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All New, All Different X-Force Battle The Purifiers

What?  They're going to release a new X-Force comic?

Okay, who didn't see this coming?  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  Yes I bought X-Force the first time around.  I started getting tired of it and was glad when it got canceled.  I was still reading it out of...habit?  Loyalty?  I don't know.  When Milligan and Allred (my hero) re-launched a completely different X-Force, that was gold.  Then they were made to change the name to X-Static.  (Why'd Marvel give them the X-Force name to begin with?) 

As this bit says (along with the last X-Men news I put up) the X-Men will apparently be ka-put.  Uh huh.  Sure.

I like the idea of a meaner grittier X-team but then I get flashbacks to the 90s where Wolverine, the Punisher, and Cable's big guns and sholder pads were all the rage.  Oh yeah, we also had Ghost Rider in the mix.  With the state of the X-Men now, they do need a more offensive approach.  And they can't call themselves, or shouldn't call themselves "X-Men" since it's not really what Professor X had in mind.  My worries are that it's too convinient.  By that I mean a reason to pump out a new title, a new #1.  Are people still falling for the draw of an issue #1?  If the X-Men are gone, does that mean X-Men and Uncanny X-Men will be too?  We know they won't be gone, no matter how Messiah CompleX ends.  I wonder how long this team (and series) will last.  Seems like the idea could get old fast.  Are there that many "black-op" missions for them to go on?  Does Wolverine really need another team?  Is he out of New Avengers?  Am I going to buy this?  You know it.

In the wake of Messiah CompleX, the X-Men are no more, but some threats to mutantkind must be dealt with permanently by the new mutant strike force of Wolverine, X-23, Warpath and Wolfsbane! The hotly anticipated X-Force #1, from the acclaimed writing duo of Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost and rising star artist Clayton Crain, brings Cyclops’ mutant black ops team into conflict against the mutant-hating Purifiers…and there are deadly consequences! The all-new X-Force must accept the ramifications of their mission that’s so secret not even the most trusted members of the X-Men can ever learn about it! All this wrapped up in a regular cover by Crain, a “bloody” variant and another variant by superstar artist Travis Charest!

“This series is packed full of action and intrigue,” says series editor John Barber, “If you’ve liked Messiah CompleX, you’ll love X-Force. These are the characters that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, or to take the fight to the bad guys. And when the bad guys are the Purifiers assembling a truly terrifying group of the worst villains mutantkind has ever faced, no quarter will be asked and none given!”

Perfect for readers new and old, X-Force #1 launches a dangerous new era for mutantkind, featuring the shocking return of a fan-favorite X-villain! Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on this new series spinning out of the red-hot Messiah CompleX storyline and bringing together some of Marvel’s most popular mutants in a Divided We Stand tie-in!

It’s an all-new, all-different X-Force—and not everyone may survive the x-perience of X-Force #1!

X-FORCE #1 (DEC072221)
Art and Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN
Variant Cover by TRAVIS CHAREST
Parental Advisory ...$2.99
FOC—1/17/08, On-Sale—2/6/08

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