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Acclaimed Novelist Re-Imagines Omega: The Unknown

Interesting how Marvel has taken novelists to write their comics.  DC has too.  What does this mean for the other writers?  I wonder if they feel any resentment or fear of competition.  That could be good.  If they got worried, then they'd have to up their game to write even better than they already are.  On the other hand, just because someone has written some novels doesn't mean they're going to be a good comic book writer.  It's a different medium and they are being forced to work with an already established set of characters (unless they are given freedome to revamp them in any way they see fit).  I know one of our users (yeah I'm talking about you, Black Warrior) has recently added a bit to Omega's page.  Wonder if all that history will be erased.

Jonathan Lethem, the award winning novelist of Motherless Brooklyn, Fortress of Solitude and the new hit novel, You Don’t Love Me Yet, re-imagines one of Marvel’s most offbeat heroes in Omega: The Unknown #1 (of 10)! In 1975, co-writers Steve Gerber and Mary Skrenes created the mute, reluctant anti-hero Omega: The Unknown, but the series only lasted for 10 brief issues. Now over three decades after the original series launched, Jonathan Lethem will set out to redefine Omega.

When the series debuted, Omega The Unknown told the tale of a lone survivor from an alien world. Pursued by the robots who destroyed his world, Omega comes to Earth seeking refuge and a new beginning. Accompanied by a young orphan named James Michael Starling, our hero traveled to New York City and together, the reluctant hero and the boy adjusted to their new lives. However, questions begin to plague the pair because of James-Michael’s mysterious resemblance to Omega. Then abruptly, the series ended with Omega’s shocking death!

Few would have guessed that years later, one of Omega’s biggest fans would turn out to be an award-winning novelist! Now Lethem, along with Karl Rusnak, and the very talented Farel Dalrymple and Paul Hornschemeier, will re-imagine Omega for the 21st century.

This ten chapter series that will thrill old and new fans alike, promises action, adventure, and heroics unlike any you have ever seen in the genre of comic books. So don’t miss OMEGA: THE UNKNOWN #1!

OMEGA: THE UNKNOWN #1 (of 10) (AUG072249)
Rated T+...$2.99
FOC - 9/13/2007, On-Sale - 10/3/2007

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