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Adrianne Palicki As Wonder Woman Costume Revealed!

She has pants!

The first look at Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman was revealed on EW earlier today. What do you think?  

Posted by JohnDudebro


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Ermmm. It's good...until below the belt... Linda Carter didn't have pants? 
And why are her boots blue as well? Red would of looked so much better!

Posted by batmanboy11

Looks alright.
Posted by Duncan

Jesus Christ...

Posted by Catman9

So lame.

Posted by IndieMax


Posted by pacewun

dont mind pants but not crazy about those.

Posted by carnivalofsins00

It ac tually looks alright. Something's off, however, and I can't seems to put my finger on it.
Posted by xerox_kitty

This is the XXX Parody, right?  Because THAT is a prostitute's cosplay outfit! *goes to wash her eyes out*

Posted by Mumbles

maybe i will watch this show

Posted by georgethecat

....What's with the heels?  

Posted by GothamRed

this doesn't seem real, I'd be fine if the pants were just jeans, but why vinyl/spandex, the coloring on them looks awful

Posted by Zamir

that does not look good

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Can't believe this is a realilty! 
I actually like the pants. 
All you need is the jacket and you have Jim Lee's design.
Posted by Riezner

I realize most of you object to this pretty stupid looking costume, but I have to say it. Hot.

Posted by never_again

oh dear
Posted by Ravenjade

The pants looks like they fit a bit awkwardly, and I think and darker shade of blue would have worked better, but I do approve of the pants!
Red boots would have been better, though.

Posted by CasimirAngel

Is this for real?  It looks too shiny.  I was hoping for more of the new WW costume.  I don't see anyone fighting crime in something like that in reality.
Posted by CrimsonAvenger

That is horrible, my expectations for the show were low already but this just lowered them even more.

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Did you guys really think they'd have her run around in hot pants? It's network television, not HBO. I know she did back in the day but those were different times, too PC now. I honestly am surprised they gave her heels. Could of used something other than

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@JohnDudebro:  Wonder womans new costume has pants and a jacket.. Im hating the whole spandexy look.. very porny but I don't mind the pants
Posted by Billy Batson


Posted by ragdollpurps

It looks like a deluxe Halloween costume. Ugh, the shiny material looks so cheap and cheesy. It's fine for the red bustier but the the pants shouldn't be made from the same material. The gold appliques look plastic and yes, the boots should have been red.

Posted by Weltal

Are you sure this isn't just one of those box shots from a third-rate Halloween store?

Posted by Atari_Graphics

Is that pleather? 

Posted by johnny_spam

 Reminds me of Smallville low budget costumes (Ones that the Justice League, Stargirl and Hawkman wore not Dr Fate.) big budget it is not.

It is sad that all the costume needs is a another material maybe something with a darker blue and if the top looked metallic instead of plastic.
The pose could have been different this looks a little bit like a photo reference or something not a promotional piece. 

Still not as bad as it could be. I see they want it to be more like the Superman costume instead of an amazonian armor.

Posted by FoxxFireArt
@xerox-kitty said:
" This is the XXX Parody, right?  Because THAT is a prostitute's cosplay outfit! *goes to wash her eyes out* "
At least I wasn't the first one to say it. 
I don't see why everything has to be so damn shiny.
Posted by Megalon

Wait, that's the cheap knock-off Halloween costume version of it, right? 

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First, an apology for this. "Those pants are so shiny, I can really see myself in them!"  HAR HAR.
Anyhoo, the gold on the chest and belt looks like halloween costume plastic. Are they so cheap that they can't put some actual metal on it?

Posted by Bobby X

Too much. Just too much.
Posted by Zaph

Maybe it's because of the studio lighting, but I think it looks very cheap.
I don't see this show making it past a full season - the odds are just too stacked against it. Wholesome superheroes just don't seem to be popular, especially ones with very exotic/extraordinary superpowers. Also, for some crazy reason, people just don't like watching action-heavy shows staring women (I think Xena was the only exception to that rule..). :(

Posted by Icarusflies

The design is good, but it REALLY needs to be made out of some other material. That looks more like a convention cosplay than a TV official costume.

Posted by daredevil21134
@Catman9 said:
"So lame. "

Posted by warlock360

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Pants are fine but make them darker and maybe leather cuz they look rubber(her traditional costume would be too campy but would look better than this)  the boots should be red. The red needs to be deeper, tiara is too small and looks plastic, the belt is just horrible, her bracelets are "ok" 
Her lasso looks like tinsel, the torso just looks bad, should have been more like a leather corset/armor
ACTUALLY they should have just used her current new costume minus the arm straps for the tv show
Positive: she doesn't look bad as diana, she pulls off the look(really just a bad costume) 
You know what have the production team hit me up and I'll redesign this suit for free because it's too tacky, they mine as well use the one from the first series 
Oh and the torso makes her boobs look disgustingly fake

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Naturally all the militant fanboys are gonna cry foul here but I like it. Could be better could be worse. The only real problem I see with it is the fact that its so damn bright. Other then that the design is pretty cool.

Posted by SnarlsBarkley


Posted by Foggen

Well now at least you don't have to worry about it missing that weird kitschy fetish undertone.

Posted by SC

*cue cheesy porno electronica background music* 
Uh... maybe this might be like the Thor costume and look.. better... in motion...

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

um... shiny

Posted by The Devil Tiger

Well... no.
Posted by Daveyo520

She is very attractive. 

Posted by midnight_festival

Were the hell did the Amazons found Lycra? In a Lycra mine in Themiscira? In a BDSM shop?

Posted by lastdrag0n89

Wow. looks like a overly sexy and terrible Halloween costume you see girls wear on Halloween night. Not that its anything wrong with that.... just wish it were a little more idk, authentic.

Posted by weaponx

Costume: Not excited.... too shiny, blue boots?, heels????-> very impractical! 
Actress: Not what I picture WW to look like... the face is all wrong...
Posted by ZombiePie
@Riezner said:
" I realize most of you object to this pretty stupid looking costume, but I have to say it. Hot. "
Posted by FesteringNeon

Pretty sure Babs has her beat in all aspects. Such a shame a smart girl like her, actually knowing her stuff, isn't auditioning. Babs is waaaayy cuter too. (is cuter a word?)

Posted by KRYPTON

Following the current Wonder Woman story?

Posted by fesak

Wrong movie. That's from Silicone Woman.

Posted by ~The Wanderer~

It's too bright and shiny, but the design itself isn't that horrible.