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AQUAMAN #19 Reintroduces Topo

Once, Topo was a fun little octopus that followed Aquaman around. Now, he's incredibly gigantic and freaky.

AQUAMAN #19 is in stores this Wednesday (May 1st), and with it, comes the reintroduction of Topo, the octopus. IGN got the exclusive to some interior pages featuring this revamped beast, which is incredibly different from Topo's days of appearing in older Aquaman titles or from Topo's first appearance in ADVENTURE COMICS #229.

Topo: One Octopus Band

Topo has come a long way since 1956, when he debuted in the story "Aquaman's Undersea Partner." Topo was an exceptional sidekick for a fun-filled era in comic books. As you can see, he could play numerous instruments at the same time. The Green Arrow once taught him to shoot a bow and arrow. He could also tell when someone was lying to him. He had a fun run during what now seems like a pretty ridiculous time period in comics.

The only other times Topo really appeared in DC Comics was when during the AQUAMAN: SWORD OF ATLANTIS run in which writer Tad Williams gave him a more humanoid look with an octopus face. Topo lastly appeared in an episode of Young Justice called "Downtime" which has some connections to the Sword of Atlantis volume.

However, this week marks the return of the beast, and IGN had a few of the pages featuring Topo's return. Here's a look at this week's cover and some of the interiors featuring the brand new Topo.

Looks like the Topo redesign takes this character in a completely different direction. He's a beast that may not be able to be controlled and something even the Atlantians fear. He's either going to be a formidable ally for the King of Atlantis or maybe a force too powerful for Arthur.

What do you guys think about the Topo redesign? Is this awesome or do some of you yearn for the octopus who was a wicked ragtime solo act?

Source: IGN

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Posted by Mucklefluga


Posted by Jslab425

A great week for Topo -- he also appeared in Superman Family Adventures #12...albeit in his more traditional iteration :)

Joe from @AquamanShrine

Posted by Mucklefluga

Eeeeeeewwwwww Johns. What did you do to good ol' Topo ?!?!

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@jslab425 said:

A great week for Topo -- he also appeared in Superman Family Adventures #12...albeit in his more traditional iteration :)

Joe from @AquamanShrine

Yeah, he fit in very well to that book, at least the Silver Age version of him did. I really love what Johns and Pelletier did here. Looks awesome.

Topo is the ultimate musician.

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Topo's a straight beasttt now. I don't mind him being transformed into a gigantic sea monster. However, I'm hoping he'll be able to help Arthur though! Seeing this short confrontation between the two, their relationship looks to be somewhat broken as Topo appears to almost seem betrayed in a way. I'm eager to see what happened; maybe is it due to the events that occurred in the 'Throne of Atlantis' or is it the fact that Arthur bailed Topo to live on the surface world? And as you can see by the cover, is Aquaman no longer going to be a king of Atlantis and will he be overthrown of his authority? Questions already being raised just by seeing the cover and brief preview of Aquaman #19. Only one more issue away until John Ostrander and his crew take over an issue of the New 52 series!

Not sure what it is, but Topo looks like those mystical sea monsters of Leviathan that appeared in Indestructible Hulk #4. Maybe a DC vs Marvel battle between the two species? Elseworld, set it up!

Posted by LordRequiem

Cool addition that I've never heard of before.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Thats an octopus?

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I mean who's to say he still can't belt out a solo ragtime act? It'll just be a tad more terrifying.

Posted by yo_yo_fun

It looks awesome, I can't wait to read it!

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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Alright...if nobody else is going to say it....RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

Posted by inferiorego

I mean who's to say he still can't belt out a solo ragtime act? It'll just be a tad more terrifying.

You're my new favorite user.

Posted by VioletPhoenix
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Looks awesome.

Posted by Black_Claw

If you guys think he's badass now, just think about how awesome he'd look if an Aquaman movie was made.

Posted by apg103

topo looks cool now

Posted by Mucklefluga
Posted by elkinscs

Good god that title page looks gorgeous. I love the idea of Aquaman having sea monsters at his beck and call. Adds to his new-found badassitude.

Posted by martyyy15

This looks pretty cool, but it does seem here he is talking to a sea monster lol. But that is really cool. I wonder if they will change his name to the KRAKEN!! That sounds far cooler than topo. BUt I like aquaman having a sea monster to summon. THats pretty sick!!

Posted by martyyy15

@redheadedatrocitus: Definatley. It seems Atlanteans found the Kraken after davy jones killed that'd be a awesome crossover, aquaman vs flying dutchman lol

Posted by powerflux

sweet! much better then a musical octopus XD

Edited by laabitres

i like the change but kinda reminds me of one piece