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Activision Announces Pre-Order Exclusives for The Amazing Spider-Man' Video Game

Two options are revealed involving the Rhino and...Stan Lee.

Back in March we had the chance to see The Amazing Spider-Man video game from Activision in action. There seems to be quite a few improvements from the previous games and it's shaping up nicely. While we're still waiting for the chance to actually play it ourselves, Activision has announced a couple of pre-order options.

The first is if you pre-order the game now from GameStop (click to enlarge text).

The Rhino Challenge allows you to take control of the huge genetically engineered villain Rhino and rampage around Manhattan in an exclusive gameplay challenge of pure destruction. You'll be able to unleash his formidable powers to destroy anything and everything that gets in his way in a timed event full of speed, combo streaks and a ton of things to break. Unlockable for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 system ONLY. While supplies last. Limited time only.

But that's not all.

== TEASER ==

If you pre-order from you can play as someone else.

That's right, you can play as Stan Lee for the first time ever. You can become Stan "The Man" Lee in his own special mission across Manhattan, borrowing abilities from his old pal Spider-Man as they help Stan collect pages of his latest script in a spectacular race around Manhattan. Stan's mission is punctuated with his witty banter that fans have come to know and love, and a special surprise waits for them at the end of the mission - after all, it is Spider-Man's 50 anniversary this year! Unlockable for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 system ONLY. While supplies last. Limited time only.

The game is set to be released on June 26, 2012. Which pre-order will you go for?

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Posted by KRYPTON

STAN LEE PRE-ORDER FOR THE WIN!!! I'm PRE Ordering right now!!! Play as Stan and is voiced by stan

Posted by Mokey

I'll take the Amazon pre-order over the Gamestop one.

Posted by wowylied

Too much Stan Lee...

This guy really need to know when to stop having so much ego...

Posted by Nudeviking

I'd go for Stan Lee, but alas, the Wii version gets nothing.

Posted by Mutant X

I'd say Stan has more than earned this, and all of his other cameos/special appearances. When you've done as much as Stan Lee you pretty much have the right to have an ego, although most of the time he jokingly portrays having an ego. Definitely pre-ordering from Amazon, though it's a shame I can't get both.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Normally I'd agree that Stan Lee is over-ego-ed and overrated..... but this is kind of extremely awesome.

Posted by The Jeff

Sucks that there isn't DLC for the original costume

Posted by BritishMonkey

doesn't matter, they'll both be available a couple of months after the release on the marketplace and psn

just like the arkham city dlc's

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I'll probably play this at some point but the fact is I've been kicking the Rhinos ass since the PS1 and it gets a little old

Posted by bladewolf

With neither coming to the 3DS, I choose neither. But if I had to, I'd take Stan Lee!

Posted by Billy Batson

Stan "the media whore" Lee

Posted by SimonM7

@Billy Batson: That's just mean. :( The guy is 89 years old.

Posted by clemj

STAN LEE ultimate LOL

Posted by Lone_Killer

Ugh, more pre-order DLC. Also, Stan Lee DLC isn't being called The Amazing Spider-Stan. Not buying.

Posted by The Average Bear

Pre-ordering this to be Stan Lee. No shame

Posted by SuperShafe

wasn't even going to get this, now i may pre-order STAN LEE!

Posted by Lvenger

He mentioned this at the after question session of the London Comic Convention I went to. This is such awesome news! I'm glad it's true!

Posted by Inverno

I thought he was trolling but having to pre-order this instead of having his as unlockable...


Posted by BatWatch

Really? Lots of people are going to order this to play as Stan Lee? I love Joss Whedon, but I'm not about to buy a game just for the opportunity to play as him.

Edited by Mucklefluga

@Billy Batson: What's so bad about being awesome and creating a load of brilliant things?

Posted by Billy Batson


You mean things that were made as you say brilliant by other writers? Nothing.

Posted by htb106

Stan Lee! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ! I went off Marvel a while ago but I'm definetely getting this!

Posted by CodeComiX

@wowylied: Stan Lee is awesome, your argument is invalid.

