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Are You Ready For Another 30 Days Of Night Movie?

A screenplay for the sequel has been written.

Let me start by saying that if you've never read any of the "30 Days Of Night" books, you need to go out and do so immediately.  Growing up, I loved horror movies.  When it came to "horror" comics, they weren't quite the same.  When I read "30 Days Of Night" by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, it was a different experience.  The two of them are perfect for each other.  Niles manages to set up the situations needed for the stories and Templesmith's art is simply beautiful yet can scare the...poop out of you at the same time.

The first movie (with Josh Hartnett and Melissa George) came out in October 2007.  It had a budget of $30 million and made about $16 million it's opening weekend.  I don't think that's too bad conisdering it was an almost 2 hour R rated movie released in the middle of October.  The movie was good but didn't quiet capture the true essence of the comic, in my opinion.

Steve Niles has confirmed that a screenplay for a sequel has been completed.  The screenplay is based on the "Dark Days" arc, which picks up where the original story left off.  Because the movie's gross was around $75 million rather than $100, the only option is a direct-to-dvd movie.  Steve Niles spoke with Sam Raimi (the movie was produced through Raimi's Ghost House Production) and was reminded that it may not be a bad thing.  There is less box office competition and if successful, the full line of story arcs could be explored.  I also think taking this approach can help the movie be less Hollywood-ish.

Did you like the first "30 Days Of Night" movie?  Would you like to see more movies made based off the comics?
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Posted by warlock360


Posted by Sparda

I've never read any of the comics, but I enjoyed the first 30 Days Of Night movie. I hope that this turns out good, but it's a shame it's going direct-to-DVD. The general public opinion, from what it seems to be to me, is that if it's direct-to-DVD it's instant crap. Which isn't fully true.

Posted by G-Man

The genre for this could actually help out the movie in the direct-to-dvd market.  I also think they could have more freedom to make it closer to what it really should be.  Yes dvd movies don't get the same respect but they can be successful.  There's less cost and they can bring in a decent return.  As long as the budget and production isn't cut considerable, this could be a really good thing for the franchise.  If we had a series of "30 Days" movies in the theaters, I'm sure how they'd hold up after a while. 

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Posted by Sparda

That is true. It'd be cool if the production and effects weren't cut, but....I dunno. I think it probably will be.

Posted by Killer Iron

Loved the first and cant wait for this

Posted by Dr. Maxwell

I really enjoyed the first film, especially the ambient soundtrack. Looking forward to this one.

Posted by King Saturn
Hmmm... this sounds pretty cool. I dont remember seeing the first one though...
Posted by Lynx8882

I would like to see another one....... the two mini movies of 30 days of night that put out were great.


Posted by Media_Master

Depends if they can improve upon the first one.

Posted by The_Martian

I've never read the books, but I wasn't a huge fan of the movie.

Posted by King Quisling

Oh god, the first movie was so terrible. Why does Dark Days have to be ruined now? :(

Posted by Decept-O

Wow.  I didn't know the movie hadn't been more successful.  I actually enjoyed the movie and it's one of my favorite vampire movies.  Given it's based on Niles' and Ben Templesmith's comic really got me interested.  Hearing a potential sequel going direct to DVD does make me think it may not be good, given the fact that is the general consensus for such endeavors.  However, I hope I am proven wrong. 

Posted by SUNMAN

Never saw the first one was it good?

Posted by Djinn

OMG i love 30 days of night and i just watched it yesterday again. dont know how it would be since the 1st movie caught me by suprise in a good way

Posted by TwilightThunder

I loved the first one and i'm sure i'd love the sequel. Steve "the man" Niles is on board so what could possibly be wrong? And I don't mind the Direct-to-dvdness, it's kinda crappy that there will be no theatrical release but it could be a huge hit.

Posted by Crimson Orchid

I had really enjoyed the movie.  A second with the continued story would be on my "must watch" list.

Posted by J-PRIME

Oh Yeah, I definately would. I liked the books and the movie as well.

Posted by NightFang
HELL Yeah!
Posted by lonefang6x6
Posted by grimreaper1980

fuck yeah