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APE Entertainment Teams Up With iVerse In Exclusive Contract

The indie publisher has signed an exclusive distribution deal with ComicsPlus.

Although they aren't as widely known as some of the "big two," APE Entertainment is responsible for publishing comics for kids of all ages based on popular properties like STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, KUNG-FU PANDA, BLACK DYNAMITE as well as other creator owned properties like HERO OF ALEXANDRIA.

Earlier today the publisher announced that they would sign an exclusive digital distribution deal with iVERSE Media, making all of their books available digitally on ComicsPlus.

Michael Murphey, CEO of iVerse discussed the partnership citing his excitement ay the idea of bringing this exclusive deal between the comic book publisher and the digital distributor together.

“We’re excited that our Comics Plus platform will become the exclusive digital venue for great Ape Entertainment Comics like Pocket God, Richie Rich, Strawberry Shortcake, the Dreamworks titles and more,” said Michael Murphey, iVerse CEO. “We’ve long shared Ape’s commitment to entertainment for all ages and we’re pleased to provide our readers with such an outstanding range of choices."

This is likely great news for iVerse Media which will be the only digital retailer for Dreamworks comics properties and books based on popular games like Temple Run and Fruit Ninja, but what does it mean for the consumer? Basically this means that if you are currently a fan of these proerties and would like to purchase them digitally, you will need to download ComicsPlus (available on both iOS and Android systems). What it also means is that we need to download another app if we want to read these titles in particular. And while that may not be a bad thing for most people, it does still put us one step backward because we cannot read any title we want to in one place.

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First time I hear about ComicsPlus. I'll download it to see if it has comics Comixology doesn't.

edit: Nice, some Top Cow titles there. I might finally finish reading Hunter-Killer :)

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Once again a bit of news that bums me out, because of the fact that I have a Kindle Fire and it doesn't support iVerse app technology. :/ About all I really can rely on with my Kindle Fire is Comixology. Bogus I say, bogus!

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Black Dynamite is really not for kids.

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Black Dynamite is really not for kids.

What I was thinking... I never read or seen the comic, but was wondering if they somehow turned it into a kids thing?