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Angela (from SPAWN) and Neil Gaiman Prepare for the AGE OF ULTRON

How the former Image character will enter and fit into the Marvel Universe remains to be seen.

AGE OF ULTRON is underway and there are lots of questions after the first two issues. Despite the story taking place "now," readers are left unsure how this fits into the rest of the Marvel Universe, the repercussions the story will have and how it will all end. It was announced earlier that Marvel CCO Joe Quesada would be drawing the final pages to the story. It's been said that this is in part with keeping the ending a secret.

It turns out there's another secret they've kept under wraps but this apparently doesn't deal with the ending. This morning in the New York Times it was revealed that not only was Neil Gaiman making his return to Marvel Comics, he's also bringing his character, the angel Angela, first seen in Todd McFarlane's SPAWN comic.

Despite appearing in SPAWN, Gaiman was the copyright holder for several characters that appeared in the issue he wrote. It was in 2012 McFarlane and Gaiman reached a confidential settlement over the ownership and royalties owed to Gaiman for the characters he created. With full ownership awarded to Gaiman, the plans are to now bring her into the Marvel Universe.

It's mentioned that the plans for Angela to crossover to the Marvel Universe have been underway for "quite some time." It was decided that AGE OF ULTRON would be a good "entry point" for the character.

Some may complain about spoilers over this news but Marvel Editor in Cheif Axel Alonso insists this doesn't count as a spoiler. He refers to her presence as a bonus, similar to the "post-credit scenes in one of our Marvel Studio movies."

AGE OF ULTRON will not be her only appearance. It's been revealed that her next appearance will be in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #5 by Brian Michael Bendis and co-written by Gaiman. What this means for the character and the Marvel Universe remains to be seen.

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Posted by Dragonborn_CT


Posted by kennybaese

Huh. Does Gaiman still retain the rights to the character after putting her in a Marvel book? If so, when will he put the character in a DC book as well? Because that'd be mildly nuts.

Posted by Veitha


Posted by DaltonMunnal

I'm not okay with this. If you want your character to be creator owned, then keep him/her out of the universe of other creators so you don't screw it up when you don't want to work with them anymore.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber


Posted by Trevel8182

I hope age of ultron is just a good story and nothing like One More Day.

Edited by sj_esposito

This is so weird... I mean, I loved Angela back when I was reading Spawn--one of the first series I ever followed!--but I don't see how she's really going to fit in the Marvel Universe. She worked in Spawn because the rest of the Spawn cast were plays of other mythical/spiritual characters and the story line was very much built on the existence of heaven, hell, angels and demons, etc. and driven by the conflicts between those elements. The Marvel Universe is so much bigger in scope and breadth... I just don't see how a warrior angel fits into everything. But, I suppose time will tell... I've been enjoying AoU thus far, so I'll wait and see what happens.

Posted by maxicere

I love Angela

Posted by evilvegeta74

Interesting to say the least! I like her!

Posted by Z3RO180

Isn't she dead ?

Posted by the_fallen11


Posted by PrinceIMC

I had to check the date to be isn't April 1st is it?

Posted by greenlucario
I hope age of ultron is just a good story and nothing like One More Day.

I doubt it could ever be as terrible as One More Day. At least it's pretty good so far.

Posted by consolemaster001

i'd rather spawn

Posted by Batnandez

@sEsposito7: yeah Marvel has no demons or angels derp

Posted by misterfuffles

Honestly, if you are Neil Gaiman you can probably get away with anything. Also, this sounds awesome, I can't be the only person that thinks the more Gaiman in comics the better.

Posted by EdBlank

They must have a contest to see who can crap out the fastest comic character. I don't even see how someone could copyright an angel. I think the original author wrote about angels thousands of years ago. But anyway I'm bored now.

Posted by tomchu

@Dragonborn_CT said:


Posted by misterfuffles

@EdBlank: Same thing as you can't copyright a detective, but you can copyright a detective that wears a bat suit, is a billionaire and mastered hundreds of martial arts.

Posted by Rumble Man

Great writers should be given free reign

Posted by FoxxFireArt

That's interesting, but wouldn't Marvel then have rights to use the character? Seems strange they would put a character in a comic that they don't own the rights to.

Posted by Madame_Mist

Awesome, yet really random.

Posted by Mutant God

I don't know to me shes like a Christian version of Valkyrie

Posted by powerhouse1122

Well, i'm not happy w this but I have a feeling Gaiman has already found a great way to fit her in. I mean, he could reboot the character anytime he wants. It's that simple yet.... Still not happy. And about spawn.... I LOVED it but the story needs to end and give al peace or a definitive story. I hate the fact that the series is going down especially if it's one of my all time favorite comicbook series.

Posted by doomsday31

This seems very interesting Angela is in my mind one of the sexy comic heroines but Marvel will tone down her outfit which will suck. But for other appearances after Age of Ultron she would most likely be a good match and rival to Valkrie.

