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Are There Too Many Hulks?

Is too much of a good thing a bad thing?

If you drink too much coffee, you'll be up all night. If you eat too many cookies, you'll get fat. If you watch too much television, you'll miss out on life, but what happens if you read too many books with Hulk-like characters in them? Well, scientifically speaking, probably nothing. However, too much of a good thing can't be good, can it? In the past five years, since Planet Hulk, we've seen an explosion in Hulk-like characters burst onto the scene. As cool as it may be to see more than one of the same character, are we beginning to feel a bit of a Hulk-Overload?

 I've also studied the Hulk for years. I have a PhD in Hulkology
== TEASER ==
Hulk has been around since 1962, and you pretty much know what you're going to get with the Hulk, even if Mr. Fixit pops up now and again. However, he's gone through so many changes over the years, from a mindless beast, to a ruler of Earth, to a Worldbreaker, and to a father. The beast that gets stronger as he gets angrier has been a staple over at Marvel comics, so who can blame them when they decided to copy and paste the idea into the book numerous times?
 Most B.A./awesome woman in the Marvel Universe.
I've always liked She-Hulk, mainly the 2005 series, by Dan Slott. It had a great sense of humor and focused more on Jennifer Walters as a lawyer. It was a great, comical book that didn't tie into the rest of the Hulk world. It was a breath of fresh air to a lot of readers, and She-Hulk got her own little cult following.
At the point when She-Hulk was introduced to the world, 1980, there really was no other Hulk character running around, other than the Hulk himself. It was a new take on an old favorite, minus a Y chromosome, and adding an extra X chromosome. She was a cool female character that didn't fall into the world of "helpless over-done cliched" character.
The idea of two Hulks was pretty darn cool, seeing as they were both so different from each other, but over the years, we saw more and more Hulks rise to the surface, like Hulk 2099 and Hulkling. In the recent half-decade, though, things have gotten a little out of hand with the introduction of four new Hulks. Yes, you read correctly, four new Hulks.  
Look at all those Hulks.

 Son of Hulk, Skaar.
After the Planet Hulk story arc, we were all introduced to Skaar, who, again, was a pretty cool character. The son of Hulk had his own story, powers that separated him from apart from his father, and he didn't feel like a carbon copy of his father. 
Sure, the characters look similar, but they couldn't be more different. Skaar is less scientific and more enveloped in his own planet's culture. He follows the teachings of the people of his home planet and some of his powers are based on the Old Power, which some people from his home planet had. He's not just a throw-away character because he is seemingly a M2 Universe-esque character. He's a strong, interesting character regardless to whether or not he's the son of the incredible Hulk.
Not all of these Hulk-type characters are any good. In fact, a few of them are pretty throwaway. Take Red She-Hulk and Red Hulk for example. Red Hulk worked pretty well as a character, before it was revealed who it actually was. It's not just because Red Hulk is Thunderbolt Ross though. When Red Hulk was just Red Hulk, the fun in the character was guessing who he was through the various clues in the series. Sure, he was uber-powerful, and he didn't play by the rules, but there are so many characters like that in the Marvel Universe. So, what do you do after you create a Red Hulk?
When I cut loose, I dance.
What if we make She-Hulk red? What if we make this new Red She-Hulk the actual daughter of the man behind Red Hulk? Even before anyone knew the two were related, the character seemed flat. It was just a female version of the Red Hulk, and although she was the lover of Bruce Banner, who is the Hulk, there was nothing that grabbed the reader's attention. You could almost hear the collective groan as she was first introduced in the series. Aside from that, there's one other new Hulk character: Savage She-Hulk. 
She comes from another dimension, but with the addition of all these other characters, Savage She-Hulk gets passed over. Her stories are back-ups in the other Hulk books and many people will skip out on her adventures rather than reading them, but why?
Most people are just Hulked out. There are so many of these Hulk-type characters, and with the addition of the Warbound and A-Bomb (who are some really cool characters, especially if you've been following the Warbound since Planet Hulk), the Hulk team is too large and too much of the same. Hulk is an extremely cool character, and he always will be, but if the Hulk books want to stay strong stick to the Warbound, Skaar, Hulk, and She-Hulk as a "Hulk Team." These other characters really don't add too much else to the book. They seem to be more filler than anything.
What do you guys think? Are their too many Hulk-like characters running around? Who would you get rid of?
~Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a comedian, teacher, writer, comic store employee, and a man you'd hate when he gets angry... because he'll blog about it.
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Posted by StarKiller809

