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Amazing Spider-Man #611 PREVIEW!

There are few things I love more than Skottie Young's Spidey...

There are few things I love more than Skottie Young's Spidey...

This is by far one of the most adorable (yes, Deadpool can be adorable too) images I have seen in a long time! Check out the really sweet cover featuring Deadpool and Spider-Man by Skottie Young as well as the fantastic interior panels by artist Eric Canete courtesy of Marvel ! Are you looking forward to picking up issue #611 of 'Amazing Spider-Man' on November 11th?
Cover by: Skottie Young
Written by: Joe Kelly
Pencils by: Eric Canete
Inks by: Eric Canete
Lettered by: VC - Joe Caramagna

Deadpool-Man, Deadpool-Man – does whatever a Deadpool can…spins a web any size – but not really…Deadpool’s don’t have webs. Look out! Here comes the Deadpool-Man! What force on Earth has brought the Merc with a Mouth and the Webheaded Wonder closer together than Quesada and Twitter? And how does it tie to the upcoming Spider story The Gauntlet?! And finally – WHO IS LADY STILT-MAN?! Joe Kelly (DEADPOOL CLASSIC; This issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Eric Canete (IRON MAN: ENTER THE MANDARIN) bring you 2079’s top Marvel Comic of the last 70 years (sorry, Dazzler #500)!

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Posted by BatGhostin

Its alway's most def. a pull for me!
Posted by Jotham

"Barack... you just bought yourself a @#&^$ assassin" That's one of the greatest things I've ever read!

Posted by Red Rum

Lady Stilt-Man?
Either you mean Stilt-Lady or Stilt-Girl, or there's something Marvel ain't telling us.

Posted by HaloKing343

Quite the ladies man

Posted by Treason

is there anywhere, where we cant find Deadpool
Posted by Benzo

I can already tell by the cover this will be an awesome issue!!!! :D

Posted by War Killer
@Treason said:
"is there anywhere, where we cant find Deadpool "
Posted by The Crimson Nutcase

The art looks sloppy in some parts but i'll be buying anyways

Posted by crazed_h3ro
@War Killer: sorry he's in DC too  ^_^
Posted by InnerVenom123

This looks to be amazing... one of the few instances of Deadpool-overuse that me and my council of epic criticism will allow. Muwhahahhahahaaha..... wtf was I talking about? XD

Posted by Jotham
@crazed h3ro said:
" @War Killer: sorry he's in DC too  ^_^ "

The guy with all the sharp stuff sticking out of him is totally Deadpool. (don't tell Marvel, though)
Posted by Dipic
@Treason said:
" is there anywhere, where we cant find Deadpool "
I'm really starting to grow sick of him lately...
Posted by Treason

Has DP been in the squadron supreme yet?
Posted by Pez85

Did anyone else sing the Deadpool-Man theme aloud, or was it just me? 
A much as Deadpool is getting a tad over-exposed, this is probably one of the team ups that I think would work. Both have the witty banter going for them. I could so see them breaking into some sort of Abbott & Costello routine.  In fact, I may send that suggestion to Marvel.

Posted by Media_Master

Cover looks fine but the interior looks ok.

Posted by Dark Cell

looks like win!
Posted by goldenkey

Deadpool is like the Jim Carry or Adam Sandler.  They were funny at first but now it's getting annoying. 
Posted by theevilhotdog

HEY gotham why do you have a comic strip of batman , deathstroke,deadpool dressed like deathstroke, ultraman , and superman wow your crazy gotham  
p.s hahahahahahhahhahahhahhahahahahahahahah deathstoke got kicked batman p.s.s WHAT KINDA STUPID DUMB LIKE GOTHAM MAN THAT MAKES ME WANNA SHOOT YOU
Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!
@crazed h3ro:
yup only Like Image.
Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!
@Pez85 said:
"Did anyone else sing the Deadpool-Man theme aloud, or was it just me? "

I sing it all the time... even in the shower!
Posted by writewyk

@ Jotham 
What DC comic is that from?  I've been tring to find it ever since I've heard about it...    
Posted by King Quisling

"Time to be thrown violently to safety!" :)