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Around the Vine: Community Wrap-Up 10/8/10

What have the CV Users been up to this week?

ComicVine is all about community, and you guys are always super-busy putting out some super-rad stuff onto the site. So, isn't it about darn time we highlight some of this super-awesomeness? And who better to do it than your second favorite ComicVine member turned Staff member? (First being Babs obviously!) Here's some of the awesome stuff we got to see this week Around the Vine. Click on the links to check out their news-worthy moments.
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  • mutantblues breaks down the newest issue of Mark Millar's CLiNT magazine. When I say break it down, I mean mutantblues really breaks it down, section by section.  
  • CV Moderator Icarusflies wrote a cool piece on what she likes and dislikes in writers... but more importantly, what it means to be a good writer.
  • LuisEscobar is on part 14 of "How to make a motion comic" series. Lots of cool info, and he's got some real great artistic talent. Very informational stuff!
  • Although we haven't seen any video reviews from "them" this past week, haydenclareheroes has done a quite a few "Comic Duo" video reviews and posted them on the site. Maybe they're taking the week off.


  • Ryonslaught compiled a list of super-heroes/villains that are the kids of other super-heroes/villains. Luckilly, he didn't add M2 characters, or his list would have been a million times longer. 
  • ImperiousRix knows quite a bit about the Justice League animated series, and he's showcasing his knowledge in a three part list: "Top 15 Justice League Episodes." 
  • A mystery is afoot! Who is going to be the new Hobgoblin? The Hobgoblin has some ideas in his new list. Check it out and remember, if he calls it correctly, we all owe him a dollar! (Not a binding contract)


We have two featured reviews this week, and they're both X-Force books.


Check out FoxxFireArt's blog area where he posts all his anime-inspired comics!
RalfvdH did a cool speed-painting of the Joker.
EGoD continues to put out some quality artwork in his Ta Da! My Art thread.
Artist Showdown #68 is taking place. Draw Purgatori... Now that's a selection out of left field!

Super-User Showcase

  • First super-user showcase goes to Decept-O! Decept-O was a big help for us for this list, and aside from that, he does some great artwork on the site! He's incredibly helpful, nice, and helps add to the fun atmosphere on the site. Check out his blog area for some cool images of the staffers as zombies, and his on-going comicvine comic about Red LAMP
As you may know, last week was the Outrageous "Draw Comic Vine's Staff" Contest featuring that goofy video of Tom Pinchuk and myself telling you to draw us, minus the sexiness. We're still figuring out who is the true champion out of all the great pictures, but we've compiled them all here for you. 
Decept-O also joined in the fun, his pictures are located above.
If you find something in the CV Community you think is super-cool and noteworthy, PM me, and maybe you'll see it next week! Thanks to sora_thekey and KrHunt for help this week!
Posted by Ry Fryy

Ooooh, I like this idea.  Very nicely done!

Posted by ComicMan24

Nice idea.

Posted by RYU/BATMAN


Posted by Decept-O

Holy Moley!   Wow, thanks duders!   Thanks for the nods and links !  
Comic Vine is a rockin', don't bother knockin'! 
Good idea to have this Comunity Wrap-Up, nicely done. 
Posted by ComicMan24
@Decept-O: Congrats for the Super User Showcase.
Posted by Decept-O
Thanks, my friend.  You are a great user on this site, always being supportive and friendly to many people!
Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

I'm amazed at how much cool stuff everyone contributes to the site. :)

Posted by ckal

Awesome idea. Nicely done.

Posted by ReverseNegative
@ckal said:
"Awesome idea. Nicely done. "

I second that.
Posted by ComicMan24
@Decept-O: You're welcome:)
Posted by Icarusflies

Cool! Thanks for the Blog Spotlight!

Posted by Decept-O
You've always got good stuff going on!
Posted by Icarusflies
@Decept-O: And congrats on your spotlight! That Red L.A.M.P comic certainly deserved it.
Posted by Lemon

Great stuff guys!

Posted by sora_thekey

Awesome... and yes everything above deserves praise... 
This community has lots to offer and it deserves to be in the spotlight!
*standing ovation*

Posted by Krhunt

 The Wrap-up is pretty awesome, I'm really digging the art and blogs this week.
Easily something I look forward to each week.

Posted by FoxxFireArt
@Red L.A.M.P.: 
I'm amazed that anyone was even noticing I was adding those 4komas on my blog. I appreciate being added to the showcase.
I was a little surprised to see that drawing of G-man and Babs on here. I really wasn't trying to enter that contest. I was just showing off something I drew on an envelope I was mailing to the Comic Vine offices. I mailed it over a week ago. It should of arrived by now.
Posted by N7_Normandy

great idea.

Posted by J1ml33
@FoxxFireArt:  I read them from time to time there great really they are I am thinking about putting some up sometime soon , I don't know have you ever seen any of my art before if not here are links to my web comic and my deviant art page hope you enjoy (p.s tell me what you think about my work ? ) 
first is my web comic here :
and my deviant art page here : 
hope you enjoy ! : D 
Posted by M.S. Feather

Congratulations to everyone who made the front page and the ones who put it together.  Excellent work. : )
I hope this wrap-up becomes a regular feature in the weekly news.

Posted by inferiorego
@M.S. Feather said:
" Congratulations to everyone who made the front page and the ones who put it together.  Excellent work. : )  I hope this wrap-up becomes a regular feature in the weekly news. "
it will be
Posted by Om1kron

cool stuff everyone, sorry I don't contribute as much. I just poke my head in CV from time to time for the artist showoff's

Posted by tonis
@M.S. Feather said:
" Congratulations to everyone who made the front page and the ones who put it together.  Excellent work. : )  I hope this wrap-up becomes a regular feature in the weekly news. "
second that notion, great idea and job Mat.
Posted by ImperiousRix

Holy crap, my self-indulgent countdown of Justice League Unlimited got featured?!  Awesome. 
And seeing the quality of the other stuff on here, that makes me feel doubly honored.  Congrats to everyone else featured and thanks, Comic Vine!

Edited by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

Sounds nice. I wish I did not have a wiki banned. I spent nearly 6 months from January to mid-July because I found information that THIS CITE could not find (THE BACKSTREET PROJECT, for example) and then felt a bit lazy to write down my own info. When I get my self another account, I will make a difference.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

We are doing Comic Duo-most likely-tomorrow and it will be posted probably around Sunday. Really cool for you guys to mention us! Thanks a lot! More vids from me and harleyquinnhawkgirl soon!

Posted by Decept-O
You make a lot of contributions to the site.  Glad you got the recognition!
Posted by haydenclaireheroes
@Decept-O: Thank you so much
Posted by haydenclaireheroes
@Decept-O: Glad to see your art on the highlight page
Posted by jakob187

YAY!  It's nice to see a weekly Comic Vine community feature, much like we've had on Giant Bomb and Screened for quite some time now!  There's a lot of good work on this site from the users that deserves the attention, and it's good to see them getting center stage. 
Also, the art for the Comic Vine staff is excellent.  I'm guessing that TheFallen11 submitted is Namor and Sara.  That picture was really great, not just because of the detail in the picture.  There's a lot of thought put into that particular piece, and it's incredibly endearing.  I also really liked the one from KrHunt, as it has a very whimsical and light-hearted vibe with it.  Despite pointing those two out very specifically, ALL of the art was great and held its own uniqueness and charm.  = D

Edited by Decept-O
Posted by NightFang

Cool idea.

Posted by Wildish


Posted by Illyana Rasputin

What a fantastic recognition of Comic Vine's faithful members! I love this.
Posted by the_fallen11
@jakob187:  Thank you :)