I have never really like Hulk, but I have heard that there are tons of Hulks now. I guess that could be a good things... or a bad thing.
Posted by Vitality

Should have only been the one. 
This is my opinion.
Edited by CrimsonAvenger

That would be pretty awesome if an actual college had Hulkology as major. There are way too many Hulks, especially now that there's a red Hulk, green Hulk, gray Hulk, she-hulk, and many more.

Posted by davelecave

WAY too many Hulks.

Posted by PrinceIMC

Too many Hulks yes. I still don't understand why Red Hulk is still around or becoming an Avenger. Too many She-Hulks never. I love Jen, Betty and Lyra.
Posted by FLStyle

I don't mind them, if there's a good story to be told then go for it.
I just don't want to see Savage, Grey or Professor Hulk again. World Breaker for life.

Posted by HT101

I loved Planet Hulk and World War Hulk but didn't follow it much after that.  I kind of know what happened in the years since WWH but it doesn't interest me enough to get back into it.

Posted by Moxtop

You may be giving crap to Red Hulk, but if your reading Jeff Parker's Hulk right now, you know that this entire article is wrong. Hulk (since Jeff Parker took over) is one of the best Hulk books I've ever read. If you didn't like Red Hulk at first, start with issue #25 of Hulk and you will not be disappointed at all

Posted by darkcloakx

there is new hulk in the ultimate universe on the avengers team.

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

I would prefer Bruce, Jennifer, and perhaps a hulk-like villain, but no more than that.

Posted by Ry Fryy

Read and loved Planet Hulk and World War Hulk - don't know much after that other than bits and pieces from articles and covers.  Doesn't seem too out of control to me though.

Edited by KJPPPimp

My problem with all the new Hulks, specifically the red ones, is that Loeb just decided to Hulk out supporting characters instead of giving them interesting stories. Now that Red Hulk is revealed as Ross, I care more about where his moustache goes then what he's up to. Betty is just a flat character even when there was a little mystery around her. Lyra's a one-note what if character. I love Skaar and the Warbound, and of course I love She-Hulk, but I don't know if I'm really sold on the idea of a Hulk Team. Even though I am a huge fan of everything that went down during the Greg Pak run and all the characters he introduced, I kinda wish they'd just focus on Bruce Banner again.

Posted by Vendel

We have half a dozen Hulks running around. But we can't even have one full powered Juggernaut?

Posted by Dunk20

Hulk was great when he was the only one. She Hulk Is still my favourite though :p

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

While I admit I have become a tad more accepting of the billion different Hulks, and the fact that Incredible Hulk became a team book somehow...I do think there are too many. 
It's one thing to have several, having Bruce Banner and Jen Walters is enough for me, and I'd even make an exception for Lyra and Skaar, as they are after all Hulk's children. But, Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb... don't really care for or need them. 

It's another thing that these other Hulks are just random Hulked out, for no reason other than to make a few supporting characters lost in obscurity useful again, and their activity now isn't even interesting enough to merit any kind of exceptions...except for perhaps Red Hulk. 
I do admit I am enjoying Hulk a lot, and him being with The Avengers is interesting. I am slowly becoming more open to the idea of more Hulks, but I don't think I'd ever really like it. They should've stopped at Rulk, or never started in the first place...I was happy with Bruce, Jen, Lyra, and Skaar.

Posted by McQuinn

I never really liked the hulk that much, but I can see how it does have too many hulks. I wouldn't mind them if they still a little variety between them.  If marvel was smart, they wouldn't just make every single one like hulk big and change color. Some mutations and other powers would be nice or making people hulk with other emotions.   I like how  Hiro Kala is actually a hulk that hulks when he feels love even though we still haven't seen it. 

