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Awesome Art Picks: Batgirl, Aquaman, Catwoman & More

The coolest art of the week that you won't see in comic books.

It was sort of a short week with Thanksgiving and all. That doesn't mean we won't look at this week's awesome comic book art that you won't see in actual comics. Comic artists often post sketches and commissions on their personal blogs and Tumblr pages. This gives them a chance to draw characters they might not normally get to when working on their actual books.

Aquaman #3 came out this week, and as with the first two issues, it was a great read. Check out Peter Nguyen's version of the Aqua-family posted on this Tumblr.

== TEASER ==

Todd Nauck posted some sketches on his page. Check out his Batgirl commission, X-23 and 'crazy Target sale Lady."

Speaking of sales, yesterday was Black Friday. Hope you survived. Paolo Rivera posted this Ash pic from 2004. Seems fitting for the craziest shopping day of the year.

Paolo told me he had more Mary Jane coming and he was true to his word. Check out his 'young' Mary Jane as well as a Daredevil sketch posted on Twitter.

Freddie Williams II posted a bunch of commissions from the recent Wizard World Austin but I forgot to add them last week. Oops! But that means we get to enjoy them all this week! Another reason to try to hit the conventions when they're near you.

Barry Allen also had a great issue this week. Here's a recent commission Joel Gomez's did of him.

Phil Noto posted a great Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson this week as well as a scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles in honor of Thanksgiving.

Speaking of movies, it was this week back in 1976 that Rocky premiered. Here's Cliff Chiang's piece in honor of the movie.

Francesco Francavilla posted his take on Usagi Yojimbo over at Comic Twart as well as another Doctor Who pic in honor of his 48th birthday.

And here's an inkwash layout from Captain America and Bucky Francesco posted yesterday.

Here's some sketches Michael Walsh posted on his Tumblr. I think his take on Brother Voodoo, mohawk Storm and Kid Devil and Zachary Zatara deserves a 'hell yeah!'

Finally, Rafael Albuquerque posted his rendition Catwoman. He got his inspiration from the original Le Chat Noir.

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed them all. Be on the look out for the next installment.

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Posted by CrimsonTempest

Freddie Williams' work is amazing to look at. Great comissions.

Posted by Shadoestar

Some really good ones!

Posted by Pokeysteve

These were the best in weeks! Love that Batgirl.

Posted by feebadger

I can't believe i've never seen Freddie Williams work before. He's like a combination of Jim Lee, Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. WOW!

Posted by spiderturtle

God these are great.

Posted by spiderturtle

I mean, Stan Lee these are great...

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

That Catwoman pic is...striking.

Posted by Jolt92

@feebadger said:

I can't believe i've never seen Freddie Williams work before. He's like a combination of Jim Lee, Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. WOW!

Haha, I was about to post the exact same thing. He's amazing.

Posted by Baddamdog

Omg Catwoman is amazing, I love Albuquerque so figgin much!

Posted by Billy Batson

loved the Catwoman

Posted by halfpastwhenever

I want that Catwoman pic for Christmas. Come on Santa don't let me down..!

Posted by longbowhunter

The Freddie Williams stuff is glorious! Why is his talent currently wasted on Capt. Atom?

Posted by FoxxFireArt

That Catwoman picture would make a good poster.

Edited by The_Tree

Really loved the Kid Devil & Zachary Zatara pic, it really makes me want to see them on the Teen Titans.

Posted by azza04


Posted by jhazzroucher

Storm and her mohawk look is awesome

Posted by Hector

Really like the Catwoman poster!

Posted by krilling

Damn this Williams' arts looks amazing. Specially his Power Girl. 
And of course Albuquerque's Catwoman...

Posted by Wattup

Meow. 8 )

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Freddie Williams and Todd Nauck are AWESOME! Man, I want the Zero Hour Batgirl one especially...::hungers for it::

Posted by The Impersonator

X-23 looks very nice. :P

Posted by fables87

I like the last Catwoman one the best.

Posted by maxicere

A lot of art, a lot of styles, Thanks @G-Man: to post this, this inspires so much to draw!!!!

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Like them all, weirdly enough the first Poulo MJ pic seems to be my favorite this week.....Williems Starfire is nice to.

Posted by LoopLeon

Yay! Zatara and Kid Devil! Now it kinda makes me sad knowing we won't see them for a while...

Posted by victoriancuckoo

love the black and white sketches, powerful

Posted by dcfox

I love that Catwoman. I'd proudly frame it and hang it up on my wall.

Posted by animemike

wow just great work beauitfully done

Posted by TheOptimist

It is really amazing the number of super-high quality pieces of art that are crafted each week. Some fabulously talent artists out there. Faves for this week are:

The Aqua-fam, the Nauck X-23, the Kid Devil/Zatara and especially that Catwoman. That is some very amazing work.

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

Whoa. What a landslide. The Catwoman one was of course good, but the "Trains Planes & Automobiles" artwork made me smile. Thanks once again for sharing!

Posted by chipsnopotatoes

Love the Catwoman one. Selina in mid yawn is very cat-like. Wonder if we can get the artist to pencil one of her issues in the future...

Posted by pikahyper

the creepy Target lady !!! awesome

Posted by thechessclub

What's with all the Zero Hour canvases?! Isn't it kinda not kosher to re-mark something you didn't have a hand in? I think so...

Also that Thor made my pants kersplode. And the Catwoman at the end is just gorgeous!!!

Posted by AwesomeAquaman

I liked majority of them, though the Aquaman one speaks to me most.

Posted by Video_Martian

The art this week is absolutely incredible! :D

Edited by Decept-O

So much awesome. I have to say Todd Nauck is my favorite "new" artist right now. Love his style! Michael Walsh's renditions are superb. The Catwoman by Rafael Albuquerque done in the Art Nouveau style of Le Chat Noir is a different take that I absolutely LOVE! Thanks again G-Man!

Posted by Sky_Jokiel

I wants that Freddie Williams Green Lantern pic.... simply amazing

Posted by CitizenJP

Aquaman, Flash, and Iron Man drawings are siiiick. I wish I could draw this good. :/

Posted by battyfan1

@chipsnopotatoes said:

Love the Catwoman one. Selina in mid yawn is very cat-like. Wonder if we can get the artist to pencil one of her issues in the future...

i love that catwoman picture....i would buy that and hand it....its gorgeous.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

I like the X-23, and who could ever forget Storm's mowhawk? Good times.

Posted by CODYSF

Yup Catwoman is the best one.

Posted by GraveSp

I like the Catwoman one

Posted by tonis

wooo hooo hooo, thanks for giving, that was a total feast for the eyes to devour :)

Posted by sdunham818

Love it Love it Love it....yea I love it ;)

Posted by fodigg

Kid Devil and Zatara shoulda been on the Outlaws. Then with KD there we could've gotten something more like the Young Justice Speedy instead of tattoo Speedy.

Posted by Utandi


Posted by Ult_MadameRose

i love the cat woman pic at the end!

Posted by xkoenig

These are superb picks of pics. I really like Freddie Williams' art!

Posted by Eyz

Gorgeous art everywhere I look!

(and characters I miss already all over...Red/Kid Devil, Zatara, Stargirl,..)

Posted by Raven0207

This is the most filled art week ever ! i can't name how many I love!

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