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Ask, and Ye Shall Receive…Answers: Episode 35

This week the questions deal with Spider-Man's baby and another crossover between the 616 & Ultimate Universes.

We're back with more answers to your questions. Everyone has questions and we have answers. Sometimes we even have the answers you're looking for. Ask, and Ye Shall Receive…Answers started out as a video with a running time of about thirty minutes. It soon started growing to closer to fifty minutes. Then the format switched to The Invincibly Super Massive Comic Book Podcast of Stuff. The idea was editing a longer podcast was easier than editing a longer video. There's only so much time in the day unfortunately.

But there are times when a video format is more appropriate in answering certain questions. Because comic books are a visual medium, there are some answers that need the imagery to fully answer the question and to give a better idea what the heck I'm talking about. That means the videos will continue. I will try to make sure it goes back to a more regular schedule along with the weekly Super Massive podcast.

This week's video features two questions - one on Spider-Man and Mary Jane's baby asked by mcgregorp and a second question about another crossover between the 616 and Ultimate Universe asked by mattwing87.

If you have questions, you can ask in the Ask G-Man video thread. You can also ask on Twitter, @GManFromHeck and use the hashtag #AskGMan.

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Posted by leokearon

This is what happened to Baby May.

Allison Mongrain slipped a chemical into MJ's Gumbo which induced Labour. Mary Jane apparently lost little May during child birth, but Alison was seen with a package at the end of the story. It seemed to be baby may, but a later issues shows a cat instead.

However later the Scriers arrive wanting the package, which Alison gives to them, only for her yacht to be destroyed soon after. Alsion survives and makes her way to Pete and MJ's house. Meanwhile the scriers with the package are attacked by Kaine, but the Scriers manage to receive the package from Kaine (so they say) //Note here in the Spider-Girl universe, Kaine keeps the Package which is May and raises her for a couple of years before returning May to Pete and MJ\\.

Meanwhile Alsion arrives at Pete and MJ's house and encounters MJ only for the Molten Man (brainwashed by Osborn) to attack them. The Molten Man is defeated but Alsion is mortally wounded, she whispers to MJ before she dies that MAY'S ALIVE!. However when Pete goes off to investigate he finds Aunt May (who was believed dead at the time from Amazing 400).So little May's fate remains unknown

Baby May isn't mentioned again until Marvel Knights Spider-man by Millar and Dobson where the scropion says to Pete, "You killed his (Norman's) Son, He killed your daughter" seeming to suggest that Baby May did die

Edited by Trevel8182

Linkara covers all of this in his hour and a half One More Day EPIC beat down!

Posted by G-Man

@leokearon: I thought I kinda said all that in the video and included images. The cat thing was a copout. I did come across the issue when editing the video but that was just their way of back peddling.

Posted by diarraharris3

Well this story never happened because of "One More Day" ah well potential story lines that be made because of "Editorial Mandate" *cough Joe Quesada*cough cough*

Posted by G-Man

@diarraharris3: The problem is they said everything except for the wedding happened. Obviously that can't be. But why say that then? It's like going around and around in a circle.

Edited by leokearon

@G-Man: You didn't mention the Marvel Knights part or the cat. Also it seemed you weren't really sure of some of the details, so i thought I might clear things up a bit

Also didn't the size of the package change> when the Scriers got the package it was the size of a baby, but after they got it off Kaine and it was being delivered to the location where Aunt May was found it was the size of an adult, yet the dialogue states they are supposed to be the same package

Posted by evilvegeta74

@G-Man: i heard that the Ultimaye Universe is going to end and there was gonna be a big 616 Avengers vs The Ultimates is this true?

Posted by dementedtheclown

Would be cool if ULTIMATE XMEN, met the CURRENT, and PAST XMEN of 616

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Im with you G-Man, I wanna see more crossovers and yet I don't wanna see more crossovers. I know, strange.

Posted by Mezmero

Don't push the 'maybe', baby.