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Another Lantern Ring Promotion Coming Your Way

Just like with Pokemon, you gotta get 'em all.

It almost seems like Larfleeze has something to do with DC's promotion department. Whether or not that's the case, it's good news for us. DC is offering another Lantern Ring promotion. We know what's coming after Blackest Night. We've seen the Brightest Day promo. Can you guess what ring you'll soon be able to get for yourself?

That's right, soon you will be able to add a White Lantern Ring to your collection. Before we only had eight rings. Good thing you have thumbs in order to wear this next one. Make sure you check with your local retailer to see if they will be ordering it. 
For every 25 copies of Brightest Day #1 they order by April 15, they will be eligible to order one bag of 50 White Lantern rings at $8 a bag (yes, they have to actually buy them for you).
This will not be the last of the rings you can get. It turns out that DC Direct will be releasing a Blackest Night Power Ring Spectrum Set that will have all rings with light-up abilities. What do you think of that?  

Posted by Destinyhero20

Me like
Posted by AtPhantom

So does this officially mean there will be white lanterns?

Posted by Decoy Elite

White Lantern? I like the sound of that. Maybe DC can get a new hero out of this whole Blackest Night thing.

Posted by inferiorego

And it's official... Geoff Johns lied to us about this, "there will be no white lanterns."

Posted by danhimself

I hope there will be only one White Lantern

Posted by Quest


Posted by warlock360

im too damn good ^.^

Posted by G-Man

Hmmm...maybe the answer to some or all these questions could be found in the latest Blackest Night?

Posted by inferiorego
@G-Man: i won't know for 2 hours, when i pick up the book
Posted by CATMANEXE--defunct

just read 7 a few minutes ago....
my lips are sealed...

Posted by Citizen 14


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@G-Man said:

" Hmmm...maybe the answer to some or all these questions could be found in the latest Blackest Night? "

Aww crap :[. I gotta wait til' Saturday.
Posted by greenenvy

Good deal once again.

Posted by crazed_h3ro

Yess!! finally,can't wait to pick this one up

Posted by Zniperking

must get ring

Posted by NightFang

I won't them all.

Posted by Hellos

White Lanterns will probably be like Captain Planet. Rage, Avarice, Fear, Will Power, Hope, Compassion, and Love! With your powers combined I am the White Lantern! 

Posted by Adam Michaels

I can't help but look at all these rings and think of the Mandarin.
Posted by Agent Buttons
Posted by danhimself

as happy as I am about all the rings I'm also kind of disappointed...the center channel on my surround sound held the current 8 rings perfectly...I don't know where I'm going to put all 10 of them now

Posted by iloverobots

Rings that actually light up?! ridiculous! 
(i do want all of them though.)

Posted by goldenkey

like we didn't know this was coming????

Posted by glforthewin


Posted by ManuelPrez

okay one question when is coming the flash and green lantern rings again?

Posted by CylonDorado

I'll be looking forward to the KKK white lantern spoofs that will be floating around XD.

Posted by Theodore


Posted by RATZGobbler

Ooh this immediately forces me to embed a perfect video from a beloved film. just replace women with rings in your head, okay?  

Posted by Ravn

Just read Blackest Night 7.... Just when I thought Geoff Johns was getting predictable, he throws the curl ball!! Great issue, the end of March CANNOT come soon enough! 
And I am quite excited for the white ring! LOL

Posted by danhimself
@ManuelPrez said:
" okay one question when is coming the flash and green lantern rings again? "
Green Lantern #53 and Flash #1  both are released on April 21st
Posted by 00 Raiser

Just order my Red Lantern Ring. I guess I will have to get this one to.

Posted by Son_of_Magnus

Posted by Moomin123

Hopefully, this means that there definately will be a White Lantern Corps.
Posted by pentagram

i want all

Posted by John Valentine

Yay. I like the rings. So far I have the blue, yellow, green and red rings.

Posted by ComiCCloseup

not my thing

Posted by SigersonLTD

I think I don't have money for trinkets right now, and it's a damn shame.... :) 

Posted by starkiller95


Posted by inferiorego
@G-Man said:
" Hmmm...maybe the answer to some or all these questions could be found in the latest Blackest Night? "
They are... and it was awesome... Sadly, I read it in a Burger King Parking lot in the middle of a snow storm. I think that's a fail.
Posted by SoronTheBeast

I'm guessing it will be people that "cheated" death, but in a non-resurrected way.

Posted by LFCMANIA

is anyone able to post up the 'new' green lantern and flash rings please?
Posted by Zejeck

awsome cant wait for it :P