Posted by Dracade102
@Vitality said:
" Yes.  Should have only been the one.  This is my opinion. "
Posted by The Sadhu

Yeah it seems to be getting a bit carried away now days... 
If I see Baby Hulk and Hulk-Dog show up in any comic then i'm boycotting!
Posted by Billy Batson
@davelecave said:
" WAY too many Hulks. "
Posted by Lvenger

It depends on the way it's handled. In this case the Hulk family hasn't been portrayed too well whereas with Batman Inc that is a very good series

Posted by BKole

You got Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Scarlet Spiders, Steel Spider, Spider Woman One through Four, Spider-Girl one through to three, you got yourself Kaine, Spidercide, Venom, and related Symbiotes, and then other Spider-Related Villains, and heroes etc. Are there too many Spider-Men? 
I personally think that while there are a lot of Hulks, Pak is building a fantastic storyline here and making me give a damn about the expanding Hulk Mythos instead of the dreadfully dreary Storyline we got before Planet Hulk with him being all Secret Agenty and nothing really happening. Hulk is about Hulk, but it's also about the emotional journey of the character, and Incredible Hulks is about the emotional journey of all the characters. 
So, no. Not too many Hulks. Just enough.

Edited by antiterra

My $0.02? Keep the green ones, get rid of the red ones.

Bruce, Jen, Skaar and Lyra are different enough that they can each bring something interesting. I love the relationship between Bruce and Skaar, as well as that between Jen and Lyra. The She-Hulks just need strong writers who can give them good stories, not just good comedy, but I find them both very endearing for some reason. I really hope Lyra's turn in X-Men will give her a popularity boost and, more importantly, give her a chance to evolve out of her "Hulk-verse" comfort zone.

Rulk and She-Rulk, however... can't say I've read everything they've ever been in, but what I have read was mostly boring and pointless. In one word: "Why?" ...particularly Red She-Hulk.

Posted by TheMadMonkey

There was a Hulk-like opponent...the Abomination.  Is he still around? 
Also, the Leader was very much the opposite of Hulk (brains instead of brawn) while still being a gamma-irradiated character. 
In answer to this article... 
It seems to me that the purpose was to create a "Hulk family".  What appears to have happened is that they've created a "Hulk society".  So, I would say, yes, there are too many Hulks now.

Edited by Grimoire

I think She-Hulk and Savage She-Hulk are great female heroes but when it comes to the men there is only the original Incredible Hulk IMO. I don't care about the others and I have been a very long time Hulk fan.
Forget about the Ultimate versions. They plainly suck. lol

Posted by ImperiousRix

I personally only see the Hulk and She-Hulk as the necessary Hulk family members, but I can appreciate the likes of Savage She-Hulk and Skaar.
Heck, even Red Hulk is fine as a major threat to Hulk since Abomination's out of the picture, but I think like most, the thing that kinda tears it as "too much" is Red She-Hulk.  Really, I'm not sure why this character exists.

Posted by greenenvy

Being a major hulk I think this is fun especially the hulks comics have been  action  packed since they introduced the other hulks so I am still having a hell of a good time. As long as there none stop action and hardcore soap opera between the hulks I am sold.  However the red hulks I still would not mind them being subtracted because all the greens are just fine and don't mind red but if the reds go thats fine with me. Skarr is very awesome I don't  care what people say he is like a mixture of Conan and hulk and a teen she hulk being trained and having solo adventures with Jen is also fun so I still want more of that hopefully in the future. 

Posted by zombietag

i didnt read all of this and i feel like the answer is YES

Posted by Cats

I like lyra, and hulkling :/

Posted by Warcry80

Marvel and DC simply has wayy to many versions of several Characters! Choose one and stick with it!
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

one hulk  
thats how things should be. 
lyra and skarr should have showed up in Mc2 continuity
Posted by Sticky_Venom

I like the idea just so long as it doesn't keep growing from here.  Its cool that Hulk now has a family with him as the head of the household.  And thats great so long as it doesn't keep getting bigger for no reason.  Like this, it allows him to grow and get more attached to his fellow hulks who all have previous bonds to him in one way or another.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
hulkling should really just become the new marvel boy already.
Posted by Sammo21
@darkcloakx: I have to say that I have really disliked about everything to do with Ultimates since they started the new line.
Posted by Sammo21

Way too many Hulks.  At this point, its a super gimmick.  Almost about as annoying as how I am supposed to believe that all of these lanterns suddenly exist.  I loved Red lanterns and stuff, but at a certain points its a little much.

