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ADVENTURE TIME #1 Sells Out, Second Printing on the Way

The first issue sells out before hitting stores.

What time is it? It's time to get your butt to your local comic shop or get on the phone with them and let them know you want the first issue. ADVENTURE TIME #1 will be on sale Wednesday, February 8, but today, BOOM! Studios has announced the first issue is already sold out, eight days before hitting store shelves.

The good news is a second printing will be on the way.

There's more good news. Just because it's sold out with Diamond Comic Distributors, that doesn't mean you won't be able to get a copy next week. Unless all the copies your local comic shop ordered is already spoken for, you might be able to get a hold of a first printing next Wednesday.

The second printing will feature an all-new cover drawn by Chris Houghton and is available for retailers to order immediately.

ADVENTURE TIME #1 is the first installment of the exciting new ongoing ADVENTURE TIME series written by Ryan North (DINOSAUR COMICS) with cover art and interiors drawn by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb (THE MUPPET SHOW, ICE AGE: ICED IN) with a back-up story by Aaron Renier (THE UNSINKABLE WALKER BEAN) and alternate covers by Jeffrey Brown and Chris Houghton.

In this first issue of ADVENTURE TIME join Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, and Princess Bubblegum for all-new adventures through The Land of Ooo! The top-rated Cartoon Network show now has its own comic book! With the show exploding in the ratings, garnering rave online reviews, major cosplay at the San Diego Comic-Con, and huge displays dominating the New York Comic Con, it's clear fandom is obsessed and 2012 is the Year of Adventure Time! Don't miss out on the phenomenon!

And if you haven't already, check out our podcast with Ryan.

Posted by ApatheticAvenger

What time is it?

Posted by BlackArmor

This cartoon is flippin awesome and I'm gettin to old to be watching cartoons

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I remember this on the podcast, it has a hella grim back story lol

Posted by G-Man

My daughter's really getting into the show as well.

Staff Online
Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

@BlackArmor: I'm 27 and I watch it so don't feel down. It's kinda a guilty pleasure.

Posted by mikeclark1982

i feel bad. i have never seen an episode. go ahead, ban me from comic vice now...

Posted by zackattack529

ive seen this cartoon while my lil bro was watchin it on cartoon network and i see its super popular and from what ive seen im like ??? what? aha i think of all the cartoons ive seen in my life id know what a good cartoon is and its OK? but how is this show sooo good? like i can see why shows like spongebob, avatar, one piece, sonic the hedgehog, yugioh, Chowder flapjack johnny bravo, anamaniacs were popular....but why does adventure time stand out?? can someone please answer this???

Posted by The Poet

Well, I'm glad Boom has a lisenced series which might be able to replace the revenue produced by the Darkwing Duck franchise. Hope they can keep this up for however long this series will last.

I sort of wish it was Darkwing Duck, but c'est la vie!

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

It seems like Adventure Time is a very popular cartoon

Posted by sagejonathan

@zackattack529: I don't know. I agree with you though. I don't think it's that great.

Posted by Technicolorville


I have the same feelings about the show too. I think the regular show, is better.

Posted by ARMIV2

Of course it did...of course it did...

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

This show rules, so of course its gonna do good as a comic! Way to go! :)

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@G-Man: Is Lil G-Girl going to come back for a review?
Posted by WildStyle

Regular Show>>>Adventure Time

It is what it is.

Posted by BlackArmor

@Mr. Dead Pool: Thanks, I'm a month from 17 so I got a year before cartoons go from unorthodox and eccentric to offsetting and creepy, I have no idea what I'll do then :(

Posted by GamerGeek360

Definitely going to try to pick this up next week. Wonder how the guys at my shop will react. I'll just tell them, "What? It's Adventure Time!"

Posted by redhood21

love this show. so crazy and often times creepy. lol. its a good read i can feel it way down in my plumbs.

Posted by kamionero

@G-Man said:

My daughter's really getting into the show as well.

Your daughter has good taste! and she is a super cute artist lol.

I'm really glad to see such a great cartoon see success. It really is very creative and very fun!!! I'm just sad Flapjack didnt see this kind of success as well.

Posted by thanosrules


I hope I can get my hands on a copy of this!

John Di Maggio = Awesome

Posted by SadiaVicious

That is Awesome.

Yeah, that is.


Well if a comic book is doing that well before it's even out, then mad props too it and I think that's a clear indication that it's going to be one to check out.

Edited by doordoor123

Never have I been so proud to be the biggest adventure time fan :DDDDDDDDD

Im excited to see the tree house in the comic. I know two of the people that helped design it.

Posted by NightFang

I never know how popular the show was until I saw this.

Posted by Colt

@zackattack529: you see why chowder and flapjack stand out but not this one? none of those shows are on anymore so its the best cartoon out now.. thats the reason for its hype.

Posted by hollandane

I think the show is really funny because of how random it is. Also, if you watch it a lot you will notice that most of the episodes have an adult aspect to them. An example is one where the guys find out how the Ice King was turned from a normal guy into what he is now....its really crazy and sad. But, hopefully i can grab a sneaky copy just for collections sake and maybe it will be as good as the show.

Posted by BatClaw89
@WildStyle said:

Regular Show>>>Adventure Time

It is what it is.

OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! You know who else like Regular Show?
Posted by pikahyper

Just what the world needs more Adventure Time...

Posted by redbird3rdboywonder

ugh why is this even selling. I really have a deep malcontent for this show/series. If I could i'd Superboy-prime punch the creator or do to him what Justice Lord's Superman did to president Luthor from the JLU cartoon

Posted by Bestostero

got nothing on Fionna and Cake

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Jake the Dog and Finn the human lets all go have some Adventure Time!!!!

I LOVE THIS SHOW! but this is a extra bonus...

Posted by The Impersonator

@haydenclaireheroes said:

It seems like Adventure Time is a very popular cartoon

Posted by MisterFlannery

Such a great show. If the comic is even half as good it'll be worth picking up.

Posted by luckydomino1

i love this show its one of cn's best cartoons

Posted by Sekele



I'll simply answer with a clip from the show



Posted by greencrapweasel