awesomely funny :)

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Nice, I love the Runaways/DC women one...I just can't figure who the drummer is.....looks like Dazzler but, yea, that don't work, lol. 
that Batgirl is pretty dang cute to.

Posted by DomDom

I love the Domino and lil Batgirl pics...=)
Posted by keith71_98

Hmmm, not as "WOW'd" with this week's choices.
Posted by maxicere

Great !!!!

Posted by shawn87

I like that Angel piece

Posted by gunjin

noto and chiang ftw

Posted by Samimista

I lol'd at the Savage Dragon ones.

Posted by NightFang
@U R Sofa King We Todd Did said:
@spaceboy said:
DC's women rock!
Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Absolutely love Erik Larsen's work. Savage Dragon was one of the last comics I read as a kid, and I think I still have the Spider-Man issue introducing Cardiac somewhere at my parents' place.

Posted by The Velvet Rabbit

love the gradients on that angel one, and I never knew Savage Dragon could be so adorable!   but as my girlish love for all things cute and cuddly subsides, I'd have to say my favorite would be the DC runaways picture - mostly because I'd looove having a poster of something like that.   although i can't for the life of me figure if the drummer's supposed to be Knockout, or a very angry Barbara.

Posted by Radread

  Love the Batgirl and Joker.
Posted by Renchamp

As for the JL Rock Band: what's up with those gimpy guitar straps? You can't play like that!

Posted by RetroLegends

I thought the Joker was a great depiction of him. 

Posted by Blueshirt

The Joker and Batgirl pics are great! Also love Wonder Woman's band... lol!

Posted by Eyz

Amazing artworks! :D
Love Chris Giarrusso's pic^___^
But my favorite here in this batch's probably Domino :'3
Dunno why! Just love how she looks here^^

Posted by IcePrince_X


Posted by breakingweak

i've seen better artist on the vine.

Chiangs DC Girl Band pic is my desktop wallpaper because it makes me smile.