Posted by Omega-level Supreme

Whose the green hulk chick with red hair?
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
@Omega-level Supreme:
lyra aka the savage she-hulk
Posted by perry_411

It does prevent lame character deaths that plague comics. It would be nice if there was some balance to these postings.

Posted by Chesapeake

She-Hulk is great. No need to make Red Hulks
Posted by Omertalvendetta

I think I may be the only one that feels that all the current Hulks are perfect... yes, I hear silence, so I think I'm alone in this.

Posted by sergyanime

I like the she hulks and im not a big fan of red hulk or regular hulk.  
I don't think there is necessarily to many hulks as to many hulks that are kept alive with no rhythm or reason.

Posted by -Eclipse-
@HT101 said:
"I loved Planet Hulk and World War Hulk but didn't follow it much after that.  I kind of know what happened in the years since WWH but it doesn't interest me enough to get back into it. "

Pretty much this, lol, though I did follow Loeb's Hulk series after WWH, but after about a year I was fed up of it
Posted by karrob
@FLStyle said:
" I don't mind them, if there's a good story to be told then go for it.  I just don't want to see Savage, Grey or Professor Hulk again. World Breaker for life. "
Same here!
Posted by comicbikerscott

there are 3 to many hulks but i'm an x-men fan
Posted by goldenshot80

I guess its fine since its not like the What if the gamma bomb spawn 100 hulks

Posted by fiftyorphan0574

You can probably say the same thing about wolverine spider-man or even superman

Posted by Gylan Thomas

Are there too many HULKs? 
simple answer.... 
Worst part is HULKs best supporting cast members are now HULKs too. 
It's not just happening in HULK. Pepper Pots in Rrescue, Flash Thompson is Venom.  
What's next? Aunt may as the amazing Prune woman? 
Come on Marvel. Get a grip.

Posted by DMC

Too many Hulks eh? You could ask this question about the Flash too.
Ah Red Hulk, like (the original) Jackpot, he was a much better character when you didn't know who he was. Is it really necessary for writers to reveal the identity of these kind of characters? Are comic readers that impatient? Must we know everything? But I guess his ID would be revealed sooner or later. Maybe the problem is there isn't enough contrast between him and Hulk, or that they've (kinda) made him an Avenger. It's hard to say  at this point (IMO), he hasn't had the big impact on the Avengers title that Marvel suggested. Remember the trailer for Avengers #7?
Now Skaar is great!! (^_^) and I love what Marvel has in store for him. Hopefully he'll have his own stomping grounds in the Savage Land when the mini is over

Skaar: King Of The Savage Land #1
I like Lyra but I hate what Marvel has done with her after WWHulks. High School? Really? I thought she was older than that. 
I like how her powers are, ftmp, the reverse of the usual Hulk powers. Instead of getting stronger when angry and being destructive, she must be calm and focused in order to be not only strong but precise, agile and deadly. IMO she should have either become a member of the Secret Avengers or a potential new member of the Hand, or hang out with Elektra, or Carmilla Black or something (calm, precise, agile and deadly scream ninja to me).  Like Skaar (fingers crossed), just give her another place to shine, outside of the Hulk Family in order to accentuate her uniqueness so that maybe over time we won't see her as just another She-Hulk.
Posted by vidarrodinson

Yeah,  It's getting a bit over the top.   But looking at the big picture.  This is a copy cat  society.  You work it until you jerk it.  There are also a lot of enchanted hammers out there too.  Where do you draw the line?
Posted by Fantasgasmic

I concur. All these peripheral Hulks suck. Hulk and She-Hulk are enough Hulks. I care nothing for all the Hulk offspring, regardless of dimension (except in Old Man Logan, that was cool and self-contained). I really agree with the point about Red Hulk sucking ever since his identity was hastily thrown together... I mean "revealed." Granted I wanted to know who he was, and don't think readers would wait the 10+ years it took to find out who Hobgoblin was, the way in which we found out was F-tarded (where does his mustache GO anyway?!)

Posted by Hamlet

Are we all forgetting about Hulk Hogan too??!