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Are You Ready For The New A-Team?

First 'official' image is released.

I've mentioned on our podcast a couple times that I never watched The A-Team.  I don't know why but it was a show that never came on in my household when I was growing up.  There's been talk about an A-Team movie for a while but things have been moving along and we're finally getting the first released image of the team (that I saw over at /Film).

You can see from the stylized photo that we have Bradley Cooper as Lt. Templeton " Faceman " Peck, Quinton "Rampage Jackson as Sgt. Bosco "B.A." Baracus, Sharlto Coply as Capt. "Howling Mad" Murdock and Liam Neeson as Col. John "Hannibal" Smith.  The original premise had the A-Team being accused of a crime they didn't commit during the Vietnam War.  They went on to become soldiers of fortune driving around in a cool van.
If you're familiar with the original show or after looking at this image, are you interested in this movie?  The image might look a little cheesey but do you think the movie will do well.
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Posted by iLLituracy


Posted by SuperGamera

no mr. t?

Posted by danhimself

looks like they've got at least one decent actor with Liam Neeson so who knows maybe it'll be good

Posted by WildCrawler

Bradley Cooper doesn't fit in

Posted by Samuraikenpo

poster could use some jessica biel

Posted by Riezner

That's pretty bad ass, if I do say.

Posted by King Saturn
That Looks Pretty Cool Actually
Posted by EisforExtinction

Seeing this picture makes me think that someone read my diary.

Posted by King Saturn
Who's the dude in the Suit holding the Cannon ? 
Posted by OzzerOzby

*sigh* Rampage, I can't believe you quit the UFC for this. It better be a good movie.

Posted by bx1

I pity every last one of these fools.

Posted by dc-kid21

holy crap

Posted by Quest

you can not get a new Mr.T he will pity you

Posted by phoenixguard

No Mr. T equals no money from me.

Posted by TheOmegaMan

Looks to be interesting. I used to love the show...
Posted by St. Peter

doesn't look to bad

Posted by Media_Master

Has potential.

Posted by King Quisling

Pretty lame. I don't even think A-Team should be made into a movie. But if I could choose a cast I would go with... 
Howling Mad - Jim Carrey  
B. A. Baracus -  Ving Rhames  
Faceman - Micheal Kelly 
Hannibal - Tommy Lee Jones

Posted by Grim

i think the shows on hulu for those of you who have never seen it.
 i started watching it in like febuary, and  its not a bad show. 
 dont know how i feel about this cats though...

Posted by InnerVenom123

If I was a fan I'd be so dissapointed....... good thing I'm not, lol.
Posted by TheOmegaMan
@King Quisling:
Cool team, though prob would cost way more to get those guys to sign on...
Posted by Toastalchemist

It looks pretty good. If people are mad Mr. T isn't in it, maybe he can have a cameo. 

Posted by Madros

Dude! Liam Neeson! 
I gotta watch this now I know he's in it!

Posted by AngelFrost

Damn,  I'd see this!
Bradley Cooper <3

Posted by Jediknightjace

I actually loved the show, and although I didn't know about the movie before this, I'm excited for it now.

Posted by Decept-O

Yeah, the TV show was pretty cheesy back in the day and again Hollywood is milking yet another TV property BUT Liam Neeson is in it and I like the look of BA Baracus.  It may be fun, at least I hope it is. The one time I may actually plunk $ down for a TV show made into a movie.
Posted by Marshal Victory
Posted by G'bandit

Who's the black dude?

Posted by Moomin123

This looks good. I think Bruce Willis would be a better Hannibal than Liam Neeson. But Liam will be good.
Posted by TheOmegaMan

I also hope they don't mess up like GI Joe did, and not forget the theme music. Can you imagine it without that awesome A Team tune??
Posted by G-Man
Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Never saw the show, I'd need to know more about this project before deciding if I'm interested or not.

Posted by Aronmorales

Truth be told. I've never seen the original A-Team, so a new team doesn't really do anything for me...

