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Awesome Art Picks: Batman, Iron Man, Blue Beetle and More

Some of this week's coolest comic book art you won't see in comic books.

We all love comic book art. Each week we search the internet for those cool pieces that artists sometimes do during their free time. Many artist have personal websites, blogs and Tumblr accounts where they post the sketches they do for fun. Sometimes it deals with characters they working on and other times it's characters from other companies that they just felt like drawing. This stuff is way too good to go unnoticed so we try to highlight them to make sure everyone gets to enjoy them.

Everyone seems to like Batman and artist love to draw him. Gabriel Hardman is currently working is currently drawing Red Hulk but check out his rendition of the Dark Knight.

He also posted a pic of Caesar and will be working on 'Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes.' If you're going to New York Comic-Con, Gabriel posted his rates for commissions. Hell be in Artist Alley at table N12.

Joel Gomez has been posting some more. He posted the Batman Beyond pages we ran here first (they're amazing!). And check out his Jaime Reyes and Batman.

Paolo Rivera will be at NYCC as well. He just posted a commission from last year that he just recently finished? Definitely looks worth the wait. He mentioned he doesn't normally do fully-rendered painting on comic covers.

You've probably been wondering if I was going to post any Phil Noto art. The answer is, of course. He posted a few pieces this week on his Tumblr. Here's a classy image of Reed and Sue on the 'cover' of LIFE magazine.

Phil also posted a couple Batman (including one with Catwoman from her recent first issue) as well as an image of Thor.

Marcus To's Huntress mini is coming out next week. He's running a little contest on his Tumblr, be sure to check out the details to try to win some original art!

Over at, a bunch of artist are doing mock cover for DC 'New 52' books they'd like to see. Here's a mock cover for 'The Power of SHAZAM!' by Evan Shaner. I'd buy that!

Finally, Francesco Francavilla is back. He mentioned before on his blog he plans on doing fifteen minute minimalist posters for new episodes of Doctor Who. He had to take a couple weeks off so here's his posters for the last couple episodes.

That's it for this week. Hopefully you enjoyed those. Be sure to look for another installment next week.

Posted by Billy Batson


Posted by EdwardWindsor

the first Batman pic is amesome.

Posted by Grim

I would LOVE to see that SHazam comic...

Posted by Or35ti

Some really cool pics here. Especially Batman, Blue Beetle, Thor and Shazam!, that's a perfect movie poster right there...

Posted by Blizaga101

love phil noto's work, he always seems to have something weekly. So im just becoming more of a fan

Posted by slick23

Huntress and batman pics is too goood!

Posted by Night Thrasher

Epic Batman...I didn't like Gabriel Hardman he's worth looking into

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Phil Noto is awesome 

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

That Joel Gomez Batman-pic mixes up the movie version, and the 50`s comic-version of Batman. That`s fun.

All the others are awesome too, naturally.

But, something unfortunate has happened. I noticed that Phil Notos Joker looks a bit like my version Joker (I didn`t copy it from him)! Now mine isn`t special enough! Oh no!

Well, life goes on.

Posted by KINCART

I think they all look good!

Posted by BatUniverse

Awesome Art!

Posted by Utandi

Nice work!

Posted by KRYPTON

Awesome sauce

Posted by longbowhunter

Man, Doc Shaner has been campaining for a Shazam book. Come on DC give the man a chance. Love that Joel Gomez Blue Beetle. Probably my favorite pic of Jaime!
Posted by Rixec

Blue Beetle is awesome! Support the comic people!

Posted by I'maDC/ImageGuy!

Why does Blue Beetle remind me of the box cover art for Deus Ex?

Posted by Gambit1024

I. Want. That. Captain Marvel comic. Now.

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Posted by MrUnknown

Nice love the Huntress image!

Posted by The Impersonator
Posted by Decept-O

All so very awesome. Have to say, the first Batman piece and of course, Caesar, are my favorite ones here!

Posted by worldFlash

wish I could draw like that

Edited by ImperiousRix

I laughed when I first saw Phil Noto post that Catwoman picture on Twitter. I love how he puts superheroes in everyday situations and has them react like normal people.

I completely forgot about the Huntress mini-series. Definitely wanna pick that up this month.

Posted by Migz13

I love that Huntress art! and that piece on Bruce and Selina chilling out in REAL LIFE is just goshdarn hillarious.

Posted by Hector

Wow these are awesome. I'm liking this new 'Awesome Art Picks' feature.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Awesome stuff, especially the Bats and Huntress pics! :)

Posted by tonis

oh man, Gabriel's Caesar is monumental and I love all the Huntress work by Marcus. My favorites gotta be the Power of Shazam mock up though, I too would TOTALLY buy that. :)

Posted by kennybaese

I picked up the trade for First Wave not to long ago and it has the Bat-Man/Doc Savage one shot in it and Phil Noto's art in it is absolutely amazing. As much as I love Rags Morales, Noto's artwork blew it out of the water, especially with the aesthetic they were going for with First Wave.

Posted by They Killed Cap!

I love the Sue and Reed

Posted by shawn87

Awesome picks

Posted by igbarriga

Phil never fails to provide us with astonishing art.

Posted by IcePrince_X

I love the beginning art (Batman) and the ending art (a surrealistic art). Both are intense!

Posted by RareCheshire

I cannot wait to get Huntress, its suppose to tie in with Birds of Prey also!

Posted by Eyz

That Shazam's cover's easily my fav of the bunch.

And like usual, Phil Noto produced some top notch art!

Posted by Mumbles

more boring noto art

Posted by Summoboomo

Noto's Bruce/Selina art is just goddamn adorable.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

@The Impersonator said:

Ironman...... NO DRINKING!!!!