Posted by chalkshark

The only way this makes sense is if Gaiman is planning on writing an Angela title at Marvel.

Posted by benette_rivera

this is stupid...uggh! Another reason to hate marvel!

Posted by Ms. Omega


Edited by EdBlank

@misterfuffles : Sometimes people exaggerate for effect. What I am trying to say is that these guys should spend some time on their own stories instead of retreading other peoples'. I find it boring and unoriginal, just like the character Spawn. Although: Spawn is way more interesting than "an angel". While I am at it: Angels are not made from the souls of dead humans nor do humans become angels upon death. Angels existed before humans and the whole Satan episode happened because G-d wanted angels to bow down to humans, who angels considered inferior. If they are gonna bastardize ancient mythology, at least make it cannon with the source material SHEEESH.

Posted by mrpandopool

Well although i'm on the fence here I think I´m going to give her a try. But please don´t use it just for sell some issues and then put her in comic book limbo o just a guest appereance here or there. She has to be substantial or don´t use it at all. But I think they are going to do that and eventually add her to the cast of Fearless Defenders..

Posted by iaconpoint

As I've never read Spawn I'm not familiar with the character other than the "panty-less" version of the toy from 15 years ago. But my first thought is, "New love interest for Thor?"

Posted by Mucklefluga

! :D

Posted by xkoenig

They have to simplify that costume. Waaay too much going on there. Is it ribbons? A bikini? A mask? What? :)

Posted by ptigrusmagus

Soo I don't really care much one way or the other about this character since I've never read Spawn but I do care GREATLY what this means for Sandman???

Posted by nappystr8

When I first heard speculation of this I thought it was too crazy too be true. It's certainly still crazy, but apparently authentic. I don't know anything about Angela or how she could possibly fit in to a scifi story like Age of Ultron, but if this means Gaiman will be taking an active role at Marvel again, then I'm willing to see where it leads.

Posted by kid Apollo

the big secret ending of Age of Ultron will be the merging of Marvel, Image and Skybound properties. Battle Pope to join the Avengers, Hulk to join the Guardians of the Globe, Rocket Raccoon to battle the Mice Templar, and Marvel Zombies to join the Walking Dead!

but seriously, what company would merge with two smaller companies jus to pump out confusing story-lines and leave out dearly missed characters?

Posted by SolthesunGod

I don't like this at all. It's bad to completely disconnect a character from their universe.

Posted by maurdakar
Posted by zombietag

@maurdakar said:

HA everything in this article is great and i hope Todd is happy

Posted by TommytheHitman

... why?

Posted by Perfect 10

lol. can't believe it. they actually got me excited for age of ultron now. let me know when she appears then ill read it

Posted by Lonestar9

I'm very curious to see how this turns out. I always like Angela, it's a shame that she wasn't able to continue on in Spawn due to all the legal issues but it's good to see she'll be back.

Posted by ThomasElliot

@kid Apollo said:

but seriously, what company would merge with two smaller companies just to pump out confusing story-lines and leave out dearly missed characters?

LMAO. Bravo. Seriously... cracked me up today!

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

SPAWN in MARVEL Universe would be sick

Posted by JamDamage

this just seems weird. I bet McFarlane is scratching his head right now. Good for Gaiman. Wait a minute. How come everyone is making the news about Angela when GAIMAN IS COMING BACK TO MARVEL!!!!!!! Awsome!!!

Posted by JamDamage

@benette_rivera: No company is dishing out as many good titles as Marvel is writing now. Compared to where they were last year, they're killing it right now, and nobody complained when DC decided to incoporporate the rest of their universes into one.

Edited by lorex

I was reading Spawn back when she was created and I will always associate Angela with Spawn. As created Angela is an angel bounty hunter working for Heaven to kill hell spawns that have been sent to earth. Perhaps I am wrong here but to me Marvel and DC have shyed away from the one god and Heaven and focused on fictional pantehons like the Greek or Norse characters. I wonder how they will intergrate this character into Marvel as it already contains a number of gods already. Also and this is more of a personal opinion, the last thing Marvel needs is another red headed female character.

Posted by SavageDragon

Wow this is weird but cool at the same time.

Edited by grifter78
Posted by EpicMeltDown

So when I heard this the first thing that popped into my head is that this must be Gaiman's way of slapping McFarlane across the face with his court victory. I don't know if Gaiman is the sort to be petty but if I was him and really wanted to piss off McFarlane this is exactly what I would do.

As to whether or not this means that Marvel now owns Angela. I doubt it means anything of the sort. I'm sure it's just a licensing agreement like Dark Horse publishing Star Wars Comics or Boom Studios using Disney characters. Robert Kirkman used Invincible in an issue of Marvel Team Up once. I'm sure Gaiman still owns Angela.

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