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Five pages of two buddies' adventures.

It only makes sense that Marvel’s two most popular characters would be co-starring in a book together. Actually, I’m surprised this idea hasn’t been done before, as Wolvie and Spidey are basically the House of Idea’s equivalent of the World’s Finest (and look how long SUPERMAN/BATMAN ran). 

G-Man's stated his enjoyment of their interplay.  Now, Logan and Peter have got their own buddy adventure, although it’s hard to say which one is the straight man, is it? Sure, Spider-Man cracks jokes, but Wolverine’s the one more liable to be the loose cannon. The funny thing after seeing this is that I’m reminded of what I was saying regarding Chris Evans’ casting as Cap - - how most of the actors who are playing superheroes today would’ve been in the DIE HARD’s and BEVERLY HILLS COP’s if they been of age in the 80s. Seeing this, I can’t help picturing these two as being like the Earth-616 LETHAL WEAPON, but it’s hard to say if Mel Gibson would be Weapon X and Danny Glover would be the Wall-Crawler, or vice verse. Just picture THAT in your head.

Since the ULTIMATE titles have more or less run their course by now, I figure these ASTONISHING books are going to be Marvel’s current initiative to provide no-strings-attach content for new readers. ASTONISHING X-MEN did pretty well to that end. DC at least started the ALL-STAR line with the same intent - - new stories that dance upon the past without being continuity thick - - though they seemed to have deviated from that original mission a bit.
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Now that you've heard my take (the 100% ground Chuk?) on the preview Marvel released for Jason Aaron-scripted and Adam Kubert-drawn ASTONISHING WOLVERINE/SPIDER-MAN #1, how about I let you check it out for yourself? 

Anyway, are you stoked for this, oh up-teaming Comic Vine community? Or would you rather blissfully ignore it? And what other standards from the Marvel line should get this Astonishing treatment?

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this April - - available for pre-order now on

Posted by sora_thekey

 Anybody else notice that the Astonishing titles are being made just like the Ultimate format? (I mean the title)

Posted by The_Martian

As much as I'm tired of seeing Wolverine, I'm excited for this.

Posted by camodude

i swear i might kiss Jason Arron

Posted by danhimself

Looks good...I agree with G-Man the 2 of them have resulted in some funny scenes....I hope that this results in an ongoing

Posted by GT-Man

cant wait
Edited by Benzo

This does look astonishing!!!  Can't wait to get this :D !!! but I've got two questions...
when is this out ?? and is it an ongoing series??

Posted by the_fallen11

Yes!! this is gonna be awesome!!

Posted by Kid_Zombie

This looks great! I love the dynamic between the two characters  on the Avengers teams, so I'm sure this would be sweet and i'm hoping pretty funny ha ha

Posted by DEGRAAF

oh good i was worried niether of these characters had enough comics with them in them. 
In all seriousness i think that this could turn out to be a good book to see how much spiderman nnoys wolverine
Posted by G Bird

This should be pretty cool. Anybody know when the first issue comes out?

Posted by hero vs. villian

This is going to be one I cannot wait to hit hardcover. Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert writing Spidey and Wiolverine together, it's gonna rock! TAKE THAT BENDIS!


I dont like to much Spider-man but love Wolverine and Jason Aaron. I wil buy the trade(like most of wolverine tpb and Jason Aaron graphic novels).

Posted by No_name_here
@sora_thekey: I think Marvel's trying to replace their Ultimate line with Astonishing.
Posted by ninjasquirrel01

Sweet, I might just pick this up. Heard good things about Jason Aaron.

Posted by zombietag

im picking this up

Posted by Joeybagad0nutz
@Tom Pinchuk said:
" @sora_thekey: I think Marvel's trying to replace their Ultimate line with Astonishing. "

Is Astonishing a new universe? 
And this is going to be awesome!!!
Posted by chris thompson

Loooks nice. Ill pick it up.
Posted by Stormultt

why is wolverine trying to pedobear hug peter on the cover?
Posted by Argentino_18

It could work...

Posted by sora_thekey
@Tom Pinchuk: That would be a total shame! I don't undrstand why they would do that though (>ULTIMATUM<) 
The Ultimate Comics Spider-Man has been amazing either way!
Posted by Nateabusa

For some reason I keep thinking that this is going to be alot like Cable & Deadpool used to be, which isn't a bad thing.

Posted by ElJuano

HA!! The Orb.... If only for that appearance alone I'd buy this ish!

Posted by spiderguylll

Spidey better whoop his ass again at some point...
Posted by Aspenite

Gorgeous artwork. Already on my list!

Posted by gettozachoppa

Seems a bit random to me although with the rest of the story it'll probably be worth picking up.

Posted by gogogo

Astonishing better not be a new universe.  I mean, really, who can read Batman/Superman when it starts Bruce wayne a year after his death? 

Ultimate comics has really fucked themselves up with continuity - Spiderman's not too complex, unless someone remembers that Gwen's a carnage clone or something.  By saving Kitty, and now Iceman, it's taken some of the best aspects of Ultimate Xmen, which was one big trainwreck IMO.  I mean it was all "Wolverine's the first mutant AND WE MADE HIM... despite the fact we didn't make other mutants and he's not all their father..."-this and "Oh no, Pheonix is gonna kill us all but now she brought everyone back but can't do it anymore... and someone suicided-cyclops... blah blah blah." 

I'm looking forward to Ultimate X, and wouldn't mind an Ultimate Xmen volume 2 (and an Ultimate F4 volume 2...), but given how their first books went batshit crazy, and how batshit insane the ongoing Ultimates book is... I don't know. 
I must say I didn't really care for Astonishing X-men either.  It seemed to be off-for-off's sake, and it really shouldn't be THAT hard to fit things into continuity... 

Posted by twiztidtunes

I'd say Wolvie woulr be Glover. "I'm getting to old for this shit" works better for him.