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Archaia Comics Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners!

...And the winners are...


First off I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest! I really appreciate everyone who made submissions and gave independent publishers some love. We had an incredible turnout and over 40 submissions from users, so great job guys! While I did personally read through all of the entries (and have chosen some of my favorites,) the contest winners were randomly selected from the group through a lottery and the winners were not chosen based on the submissions themselves (save for whether or not they met the 4-5 sentence minimum requirement). 
I want to thank all the folks at Archaia Comics for making this contest possible! I hope that that their efforts give our winners the opportunity to read some really awesome stories that will get them hooked and wanting more.
Congratulations to the contest winners! If you see your name listed as one of the 25 winners, please be sure to private message me your name and address by Monday, August 31st 2009. If you fail to do so, I will be forced to choose another entry at random. Thank you!
  1. Grizzlywilliam
  2. Chaos Agent
  3. Chacha6581
  4. Trauma
  5. Rantzo
  6. Liam Bradley
  7. Serjshelldrake
  8. Gambler
  9. Adam Michaels
  10. Pafford
  11. Sovereign_Son
  12. The White Hand
  13. FoxFireArt
  14. Grimm
  15. Jun Navarro
  16. Last Son1027
  17. Fresh03
  18. Crescendo 878
  19. JJoneBlackHeart
  20. Skies327
  21. MJStyles
  22. Crazy Wolf
  23. Crimespree Jon
  24. Zombielunch
  25. Mona Lisa's Smile
Once again congratulations and thank you to Archaia as well as everyone who entered!
Posted by jefprice

Wow Congrats. Man, I missed this. I would have thrown something in.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Congrats to those winners.

Posted by Decept-O

Congrats to the winners.  I didn't participate but I have an Archaia Comic title ordered myself and am personally looking forward to reading it soon.   
Its great ComicVine is showing some love for the Indie publishers and encouraging users to give them a shot. 
Posted by Drafta

Aww.  Well, it was fun entering!  Thanks for the contest!

Posted by JadedFool

Posted by aztek_the_lost

wait, it was twenty-five winners???? I could've entered...

Posted by danhimself

congrats everyone

what did they win?

Posted by jefprice
@Decept-O said:
" Congrats to the winners.  I didn't participate but I have an Archaia Comic title ordered myself and am personally looking forward to reading it soon.   Its great ComicVine is showing some love for the Indie publishers and encouraging users to give them a shot.  "
I checked out their Mouse Guard title and thought it was cool. I'm actually like what I've seen enough I'm pulling a story I been working on from someone else and re working it to submit there. What title did you order?  
Posted by No_Name_
@danhimself said:

congrats everyone

what did they win?

A box of comic books from Archaia
Posted by jefprice
@Babs said:
" @danhimself said:

congrats everyone

what did they win?

A box of comic books from Archaia "
That's a great prize! So glad to see you guys hooking something like this up!
Posted by Chaos Agent

this costume is just too awesome for words
congratz to all the other winners

Posted by TheWhiteHand

Wow I won something!!!  I loved Archaia to begin with but they will forever be on my pull list now.  Congrats to other winners as well. 

Posted by Media_Master

good job!

Posted by Trauma

congrats to all the other winners its about time i won something ;) thanks archaia and thnks comicvine

Posted by Editman

CRAP i should have entered!

Posted by mona lisa's smile

wow..super stoked!! thanks for the hook up and congrats to all the winners!!
Posted by MJ Styles

Thanks Comic Vine and Archaia!  Congrads to all the winners!

Posted by stephen.christy3
@Babs: Um... I entered... how come I didn't win anything? :( Tell G-Man I'm angry!!!!
Congrats to all the winners... we have a whole lot of books to box up at the Archaia office tomorrow! :)
Posted by Skies327

Sweet! I won something! 
Really looking forward to reading everything that gets sent, and looking forward to gloating to all my friends haha!  Many thanks to both Comic Vine and Archaia Comics, and congratulations to the other winners.

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

omg well done baby!!! 
congrats to everyone!!

Posted by Sovereign Son

Thats Awesome look at my name up there...... Well not my name but my Characters name....well not his real name but his alias..... WHO CARES I WON... WOOT FOR RAFFLES :D Thanks Vine&  Archaia!

Posted by crazywolf

No way! I never win stuff. I like to buy indie books and show them my support anyway but its great to see this reaction on the Vine. I mainly wanted to give my opinion and support indie pubs but I'll take free stuff too :D Thanks to everybody at the Vine and Archaia!    
Posted by LastSon1027

Congrats to all the other lucky viners! WOOOO! Free COMICS!

Posted by _brandon

I'm such a loser... 
congrats to the winners though!
Posted by CATMANEXE--defunct

congrats all. that looked like a very hard contest, and all of your entries i had alot of hard work put into them.
BTW: every time i look at that Archaia picture, i start to hear what seems to be suggestive whispers
spoken in ancient tongues in my head, and cannot look away from it. they sound like theyre telling me to make a  furshlugginer pastrami sandwich. is that usual?

Posted by jloneblackheart

Wow, I never win anything. Congratulations everyone. Thank you ComicVine and Archaia, I promise everything I get will make it onto the Vine.

Posted by darth_brendroid

Congrats, one and all ^-^

Posted by Fresh0133

Wow, I'm like everyone else, I never win a thing, thanks to Archaia and Comicvine for putting this on. 
I've been reading a few Archaia books for a bit,  and from what I've seen they don't put a bad book out, Days Missing was absolutely incredible, so I'm interested to see what I get.

Actually, once I'm through checking the books out I'd be more than happy to keep the love going and pass them to someone else, guess I'll make a post about that when I do get through with them. 
Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to get some Mega Millions tickets.
Posted by The Traveler

Congratulations all the winners. Will each winner get the same quantity and the same titles? 
Maybe the winners can all post on the forums when they get their packages in the mail and post which comics they got. Then post about which ones make a top 3 list or something.

Posted by TheWhiteHand

I don't know about anybody else but I received my prize pack today.  Inside was Gunderrkrigg Court HC, Days Missing #1, Artesia Besieged #3, The Killer #9, Okko the Cycle of Water #2, and Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 issues #1 and #2.
Very pleased with selection of comics and cant wait to sit down and read them all.  Mouse Guard were only ones I had previously read and I would say is one of my all time favorite comics.

Posted by jloneblackheart
Posted by Phantom Crusader

got mine today, loved them all!

Posted by Chaos Agent

I'm Phantom Crusader btw

Edited by mona lisa's smile

yay! so good to read about what's inside!! can't wait til the mail comes!!!!!