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

this doesn't look bad, fake. but not bad

Posted by Gregomasta

Rampage Jackson, seriously?!  Sure he's funny and talks mad shit, but he can't act for shit.  Not that Mr. T was known for his acting chops.  I dunno, Rampage is a badass in the ring but I just don't know.  Looks like a bust to me.

Posted by E.I.S.A.M.

..... ewwwwww 
This A-Team is more like the F-Troop......

Posted by NightFang

It's about f**king time.  

Posted by Blue_Shield

I don't know I've seen every episode as a kid and as an adult, which I still like, but
Posted by Bruce Vain

They honestly look good to me since I was a fan of the show growing up. At least they got a guy who can actually fight and be intimidating to play B.A. Baracus. Cause I was worried the actors they were considering to play him , and Ving Rhames not being mentioned at all to play him. Which obviously common sense to cast him as B.A. . But I'm happy Rampage got the part & I'm curious if he'll be doing an impression of Mr.T or do it his way. Cause in this behind the scenes I don't know if they were actually filming or just  joking around on the set. 
I was  surprised Liam was gonna be part of this but I'm glad he's in it though. He's a phenomenal actor so that's a plus for this movie. Though I always pictured Bruce Willis as Hannibal. Especially , since Hannibal is the Master of Disguise and Bruce did that movie the Jackal. I like the guy who's playing Murdoch , But Jim Carrey would've been a much better choice to play him. So I guess will see how this guy does. And I can't complain about Bradley he's got the look and charm to play Face.
Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Bout time, and dosn't look like they'll do the Starsky and Hutch thing to it. 
Posted by MrCipher

Rampage.....Jackson!  Uh who told him that he could act?
Posted by 00 Raiser


Edited by kill-mate-repeat
@MrCipher said:

"Rampage.....Jackson!  Uh who told him that he could act? "

sh*t...rampage can do what ever the fu**k he wants of the badest dudes on the planet..i wanna see you tell him..ha ..see what happens..K O..
Posted by AirDave817

The A-Team and, of course Riptide...good times, good times...I think I stopped watching The A-Team a season or two before Robert Vaughn joined the cast. Lance LeGault was still the army colonel chasing after them. Liam Neeson? As Hannibal Smith? I'm just not seeing it. I'm not sure who I would see as part of any dream cast, but Liam Neeson? He's Irish or Scottish isn't he? abd he's not nearly as hokey and cheesy as George Peppard...his picture looks like the head's been photoshopped should be interesting...    

Edited by jakob187

Needz moar gold round Rammpayges neckz!!!  
@MrCipher said:

" Rampage.....Jackson!  Uh who told him that he could act? "
The same guy that told Mr. T that HE could act.  -_-  Baracus is about being BA, not about being a well-trained actor.
In all seriousness, I'm freaking PSYCHED!!!  That's an EXCELLENT cast for the A-Team.  I mean, LIAM NEESON?  Plus, Bradley Cooper was awesome in Midnight Meat Train, Rampage is about the only other person that could play the legendary B.A. Baracus, and Sharlto was excellent in District 9. 


Posted by mattydeNero

As long as the main title isn't a "hip-hop" related remix of the original...I will so be there.  IMO they should use music from 1984.  Lots of synth and electric guitars whaling.
Posted by Hadez

Not really disappointed. Not sure how the guy playing Murdock is, I do agree Bradly Copper doesn't quite fit. But Rampage as B.A. is just simply B.A. and I can see Liam as Hannibal. But, that means I wont be able to watch the movie cuz everytime that man opens his mouth I fall asleep.

Posted by EganTheVile1

The new "Face" looks like a drunken cross between Robert Downey Junior and Fox Mulder
Posted by The_MVPs

 Why dont we just go ahead an remake any and everything that was mildly successful in the past. I mean, forget creating something new and original. Cant wait for them to remake E.T. that is gonna rock.

Posted by Caligula

Im down
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