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Awesome Art Picks: Batman, Rocket Raccoon, Thor and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Each week we hunt down the coolest comic art that will most likely never appear in an actual comic book. The reason you won't see them in comics is because artists often draw sketches for fun or for commissions and post them on on their blogs, Tumblrs and Twitter accounts. Some artists even offer commissions via their sites. These drawings are too good not to be gathered up and seen by everyone.

Skottie Young's art is always a treat to see. He was recently at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. He posted several commissions on his website. Be sure to check it out for information if you plan on attending SDCC and want some original Skottie art!

== TEASER ==

Todd Nauck will also be at SDCC this year. This week he's been playing around with the SketchbookPro app. Check out these pics he posted on his Twitter.

I just discovered Michael Cho's blog. He's been posting superhero paintings on his site and has some original art for sale through Check out what he can do.

Gabriel Hardman's been posting art on his site lately and offering them for sale through the shop on his site. I got to watch him draw for a bit at C2E2 and it's pretty amazing.

Daniel HDR is constantly posting the commissions he does on his site and Instagram. Check out what he sent to me all the way from Brazil. Everyone knows how much I love Madman. And check out the colored print of his Hanna-Barbera Justice League image.

Joel Gomez will be at SDCC this year. Joel is a Mystery Art Challenge veteran and yes, I'm already putting out feelers for the next edition. We'll see if Joel and the others are up to the challenge. Here's a sketch of Hawkeye Joel posted on his Tumblr.

Robert Atkins does a lot of sketches and commissions. Be sure to check out his site for more information on how to get your own commission. Here's a few he's done recently including Penguin Snake-Eyes!

I'm looking forward to getting the chance to chat with Agnes Garbowska at Comic-Con. If you're going, be sure to stop by her table in Artist Alley. Check out these commissions she posted on her Tumblr this week.

Sadly, Chris Giarrusso did not post a Tribute Tuesday this week on his website. He did post this great Supergirl sketch.

Peter Nguyen has been busy lately. That hasn't stopped him from posting a few sketches on his Tumblr through his Instagram account.

Paolo Rivera posted a pic of Gwen on his blog that he did at the Boston Con. Just in time for next week's release of the movie.

Each week Michael Walsh does a 'Sketch Request Monday' on his Tumblr. He takes requests, chooses one and sometimes puts the image up for sale. Last week's was Black Canary.

Mike Mayhew posted a couple commissions on his Twitter page this week.

Gene Gonzales posted a couple HeroesCon advanced sketches on his blog.

Another new addition is Ramon Perez. Check out this sketch of Wolverine from HeroesCon he posted on his Tumblr.

Tom Raney posted some sketches from HeroesCon as well on his Twitter page.

Marcio Takara did a couple sketches of famous couples and posted them on his Tumblr this week.

Our last couple comes from Rafael Albuquerque. Check out these images from prints he recently created and posted on his Deviant Art page. They are definitely worth trying to track down if you ever go to a convention he's attending.

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Posted by KainScion

cho's great.

Posted by Aiden Cross

Skotty is awesome.

Posted by ragdollpurps

That Death and Dream. ♥

Posted by Cavemold

The venom is amzzzzzzing

Posted by htb106

I reallly like the Nightwing, Batgrl and Harley Quinn pictures.

Posted by sinestro_GL

The cover with Blue Falcon and Dyno-Mutt is AWESOME!

Posted by TheWitchingHour

Death and Dream definitely takes the cake this week!

Posted by Cyborg6971

Koala batman FTW.

Posted by feebadger

Micheal Cho = freaken AMAZING!

Posted by longbowhunter

Raphael Albuquerque for the win this week. WOW!!! I'm not familiar with Michael Cho but I like what I see here.

Posted by Gambit1024

Space Ghost! :D

Posted by ripcurl

I like the Mystique sketch and the Batgirl painting, but the Dr. Strange painting was the best.

Posted by JonesDeini

@ragdollpurps: Word, I need a print of that!

