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Another Villain Added and More News about 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

A classic foe joins the roster and news about the sequel's story!

There has been some speculation about who Colm Feore will play in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and now ComicBookMovie claims they know that and a whole lot more about Spidey's sequel. According to the site, Feore will play as Adrian Toomes aka Vulture aka the awesome guy who hit Spider-Man with the infamous loop-the-loop.

If you want to avoid potential plot spoilers, now is the time to leave.

Gone? Good.

The website says Toomes will possibly team-up with Green Goblin, Electro and Rhino to form the Sinister Six in the third film -- they're unaware who the remaining two characters could be if this does happen. Additionally, they're saying Parker will indeed fight the Green Goblin in the second movie and it could conclude with the death of Gwen Stacy. Seeing as Emma Stone was spotted wearing the same clothing the comic book character died in, I'd say it's a strong possibility.

What do you think of this, Viners? Is the film getting too crowded or do you think director Marc Webb has a solid plan for these characters and will juggle them well?

Source: ComicBookMovie

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Posted by Moonchilde

Four villains? Really? Yea, I just lost interest in this film. I liked the first one, but they clearly haven't learned from previous mistakes if this is really what they are planning.

Edited by Fallen_Crippled

I just think that Mysterio is too powerful to put into the movie. He would stand out too much. I'm betting they stick with street levelers. Lizard is bound to be in another film. It'll probably be Lizard and Doc Ock.

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Vulture, Electro, Green Goblin, AND Rhino? This movie is gonna be a spectacle. I hope one of the next two is Mysterio/Paste Pot Pete!

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Posted by nintendork666

Damn, I'd hate to see Emma Stone die. What a ******* babe.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Green Goblin confirmed! FUCK YEAH!!!

Posted by Batman404

To fill out the Six i'd add Kraven and Shocker but they'll probably make at least one of them a female possibly Black Cat who will have a change of heart and end up helping him and becoming Pete's new love interest if Gwen does die.

Posted by Dark Cloud™

Leave out Vulture or at least start the movie off with Spidey fighting him for awhile, catching him and locking him up. This could set the stage for an end of movie breakout featuring the other two, Rhino an Electro. Then, it coul fade to black imtroducing Green Goblin, Lizard and Mysterio. That, my friends, would be epic.

Edited by tommyx

Note to Marvel:

You get the same guy to play Hannibal King and Deadpool. Then you get the same guy to play Thunderbolt Ross and Caretaker/Carter Slade. Then you get the same guy to play Human Torch and Captain America. Now you want the same guy to play Laufey and Vulture?!! Why? Can't? You? Hire? Other? Actors?!!!!!!!!!!

Edited by Neon_Jackal

@tommyx: Simple, Marvel aren't in charge of Fantastic Four, X-men or Spider-man.

Posted by terrencevon

Y'know what? I think Doc Ock is in this movie too.... played by B.J. Novak.

I think all we're missing now are 3 of the following guys:







... & maybe even a returning Lizard.

Edited by young_beamer

i actually really doubt this, I've seen their proof behind this and its just not convincing to me, seems like we're over assuming things.

Edited by Namor1987

Dang villain overload

Posted by Fallen_Crippled

Just because their is four villains doesn't mean the film is going to be bad. Who is to say that Vulture wont have a cameo appearance? It's just to open up Sinister Six without introducing a bunch of random villains in one film. They will be only introducing one or two (if they don't use Lizard again).

Posted by morgan_13333

Cool to see the sinister six in a movie but I don't want Gwen to die like in ultimate universe

Posted by Jacobin_Wisdom

Spider-man 3, hopefully this won't be it's sibling.

The more baddies in a superhero flick generally means the movie will have more, and more difficulty balancing it all out.

Like Why you think the Avengers film was not made right off the bat? They can't have all the heroes team up together and get equal development without the movie suffering.

Posted by JHorton10


Same, never really thought that Vulture was a strong enough enemy for Spidey

Posted by Humanoid

If this works, I guess we'll possibly see more villains in films.

Posted by spidershamrock

As long as the film isn't edited as oddly, all's good

Posted by Jokergeist

6 villains, one Peter?

That. sounds. AWESOME!!!!