And if having a cameo appearance in Marvel movies (cameos that last mere seconds and always gets fans a lil excited by seeing him) is having a big ego, than you are a very harsh person indeed.!

Posted by revbucky

I'd like to play it when it comes out. Come on Stan the Man!!

Posted by KainScion

WTF?!?! why are you people hating so much stan THE MAN lee? he just made some cameo, and by the way they werent his idea. even if they were his, he is stan THE MAN lee. there would be marvel without him.

Posted by Mucklefluga

@Billy Batson: What're you on about?

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

He doesnt look like Stan Lee O.o

Edited by Sammo21

Hopefully this means that they include a ton of Spider-Man costumes and non of them are pre-order bonuses.

@Billy Batson: You're a pretty sad person on the whole.

Posted by SilentButcher

Wow. Im actually a little shocked people would rather play as Spidey re-skinned to look like Stan Lee with Lee's voice rather than play as an entirely different character like Rhino, in which your only goal is to cause destruction. getting the Rhino one. Let me run around and destroy NYC.

Edited by LaserLambert

Is your goal to defeat Steve Ditko and take all his credit from him?

Posted by difficlus

@LaserLambert said:

Is your goal to defeat Steve Ditko and take all his credit from him?

nuff said

Posted by LB70145

@Billy Batson: Someone hasn't read some of Stan's Original stuff. The man was a creative genius back in the day. Can't hate the man for making a product that was elaborated on by others. Should the Wright Brothers not be given credit for Commercial Jetliners? Yeah the first plane they made was barely a plane, but the concept of flight was captured by their creativity and want to fly. Stan wanted to make characters that would last a lifetime in the hearts of readers. Should he really not get credit when credit is due?

Posted by edtie97

I hope spiderman is a playable character in this game!

Posted by SpidermanWins

Hell yes

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

They totally have me at Stan Lee...awesome!

Edited by evilvegeta74

Go Stan, Make Mines Marvel!!!

Posted by KidSupreme

STAN LEE rules!

Posted by nappystr8

I cannot wait to swing around the city as Stan the Man himself. Definitely the best pre-order bonus any game has ever had. I need to check advanced word on the game first though. Generally no licensed game, especially a Marvel one in recent years, is worth my money.

Posted by Hot_Karl

@Nudeviking said:

I'd go for Stan Lee, but alas, the Wii version gets nothing.

Wii has maybe a dozen games that even support DLC, let alone have digital pre-order bonuses. I'm surprised a Wii version of this game is even coming out, actually.

Game looks pretty...meh. Maybe when it's cheaper. I secretly hope that this is the Spider-Man 2 HD that I've been dreaming of for almost a decade now.

Posted by HempKnight757

You people better watch your mouths about Stan Lee. Dude is a legend.

Posted by Billy Batson


His stuff was average. Maybe back in the day it was something but by today's standards it's nothing special.

Posted by The Poet


Posted by Eyz

The Rhino looks like a huge naked g...HOLY SHIT!?!?IS THAT STAN LEE??? HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! XD

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

That would be the Hypist!

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

I'll be getting the Rhino challenge. I love that guy.

Posted by BlackArmor

@SuperShafe said:

wasn't even going to get this, now i may pre-order STAN LEE!

Posted by LB70145

@Billy Batson: Forgetting one's past is to not acknowledge the future. Yeah, of course by today's standards his work is not as good. I wasn't saying that we should worship him for his work, but at least acknowledge that the his work that created an entire universe was at least impressive. No one has been able to do anything close to what Stan has done. Not to mention there are so many other creators you would discredit if you held them to the same measurement. Would Walt Simonson Thor be bad compared to JMS's run? Or perhaps Frank Miller should not be given credit for Daredevil since we got BMB and Mark Waid's run? I could go on and on.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Stan Lee > Rhino.

Posted by Nantucket

I want to pre-order but I have a serious distrust of Spider-Man computer games.

The only Spider-Man game I have ever enjoyed was Spider-Man 2 just because of the freedom and detail of the city. I think I will wait for the reviews at least before I buy anything. I'll miss out on the Stan Lee pack but I bet they'll put it on the Playstation Network eventually.