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Absolute Justice a Hit

SMALLVILLE receives Absolution.

So you may have heard of SMALLVILLE’s “Absolute Justice” special. Just maybe.

There were doubts, particularly regarding Hawkman’s costume, but the proof’s in the pudding and the two-hour long episode has proven an “absolute” smash.

 Do you doubt me, now?

According to Comics Continuum, “Absolute Justice” scored the CW’s best Friday night performance for adults and men ages 18 – 49, since September ’08 (adults and men? I suppose they're factoring for man-childs).  It was the highest-rated telecast in those same demographics for this season of SMALLVILLE and “built-in” a good 14 % of viewers for the second hour.  

 They did it!

Not too shabby. The episode, of course, was written by fan-favorite Geoff Johns and marked the first live-action appearance of the Justice Society of America.   If you’re beating yourself up over missing the show last week, we’ve got you covered.  Peep some choice clips of the JSA in action here  and here.  

I’ve never gotten into the SMALLVILLE, but I’ll tip my hat and do a curtsy to Johns and the people behind the show.   How long has this show been on the air, now? Since 2001? Sheesh… the CW was UPN and the WB back then, and I was still in high school. To have a show going for nine years straight is a feat in itself, let alone for it to be performing as well as this. But feats are what Superman's all about (even if he isn't Superman, yet). 

I do also find it ironic that the Justice Society’s beaten the Justice League to getting their own officially televised live-action turn on screen. You might recall that ridiculous, unused JLA pilot from ’97 that never got picked up. Previously, you could only witness it on degraded bootlegs at conventions. But, now, through the magic of the internet, you can see it for yourself.  


Compare and contrast the two. It’ll be fun.

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

Posted by inferiorego

I am no fan of Smallville, but I checked out the episode, and although I found it cheesy and over-dramatic at times, I really liked it. It was fun.
Worst part: Jay and Alan are only mentioned in the episode, you never see them... CW!

Posted by johnny_spam

Actually the Justice League was on that show or at least a version of them.
Posted by They Killed Cap!

...I wish I would have seen it. Not a fan of Smallville but I would have like to see the JSA
Edited by NightFang

I really enjoy the "Absolute Justice" episode and i'm hoping the'll do more JSA & JLA episode's.

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

Man that JLA vid was horrible and Guy is supposed to have red hair!!!

Posted by DEGRAAF
i know it probably wont happen but it sure does seem like they are building more and more to turn this show or create a spin off in to the JLA. I would love it i think
Posted by mrrpm01

I remember that episode and recall seeing it when I was..well let's not get into the age thing lol.  It would be cool if FX or a station with a nice budget made a JLA or even an Avengers series.  I still to this day can't get over the comedian John Kassier as the Atom!

Posted by MemnochZERO

I enjoyed Absolute Justice, the history and flashback aspect had a real Watchmen vibe and Johns did a great job of piecing everything together for television. Still wasn't feeling Doctor Fate, though. He was written well, just the representation in costume was a bit cheesy for my taste, and his voice effect. i liked Icicle claiming the helmet a lot better and it makes me wonder why Fate came off as shabby next to all the others. Also really happy "John Jones" has his freakin martian powers back! 
One part that doesn't seem to be getting much attention is Pam Grier as Amanda Waller. I thought she was awesome and it sets up a whole new dynamic for the show. Suicide Squad here we come. Wonder what she meant by "coming Apoclaypse" and if that means the Zod situation... or "Apokolips"? 
As for the JLA failsauce pilot... i've seen stills... I can't put my eyes through the ringer watching a video.
Posted by Archetype

Introducing more comic characters is the only way they could get me to return to the show.I liked it,Hawkman aside, it was entertaining and I loved seeing all the comicbook stuff in it.Too bad they can't have episodes like this every week I know it wouldn't really be a Smallville or Clark centric show anymore but I would watch it.

Posted by goldenkey

Im crying right now from laughing so hard.  this is the worst god awful piece of shit Ive ever seen.  I thought Generation X was bad when they came out in their orange outfits but this is the worst.  Those Deadpool skits on youtube are better then this.  How gay
Posted by lostlantern13
This week's guest for Smallville? Zatanna! :D 

Posted by Namor1987

That  had to be a fake JLA pilot that sucked & the costumes were ugly as hell. But Absolute Justice made me want to start checking out Smallville on a weekly basis I loved the Dark Archer episode too that got me hooked

Posted by ComiCCloseup

haha wow
Posted by SuperRush24

It was a pretty good episode.....I've been a fan since season 1 and haven't missed an episode yet.....Glad that they will be back for a 10th season.....and hopefully some sort of spin off....