Posted by Monarch_Chronicle


Not only that

He is the type of henchman/ manipulated role when translated to big screen means they are going to try and make us feel sorry for this for this poor old manipulated villan

And given the amount of villains announced

I don't think they will have enough time developing that level of empathy in the audience

Instead it's going to come across fake :(

Posted by russellmania77

Yay this will be awesome unlike spm3

Posted by SideburnGuru

I think people are overeacting. Think Sinister Six will be pulled off well.

It's not like they're pulling them ALL in this movie. I think it's about time we see these villains too. Hell, people complain about seeing origins too much. If they only give like ,5 minute origins to each of these characters, or start Spiderman off fighting one of them, I see no issue.

Posted by Extremis

This might fall ill to too-many-villain-itis

Posted by lorbo

Really. I think villains are underrated. I mean the sinister six should be for villains what the avengers is for heroes. Nearly unstoppable

If spidey wins it shouldn't be by combat alone, but through his wits.

In the cartoon he played against the sinister six by using their weaknesses against them. Namely by making them argue and fight each other or by dodging their attacks so that they hit each other instead of him.

Edited by lykopis

I should probably watch The Amazing Spider-Man to determine for myself what was so terrible about it. Pretty sure I heard mostly good things but the comments in here are telling me differently.

As for Colm Feore, he is an incredible actor -- particularly when acting alongside other notable thespians so I would suspect his portrayal of Vulture will be extremely well done. The presence he has on stage and on screen is powerful yet understated so if there is to be a mess load of villains, casting him should alleviate some of the perceived problems due to numbers.

I would really, really hate for Gwen to die but you know, it would be pretty powerful. Just sayin'.

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Posted by Techwarrior

If they're going to add more than one villan, I think they shouldn't make another Spider-Man 3, oh god that was bad. What they should do is have a Dark Knight style story line for it, with one main antagonist, a few or one side villan that overlaps the story. This would make for alot of plot-twists and what not!

Edited by Spawn92

Has anyone actually SEEN any set photos of Rhino and Vulture in their costumes? NO. Just because their civilian alter egos will make an appearance in this movie doesn't mean that by default they're villainous personals will as well. Introduce the majority of the Sinister 6 now, and actually have them transform into the team in the third movie. Why is everyone just assuming that they are all going to be suited up and fighting Spier-Man in this one? Electro is the only villain we've actually seen in costume, and it might remain that way.

If the Sinister 6 rumours are true, I wonder who the last 2 will be. I don't think they should include Lizard, I think his story is complete. I would like to see Mysterio and Shocker join as the las two. I'm hoping that all of the Sinister 6 will be introduced in the sequel. Not as villains, just introduced, which could set up the third film and the motives behind the Sinister 6.

Edited by kilowog52

I didn't like the first movie. Imdont expect much from the second movie. Plus, I never cared much for the sinister six. Are Spider-Man's villains so weak that it takes all six of them to beat him? Then they don't beat him? Idk, I think Spidey has one of the worse rogues galleries in comics. That being said, I have low expectations for the movie

How can you say any of this. This movie was much better than any of the Toby McGuire ones. But what I really am shocked about is your lack of faith in Spidey's rogues gallery. Anyone knows out of all comicbook characters, in no particular order, Batman, Spider-Man, and the Flash have the broadest and most diverse rogues galleries. These are the characters whom one simply cannot say have one arch enemy. With Superman, most would go for Lex. And despite others such as Brainiac and Bizarro (I doubt many would go for Parasite or Metallo), you couldn't as strongly argue them wrong as someone who said that the Joker was Bamtan's one true arch enemy, as many from outside the realm of comics undoubtedly would guess.

Anyway my point is, just as Batman has his gallery of rogues with Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face, Ra's al Ghul, Clayface, Mr. Freeze, Bane, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, etc., Spider-Man definitely does not have one true arch enemy even moreso that Batman. He has Dr. Octopus, Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, Kraven, Scorpion, Chameleon, Hobgoblin, Hammerhead, Venom, Carnage, Shocker, Tombstone, etc. He even shares Kingpin, Rhino, and Dr. Doom with Daredevil, Hulk, and FF respectively from time to time.

And the whole shtick of superhero comics is for the hero to somehow overcome the villain. What character's villains haven't teamed up and still been defeated by the hero?

Anyway, to put in my two cents about the movie, I think there will be one or two main villains in the second movie and there will be other short scenes throughout the movie where Spidey encounters the other villains while on patrol and easily defeats them, leading to their eventual team-up as the Sinister Six in the third as they are broken out of the slammer by the final member, who will lead them into battle against Spider-Man.