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Another Guardian Of The Globe...In Case There's Zomibes Around

"Makes no logical sense" is right but who cares?

This is getting pretty crazy yet pretty funny at the same time. Image has been sharing glimpses at the Guardians of the Globe. Something we'll see more of in August. So far, we've seen Invincible declare he was a member, as well as Spawn (because Todd McFarlane lost a bet). Today's reveal might not make any sense but it's a great idea...just in case these Guardians have to face any...zombies.

We have to assume there's a bit of joking around here. But just imagine if this were all legit. How rad would it be to see Invincible, Spawn and Rick Grimes (in black-and-white of course) running around the same comic?
Who will be next? Place your bets.
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Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

lmao. oh my God tell the people at Image they made my week.

Posted by MichaeltheFly

In my opinion Wolfman and Savage Dragon, I get my money on them.

Posted by Knox


Posted by G-Man
I have to say this was the best email I got all day and it's still early.
Posted by jacobyLIVE


Posted by Portrait

LOL, this is great!

Posted by glforthewin


Posted by Sir Duke

As funny as these ads are, I was really excited for a real Guardians of the Globe book.  Looks more and more like just a joke now.

Posted by Joe Venom

FTW! lol, its even in black and white

Posted by Yaujtapool

LMAO this would the most awesome comic book team ever if it actually happened.
Rick Grimes is awesome.

Posted by inferiorego
Come on Astonishing Wolf-Man!!!!!
Posted by ~The Wanderer~

lmfao! xD I suddenly love Image Comics a lot more.

Posted by inferiorego
@~The Wanderer~ said:
" lmfao! xD I suddenly love Image Comics a lot more. "
Me too, and I was already a big fan.
Posted by Buckshot

This is great. I want Tech Jacket next.

Edited by Theodore

Will he stay Black and White during these issues?

Posted by Lady Tlieso

I havn't read any Image comics in a while but these ads make me want to catch up on what I've missed. They;re hilarious.

Posted by the_orange_crush

haha image is great for doing this. if they are all in a comic book, it would be so damn hilarious if rick was in black in white, while everyone else is in color. they'll make the whole black and white thing a running joke.

Posted by NXH

What is this??!! Some kind of joke??

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
@inferiorego said:
" Come on Astonishing Wolf-Man!!!!! "
Posted by iLLituracy

Omg. I hope this is a real book...I HOPE THIS IS A REAL BOOK. :[

Posted by danhimself

found my new profile pic!

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
@danhimself: lol. i was waiting for your response.
Posted by danhimself
@CATMANEXE:  it kind of sucks because now we know that this isn't for real
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

LMAO! This is SO funny!

Posted by Illyana Rasputin
Posted by They Killed Cap!

This made me laugh.

Posted by Buckshot

I would love to see them take the joke so far that they print an issue 1. And whoever said Rick in black and white, that's a hilarious idea.

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Posted by Asymmetrical

hahahahaha! if this is real, I am so in!
Image, you have won me over!

Posted by HaloKing343

This is outrageously funny. Keep it up Image!

Posted by Sparda

I love how the teaser is in black and white, hahaha.

Posted by AngelFrost

 I don't get it. O_o 

Posted by Asymmetrical
@AngelFrost said:
"  I don't get it. O_o  "
don't get what?
that it's in black and white? (the comic he's from is in b & w)
or that it's nonsensical for him to be on an Image superteam (since he's part of an Image comic that's seperate from the main universe) and yet profitable (since the comic is a big-seller)
Posted by AngelFrost
@aztek the lost:  I don't get this whole thing ... Is the zombie guy, like, a joke? or is he going to be part of an actual team? .. and if so, why a zombie? -_-
Posted by Asymmetrical
@AngelFrost: he lives in a zombie world, he's not a zombie himself...but as you can tell from the posts, people are really starting to doubt there will actually be a book at all, it seems it's just about the humor factor, though I'd gladly read a book it seems unlikely
Posted by AngelFrost
@aztek the lost:   Oh right, so this is kind of making fun at the previous advertisements? - in a way?
Posted by Asymmetrical
@AngelFrost: that's the idea
Posted by AngelFrost
@aztek the lost:  Okay (: thanks for clearing that up.  xxx
Posted by eserrano05

this was pretty funny
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
@Buckshot said:
" I would love to see them take the joke so far that they print an issue 1. And whoever said Rick in black and white, that's a hilarious idea. "
absolutely. and have the whole comic just be a slam on every cliche gimmicky thing done
in mainstream comics. i bought twelve copies already. lol.
Posted by Grim
@Illyana Rasputin said:
hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! EPIC!
Posted by Secret Identity

These quotes get better and better.