Posted by The_Martian

I don't really like Smallville, but I just watched the episode. It was pretty cheesy, but not bad. I hated that they focused on Hawkman so much. I think he was the worse out of all the members they showed. His voice, costumes, and lines were just awful. Dr. Fate looked a little Power Rangery, but other than that it was good.

Edited by Emerald Warrior

Smallville SUCKS MONKEY A$$... that being said...  This 2 hour long episode (which, of course had to be written by Geoff Johns) was the best Smallville's been in oh, the past 4 or 5 seasons... 
The costumes were BAD, but the story was good enough to make it irrelevant ... it was very comic booky! 
 And Amanda Waller and Checkmate's involvement was an unexpected and welcome surprise.  Too bad the rest of the season can't (and won't)  be as good as this single episode was.  

Posted by AngelFrost

Can't wait until this airs in the UK. (:
Does Stargirl have a big part in it? 

Posted by daveydavey

I like this episode...Star Girl is F@CKING Hot!
Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

 Loved it. Coming soon in the Smallville Universe...THE Silver Age of Heroism. We're coming soon.

Posted by Nyogtha

I liked it, never watched Smallville before. Made me want to watch the show.

Posted by Green Flash

Best part was when martian manhunter got his powers back.  Sweet.  I also thought Icicle was a little too strong.  Kill Dr. Fate?  Really?

Posted by jefprice

Killing Fate and Sandman, 2 of the best heroes in the DCU was total crap

Posted by mrduckluck
@They Killed Cap!:
enter to
Posted by thatlad

You will never get comic costumes right , whether it's on the small screen or the big screen. The spiderman costume is the exception that proves the rule!

Posted by greenenvy

This was actually not bad and I actually thought this would be the down fall for the future of smallville. These costumes where the reason why smallville did not have any at all at first  but untill  this point I  guess so   I was wrong and suprised this two hour became a hit wow. Smallville was a overall good show and since absolute justice made it even bigger then they should defiently keep going. I know there are more main characters that need to show up and the ones who did not show up yet are more known and important in which I dont know why they  did not show them yet. Maybe the finall season perhaps.
Edited by grimreaper1980

yeah it was good accept for 2 things, one, there was only one villain, icicle, when there should have been more for a 2 hour show, and 2, icicle kills dr. fate, what kind of crap is that, dr. fate could give superman a hell of a fight and probably almost kill him

Posted by Charmix
@lostlantern13 said:
" This week's guest for Smallville? Zatanna! :D 

About time ;)
Posted by Gothic Storm

Yeah, I saw this at Dragon-con several years ago. It's the definition of terrible...even for 1997.

Posted by lostlantern13
@grimreaper1980 said:
"yeah it was good accept for 2 things, one, there was only one villain, icicle, when there should have been more for a 2 hour show, and 2, icicle kills dr. fate, what kind of crap is that, dr. fate could give superman a hell of a fight and probably almost kill him "

It was an old man Dr. Fate who hadn't been active for years...who also was giving John his powers back. Not like it was a fair fight or anything. Besides, the helmet is waiting for a new Dr. Fate (possible allowance for him to return....we can hope).
Posted by AirDave817

I believe that Geoff Johns will be back and will be bringing Jay, Alan and Ted Grant with him. It might could maybe possibly become an annual event - the JSA and the JLA teaming up together on Smallville...  

Posted by Kid_Zombie
@AngelFrost said:
" Can't wait until this airs in the UK. (: Does Stargirl have a big part in it?  xxx "
Ya she does.
I liked it, I found it kinda campy at times and Michal shanks was a bit much at times as hawkman but the worst part was the ice kid in it. he was so bad! but other then that it was a good episode. I hope this leads way to more costumed heros in the show. Put clark in the superman suit already!
Posted by reaper2923

