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Another Spawn TV Show?

Starring those irascible homicide cops, Sam & Twitch?

 Just a imagine a crossover between SAM & TWITCH and SAM & MAX.

Todd McFarlan’s ambitiousness has always been nothing short of impressive.  In addition to the new SPAWN  movie he’s trying to get together (and write & direct himself) and the new SPAWN cartoon he's been talking about for a while, he’s also talking about getting another SPAWN show on TV - - and it's a live-action one, no less.  More specifically, it’d be a TV version of the SPAWN spin-off, SAM & TWITCH, which was about two cops handling all kinds of supernatural cases in addition to hellspawn and mutating clowns. Splashpage got wind of these plans by way of CBR.

As I recall, this was a title Bendis worked on right around the time he was starting ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and POWERS. Alex Maleev and Ashley Wood have been involved with it at different points, as well. The current volume’s titled THE WRITER and it’s got a suitably ghoulish plot about Sam & Twitch finding a murder victim whose naked body’s covered with the beginning of a story. As in, there's prose written on his flesh. That kind of outlandish homicide’s certainly fits in with the “HILL STREET BLUES meets X-FILES” high-concept McFarlan saying he’s got in mind for this series. That is, the duo would take on bizarre, possibly-supernatural (but understated) cases like finding a dead body in a locked, top floor apartment who’d been inexplicably drowned by sea water. == TEASER ==

I could definitely see this working. Back when the X-FILES was on, I always found the low-key “monster of the week” episodes to be infinitely more interesting than the endless “Mythology” ones about the alien conspiracy. And I’ve found a lot of people agree with me, so a SAM & TWITCH show would definitely have an audience.

Have you any Comic Vine maniacs been reading SAM & TWITCH, in any of its volumes? How’s it been? Do you figure it’d work as show on say, Showtime or AMC?

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Posted by Cherry Bomb

Sounds interesting, I'll certainly be watching [:

Posted by cattlebattle

My favorite thing about the old 90's Spawn series was the Sam and Twitch centric episodes. Cool.
Posted by Green Skin

Sounds cool!  If it's anything like the old Spawn cartoon I'm in.

Posted by Yumulu

Sound interesting but looking at McFarlane love of delays maybe we'll see this in 2020 :p

Posted by Xion

i watch it :D

Posted by Goki

I cant wait for this

Posted by Primmaster64


Posted by The Hooded Hero

I cant wait man. What exact Channel will it be on.
Posted by LT1085

Wasn't this supposed to happen 10 years ago?

Posted by hectorbustnuts

I loved Bendis' orginal run on "Sam and Twitch"...but I somehow can't see it working anywhere near as well as a live action show as it does in the comics.
I'm happy to be proven wrong though.

Posted by DH69

dont know if want, all i remember from the 90's series is blood nudity and violence...nowadays i doubt they can make anything close to that without being shut down by whiney pretencious overprotective parentgroups.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

great characters and would hopefully make an awesome show

Posted by PrinceSy

I love sam and twitch so much!

Posted by r3bB@

How about trying to actually get the Spawn comic out, Todd?

Posted by dondasch

If Todd can get his notoriously huge ego out of the way, I'd be willing to give this two thumbs up.  Looks very interesting

Edited by NightFang

Interesting idea, i'll give it a shot.

Posted by MemnochZERO

Sam and Twitch have always been the best thing about the Spawn mythos. As for the X-Files, i never had an issue witht he conspiracy mythology, in its heyday, it was awesome, unfortunately they concluded it and then just tacked on another couple seasons worth of new stuff and I think it hurt the overall atmosphere. I don't think that massive arc has held up as well as the stand alone episodes, either (maybe because interest in aliens and conspiracies aren't as popular as 10-15 years ago). Those are the episode I tell people about who don't know they X-Files... because everyone loves human monsters, serial killers, and the paranormal. 
But yeah, Sam and Twitch live action series on a network with balls (like Showtime, AMC or FX) would work well (HBO's been lettting me down for years, the only worthwhile thing I've seen on there since the end of The Wire is Treme).
Posted by ReverseNegative
@Yumulu said:
" Sound interesting but looking at McFarlane love of delays maybe we'll see this in 2020 :p "
I have to agree with you on this. 
I think one of the main reasons for the animated series doing better than the movie is that it's simply hard to make a big, muscly, dude in a live-action movie. The thing that really sucked though, was that the guy didn't have to be muscly at all. he just had to hide in the cape (Which he practically NEVER wore).