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Aspen Comics Announces JIRNI Volume 2

Ara's quest continues this May.

On May 21st, Aspen Comics and writer J.T. Krul (Green Arrow, Soulfire), along with artist Paolo Pantalena (Jirni Volume 1) and Brett Smith (Suicide Squad, Jirni Volume 1), return to the fantasy adventure series Jirni for the eagerly awaited second chapter. Volume two follows Ara’s continued quest to find her kidnapped mother before she is enslaved forever to the treacherous sorcerer Torinthal.

"We were all thrilled with the success and reception that Jirni received last year, and I am super stoked to be continuing Ara's adventures in Volume Two,” says writer J.T. Krul. “She's such a strong and determined character, and the quest to find her mother is really just beginning. The first volume was merely a launching point for Ara, as she began what is going to be one hell of a long journey. In many ways, the classical fantasy elements of this book mirror Conan, in that it's focused on a singular, independent character venturing into uncharted territory, discovering new worlds and civilizations. We've got a lot planned for Ara in this new volume from crazy creatures and incredible dangers, to pirates and wizards, and perhaps even a love interest."

Jirni #1 will feature two direct edition covers by Pantalena, and will be released at your local comic shop on May 21st, 2014. Jirni Volume 2 will also feature upcoming covers by Mirka Andolfo (Damsels in Excess), Jordan Gunderson (Executive Assistant: Assassins) and more to be announced by the publisher.

Diamond Codes:

Cover A Direct Edition: MAR48860

Cover B Direct Edition: MAR48861

Cover C Retailer Incentive Edition: MAR48862

Cover D Retailer Incentive Edition: MAR48863

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Interesting. Has anyone read this?

Posted by ptigrusmagus

Nice boobs

Posted by G-Man

@ptigrusmagus: That's your contribution to this thread? Really?

Posted by G-Man

@micah: I read the first couple issues. I enjoyed it. I reviewed the first issue and gave it a 4 out of 5.

Posted by micah

@g_man: 4 out of 5 sweet. It looks interesting, I may check it out.

Posted by bloggerboy

@g_man: He's just complimenting the art :D

Posted by wmwadeii

@micah: There should be a rating on each issue by yours truly. It was a pretty interesting story and was disappointed it ended so soon. Can't wait for this new volume.

Posted by micah
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@g_man I just got the 1st volume on my Ipad, I will let you know what I think.

Edited by Nuec_Sol

I liked the first vol. but it seem to go by fast. Hopefully vol. 2 last more than five issues.

Edited by Wyldsong

Definitely looking forward to this.

Posted by NukeA6

Jirni is probably the most underrated and obscure comic I have read. It could be a bit better though and manage to make it to Madman status.

Posted by TheUnN4med

Yes! Jirni is back! I missed this series so much. I loved the first arc.