I'm hoping for a JSA series either before or after absolute justice

Posted by anunsi

Positives: what i did like about the show was that it had JSA. Stargirl was cute. Chloe is awsome again
Negatives: Kindergarten dialog/characterization; a very weak and boring villain(and his name was horrible); a little too much of the kindergarten dialog and too few action secens; the absence of any of the other "JLA of smallville" (aquaman, cyborg, flash); the whole macho thing between green arrow and hawkman. The martian's outfit.
I know some of these things cant be fixed; the grapichs have not been updated, it seems like, since the show came on and i have been watching it the whole time.  It surprises me since smallville as contiually drawn in a good size audience for the network. I guess i just like it when adults talk like adults. Correct me if im wrong but didnt these "heroes" go to college. Im not going to get into that but it just seems like the dont say anything meaningful or that isnt completely obvious. 
I didnt have that big of an issue with hawkman, but it was with the martian, clark, and dr fate. to unrealistic and fake, to emo for superman, and wtf ( i did dig the helmet) in that order. S

The episode was ok it was a little to cliche' and where was the respect for Dr. Fate.  I like the ep with the "JLA" better. As much as i like smallville its just sad that it seems like everyone but batman and wonder woman can come on the show ( i know all the leagal issues). Really i think the show is stretching itself to thin. Its a good time to move on. I would actually watch a show about chloe before a show about this current superman. I wish this had better dialog/characterization. Most of the characters seem to shallow. At least we got the JSA on something. I hope Dc gets its legal issue straightened out so that other characters like batman can be on the show. 
I did give this ep a C minus. it was ok considering some of the classics ive seen the smallville crew put out. The main problem with this is that once again no villain nor ally is equal to superman and to compensate they routinely make clark do very unsuperman things.  Maybe the whole chess thing will work out to be a good story. Like i said though i've seen that before too.

Posted by anunsi
@grimreaper1980 said:
" yeah it was good accept for 2 things, one, there was only one villain, icicle, when there should have been more for a 2 hour show, and 2, icicle kills dr. fate, what kind of crap is that, dr. fate could give superman a hell of a fight and probably almost kill him "
Agreed i may be over thinking this but shouldnt he have stayed in shape. If youre a hero you know ppl are going to be coming for you and all that time he had to build up energy before kind of makes no excuse for him being treated like that.
Posted by RoninKane

 I watch smallville and i've come to expect some episodes to suck and some to be good. "Absolute justice"     
was pretty much a suck fest with the exception of Doctor Fate. The icicle kid was a weak villan, star man looked like a roadie for  jethro tull, star girl's mask had a neanderthal forehead for some reason, and hawkman, what the f**k could i say about hawkman besides the bad acting, bad special effects, and the costume that obviously was designed for a bigger actor who either dropped out or dropped dead from laughter after seeing the damn thing. I would have been happier if they would have dug up stock footage from "Fash Gordon" and put this guy in it even if the lines didn't make sense. 

It was an hour and forty five minutes of setup for a five minute fight and ten minutes of refliction/ future plot setup. I'm not suprised though, because the did the same thing for doomsday, but that took an entire season to setup a five minute between clark and doomsday which was more like clark throwing DD through a buliding then giving him to the legion to deal with in the future. The really bad thing about that was Doomsday looked great. The funny and sad thing is that i have not gave up on the show yet thinking maybe one of this big events will live up to the their hipe so i'll keep watching.    
Posted by 00 Raiser
@lostlantern13:  WOW!!!! LOOK AT ZATANNA
Posted by DH69

...hahahahahahahaha oh god people liked that 2 hour pant load?! that icicle jagoff made me want to roll in my yet to be digged grave

Posted by Green ankh

I thought it was fun. Several time i said "cool" out loud.  Any cheesyness/campness made it fun. This isnt comics or big budget films. It is a TV show and a fun one at that.
Posted by ~The Wanderer~

Not done watching the episode yet so I'll save my judgements, but Kent Nelson's transformation into Dr. Fate really looked like the morphing sequence of a Mystic Force Power Ranger.

Posted by DP812

I loved the first three seasons of Smallville but after that, it quickly jumped the shark. And then it kept finding more sharks to jump. I only watch the show out of morbid curiosity than anything else. The only high point in the past few years has been Justin Hartley's Green Arrow (this guy should have his own show, screw Smallville).   
Now that being said, the JSA episode has got to be one of the worst episodes of Smallville in recent memory, and that's really saying something. I would have preferred no costumes for the JSA as opposed to the horrible ones we got. Funny this article mentions the JLA pilot, because when I saw flabby Hawkman, I was instantly reminded of David Ogden Stiers and his Martian gut.