Posted by SoA

the hanna-barbera JL team needs to happen NOW!!!

Posted by CrashLanden

Bat-Koala is hilarious.

Posted by SylentEcho

Albuquerque's Batman looks ace. Btw is the 6rh picture Dubbilex as Dare Devil?

Posted by Miss_Garrick

There are some really great stuff here but...

THIS RULES!!!! I wish this was a real comic, I would so buy every issue!!!

Posted by pikahyper

yay Rocket Raccoon !!! That Speedball is awesome and the Dream/Death piece is incredible.

Posted by odysseyuwrf

Dream and Death piece is cool. As for the Hanna-Barbara piece, how do you not put Space Ghost at the forefront. I mean, he has his own late night talk show and everything! Easily the biggest celebrity of that group. Forget Harvey Birdman, he's a joke.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Anyone else think batgirls gonna walk a little funny with her one leg longer then the other?

Posted by warmonger163

I would read the series of the Koala Justice League and enjoy it wayy too much.

Posted by Z3RO180

ther are alot of artists on devientart that draw alot of badass pictures.

Posted by They Killed Cap!

love the bat girl

Posted by MrStatham

Amazing how pretty much anyone but the guy drawing Batgirl's ongoing can make the New52 Batgirl look good.

Posted by OldManJoe

X-23 sad.

Posted by fables87

Love the Dream and Death one!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@ragdollpurps said:

That Death and Dream. ♥

Posted by Aph8825

Skottie Young, Gabriel Hardman, Michael Cho & Rafael Albuquerque's are all awesome!

Posted by cyberchop979

Skottie Young is just amazing!

Posted by LordRequiem

Morbius! That's one of the first pictures of Eddie Brock's Venom that makes it look good, Peter Nguyen is very talented.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

nothing on here was even a little disliked by me!

Posted by feargalr

Awesome stuff

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

Michael Cho's stuff was so great. Kirby-ish. Loved it.

I also loved this one:

I'd buy this comic. Especially with Space Ghost, Birdman, and the Falcon guy whose name I can't remember right now.

'@Miss_Garrick said:

There are some really great stuff here but...

THIS RULES!!!! I wish this was a real comic, I would so buy every issue!!!

also this one, loved this one:

Posted by MadRooster81

These are awesome. I wish I could draw half as good as these...sigh!

Posted by Webjaker

Skottie Young Rules, that Albuquerque Batman is EPIC

Posted by The_Tree

Hanna Barbera Justice League and Dream/Death pics looked awesome!

Posted by Inverno

This week is way best than the past ones also.


Posted by danhimself

Mayhew's Batgirl is awesome!!

Posted by CitizenJP

I like this one. Reminded me of Earthworm Jim lol. I dunno.

Edited by Decept-O

Walsh, Mayhew, Raney and Takara really kick ass. Damn! No denying all the other artists, far from it but these guys just take my breath away. The Batgirl (Mayhew) and the Morbius by Raney are my faves.

The best piece I've seen though is that Hanna-Barbera "Justice League"! I'd buy that for a dollar ( or 3.99). :)

Posted by vietthreat

These articles each week are just amazing. Koala Batman is my favourite for some odd reason.

Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Koala Batman wouldn`t be an effective crimefighter. Whenever there would be a bat-signal, he would simply doze off.

Is there something wrong with her legs. they seem REALLY off to me...


Yes! I`m not alone!

It`s still a beautiful piece.

Posted by revbucky
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Albuquerque's Batman definitely was the best, even if all of these I enjoy.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Great stuff, Loved the Alien & Ghost Rider

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Wow, hope I can somehow score those Rafael Albuquerque prints!

Posted by doomsilver

The stuff from the top look ok. Don't like it that much, but better than I can draw.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Skottie Young will never stop being awesome.

Posted by primepower53

Best batch of artwork ever assembled in one thread.

Posted by mtrakos

Cho and TMNT!!!

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