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An Old Villain Returns to Smallville

He's not quite like you remembered him, though.

 Ahhhh... did they REALLY not make him shave his head and put all those geometric nodes on it?

SMALLVILLE’s really pulling out all the stops for this final season, aren’t they? The producers teased that some stars from the show’s past would be returning and now Splash Page's relayed that James Marsters is coming back as Brainiac… in a fashion. See the last time the mad man with the mega mind showed up on the show, he was taken to the future in the custody of the Legion of Superheroes. Now, he’ll be returning as Brainiac 5, a heroic living computer who’s traditionally been a member of the Legion.

The details haven’t been divulged as to exactly what the circumstances of #5’s appearance will be in this 200 episode. Will Marsters be playing a reformed Brainac? Or one of his ancestors? The actor doesn’t actually even know, himself. He’s just got his fingers crossed that the SFX wizards are going to make him look “bomb strong.” I can’t help but smile about that last admission. We all know that superhero backstories can run more than a tad convoluted.   I’m sure a lot of times these actors just focus on their lines without necessarily knowing (or needing to know) what the greater context is. == TEASER ==

I’m pretty impressed by just how much of the DC universe SMALLVILLE’s been able to fit in, but man… 200 episodes and no Superman (nor Superboy!) yet?  I was always a little skeptical about how many stories you could tell about Supes when he wasn’t Supes and I guess the answer’s been proven to be at least ten years worth.

Anyway, are you SMALLVILLE devotes excited to see the man sometimes known as Spike and Piccolo back on the show? What other characters would you like to see return?

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Posted by The Cyan Lantern

They could possibly make it work. He may look more human (considering how they did Cyborg), but just have to be optimistic.

Posted by danhimself

it's not like it's that hard to do Brainiac 5 on tv

what's so hard about that?
Posted by difficlus
@danhimself: everything costs money and in case you haven't noticed the special effects on smallville isn't as great as it was before. not enough people are watching the show so there cutting down on production budget. 
Posted by danhimself
@difficlus:  what there is expensive? he's a normal looking guy except for his skin pigment and they don't even need to do that
Edited by Comiclove5
@danhimself said:

" it's not like it's that hard to do Brainiac 5 on tv

what's so hard about that? "
Does not seem hard to me.
Posted by Cherry Bomb

:O does this mean the Legion will return? I hope so, they were great in their first appearance on Smallville,  the actors who played them were awesome. Hopefully they'll add Phantom Girl, Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl in the mix ^_^ that would be epic.

Posted by longbowhunter

Hope to see the Legion return. Marsters as Brainac 5 is a good call.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am excited and Hopefully Allison Mack is also in this episode

Posted by Asymmetrical

I thought by old villain you meant Vandal Savage...

Posted by shawn87

I cant wait till next month

Posted by mattydeNero

I've seen the shots of Marsters as Brainy this season and I saw nothing different about the look of the character.  Either way, I'm thrilled.  I can't wait for this season and the 200th episode!!
Edited by -Vigil-

 What other characters would I like to see return? Most of 'em are already confirmed to be coming back, like Jonathan Kent and Supergirl. I would like to see more of Cyborg and Impulse, though.

Posted by Lady L

smallville is one of the best show out there and it will survive...ive watch every show from the beginning and im devoted... lois n clark is great but they do tend to slack on the season finales though but they will come back

Posted by Chibi-Iroh

Shouldn't they have chose another actor for that?

Posted by Soakle

Can't wait to see James Marsters back on Smallville! Oh have I missed him...

Posted by Obsurity

I would like to see Lex return even if it's just the last episode. Cool to see Brainiac back
Posted by 00 Raiser

I think this is going to be good. Though they should put 3 connected dots somewhere on here to give us the feel of ( Yeah this is a Brainiac)
Posted by TheMess1428

Looks like everyone is gonna be back this year.

Edited by leokearon

Yeah,  James Marsters is coming back  
Posted by ComicMan24

I can't wait for this season.I've been watching this show from the beginning. I like that old characters are returning.

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

I'm excited about this season, and already psyched for the characters they're bringing. I'm only curious how they gonna adapt them on screen.

Posted by theiconic

best news  we could hear, prob with smallville is  the dopest characters they never utalize their potential

Posted by bob agent of agency x

If James Marsters is Brainiac/ Brainiac 5, 
can David Boreanaz  be Bruce Wayne, I want 2 see Wayne for 2 reasons, Worlds Finest Episode, and I feel they have never found a good person to play Batman. I think Boreanaz would be perfect for the role.

Edited by NightFang

I loved James Marsters as Brainac and I can't wait to see him as  Brainiac 5.

Posted by ~The Wanderer~

Hmm I might actually see this...

Posted by howlettgrowl

I want him to be spike again!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Lvenger

This sounds good. I'm hopeful that this will live up to my expectations.

Posted by Justize
@aztek the lost: that would be awesome
Posted by Justize
@bob agent of agency x:  he might be a little too old
Posted by TheImpact

its awesome that some characters are returning it would be great to see whole jla back together fighting some big fight (darkseid would be perfect :D) just dont let Lana come back

Posted by daken_2513

im hoping the legion will return

Posted by Eet Mor Puppee

The only characters that I've missed even remotely have been the Luthors. Mostly just Lex.