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'Age Of Reptiles: The Journey' #1 Reviewed

A look at the first issue by Ricardo Delgado

A look at the first issue by Ricardo Delgado

'Age of Reptiles: The Journey' #1 of 4
Writting and pencils: Ricardo Delgado
Colors: Jim Campbell
Who knew that dinosaurs could relay so much emotion? Delgado's ability to allow his art work to tell the story for him is impeccable; something I am sure is not very easy to achieve. The transitions between scenes and the build-up to the climax is perfect as far as organization is concerned, and the first issue will leave you wanting more. The limited amount of dialogue manages to captivate and arouse emotion and caters to comic book art fans. If you are like me, you will likely read this issue more than once and in doing so will catch details you may have missed the first time around. I imagine that by utilizing only art to tell the story is a relatively tedious task, and to get the expressions of these dinosaurs even more-so, but are two attributes to Delgado's story-telling capability which shows he has mastered perfectly in this first issue. By far one of the best comics I have read this year, the first issue of 'Age of the Dinosaurs' is one that I feel true comic book art fans will fall in love with.
5 out of 5
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Posted by FoxxFireArt

One thing that can certainly be said for your reviews, Babs. You really give a lot of lesser known series a spot light. Bravo there. I would imagine that it would be extremely difficult to really tell a story without text or dialog. It also seems rather brave of the publishers too.
That sounds like a riddle though. How do you read something twice of that which has no words? lol

About the cover. Is that a edmontosaurus throwing up as he's walking? That's just so random.
This looks interesting, but have you ever seen the Dinotopia books. Those have some really cool images.

Posted by jloneblackheart

Who doesn't love dinosaurs?

Posted by No_Name_

Wow, the quality of this is terrible, sorry guys. I look like I've spent a week in a tanning bed...and I haven't.

Posted by MysterioMaximus

Man! Being a paleontologist…that means I love dinosaurs. Like someone said, who doesn’t? But the title kind of bugs me. Dinosaurs aren’t actually reptiles, that’s a ridiculously common misconception. In fact, hot and cold blooded are considered dated terms these days. I suppose it’s not meant to be a science lesson though, so I can look past that. Also, I don’t really think it’s all that crazy to get emotion out of dinosaurs. I mean, dinosaurs aren’t monsters, though most people seem to perceive them that way.  Really they’re animals, capable of all sorts of interactions, no more different emotionally then any on this planet today. I’ll pick this up. And that baby Triceratops is adorable.    =]

Posted by 1eyejoker

The dinosaurs in the Age of Reptiles comics are just beautiful.
Posted by Xion

I always wanted to read this series. Im happy that now theres a new one

Posted by Media_Master

I love me a Dino story and this fits the bill just fine!

Posted by Ikkybooger

Wow, I've been a dinosaur enthusiast since I was a kid and this seems right up my alley. I do agree with MysterioMaximus about the title, but whateves...I can overlook that too. Reminds me of my dino books I had as a child. I'll definitely be picking this up. 
P.S. MysterioMaximus: That's awesome that you're a paleontologist. I'm jealous... :)

Edited by victorvndoom

sounds cool

Posted by ARMIV

Love this series...
All I gotta say.

Posted by BatGhostin
Thanks for pointing this out! I havent had a dinosaur fix since Jurassic Park! As far as the tanning bed comment what?!? you look like some kind of wonderful as you always do ;)
Posted by victorvndoom

reminds me of a series in the 80-90 about dinos , cant remember the it in dutch (as im from belgium) .Was the same style but there were some notes in the comics about the dinos not textless
a good growl or a good crash is also a sound in dino age :)