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A Star Wars Sequel Trilogy in the Works?

That old rumor's popped up again.

When it comes to long-running series, you really can't ever say “never.” Sure, George Lucas has categorically denied that there will ever be a new trilogy, but I remember a time when the prospects of a fourth INDIANA JONES, a future-war set TERMINATOR and a X-MEN movie seemed just as impossible.

IESB’s got a scoop that there’s another STAR WARS trilogy in the works, citing the 3D and Blu-Ray re-releases of the saga as a parallel to the Special Editions’ release in the 90s; a move that directly preceded the prequels's development. While there’s been enough talk of a sequel trilogy (starting from immediately after RETURN OF THE JEDI bowed in the 80s) for this to be “boy who cried wolf” situation, these guys’ track with Lucasfilm scoops is strong enough to take this a little more seriously.

I think it’s going to happen eventually.   Somehow.  Like I said, I remember walking out of REVENGE OF THE SITH and being a little taken back as the realization that I just saw "the last STAR WARS movie ever.” Sure, enough that CLONE WARS movie came out a couple years later, making me swallow that sentiment. The point is that this is a franchise that’s been successful in every medium it’s appeared in. The demand is obviously still there, so the material's going to be keep coming until thatdemand wanes. == TEASER ==

IESB thinks this’ll be set far ahead in the timeline and it’ll have nothing to do with the Skywalker clan. I really doubt that it will take anything from the storylines in that LEGACY comic that Dark Horse is doing. The prequels already contradicted a lot of the “past history” that was established in the Expanded Universe. Though, I suppose the questions arise.... have you maniacs been liking LEGACY? Would you want to see it become the basis for a third movie trilogy?

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It seems Lucasfilm has denied that a new trilogy is in the works. Is this just another false rumor that got out of hand? iesb has been extremely reliable in the past. I suppose you can't win them all. There's also the tiny chance that Lucasfilm isn't ready for this information to be released just yet. Most people know the story how they had to use a false production name to keep everyone away from trying to spy on the set. Maybe this is their way to try be sneaky.
Posted by Video_Martian

I've always been a huge Star Wars fan, but please, no more movies...

Posted by Entertainer13

Do you think a "Jedi Academy" sort of thing could work?

Posted by Aiden Cross

Knights of the Old Republic could be fun.

Posted by ComicMan24

I am not sure about this.

Posted by dondasch

Jedi Academy is one of my favorite trilogies by Kevin J. Anderson and it may work, but please God, no more Mr. Lucas.  We're all still trying to recover from the prequels.

Posted by Nyogtha

I'd like to see a live action version of what's happening in the Force Unleashed games. Hell, the voice actors look exactly like the game characters so why the heck not?

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The only way I might support this if they Lucas decides to make a trilogy that takes place during the Legacy era with a Skywalker depending on the outcome of Legacy-War. Legacy has been one of my favorite eras and comic besides Knights of the Old Republic.

Posted by ckal
It was already denied by Lucasfilm spokesperson Josh Kushins.
Kushins tells, "This is, of course, completely false. George Lucas has plenty of projects to keep him busy right now — including plenty of Star projects — but there are no new Star Wars feature films planned.”  
Posted by frsty13

This could only end painfully.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin
Posted by CaptainUseless

I really wanted a sequel to the original trilogy when I was around 7 years old... Now? Less so...

Posted by MichaelBach

Would love some sequels, I didn't mind the new movies as much as most people. Sure there was some really bad acting in them, but there was some good star wars stuff in there as well. For sure 3 new Star Wars movies would bring in a lot of money.

Posted by PatVB

Part of me really wants to see more Star Wars, but my cynical side says that any new movies can only be awful.

Posted by Silver Knight75

I'm not sure what to make of this

Posted by bingbangboom

I heard Legacy was pretty good but never got a chance to read it. I am sure that scantily clad red alien chick won't hurt things now, will it? It also depends on how they film it, especially after Avatar. While makup is good, they can really bring new life with the aliens and how they are portrayed. Can't be worse than the prequels? 

Posted by erve

I want dark and realistic SW!

Posted by TheMess1428

Make the movies about Luke and his wife and baby. His Jedi academy. Chewbacca's niece. Han and Leia's kids: Jacen, Jana, and Anakin Solo. And make them fight the battles I read about in the novels against Thrawn and the Dark Jedis.

Posted by Duncan

Excuse me while I cry.

Posted by SupremoMaximo

Just give it to Michael Bay..

Posted by N7_Normandy
@Silver Knight75 said:
" I'm not sure what to make of this "
Posted by NightFang
@Silver Knight75 said:
" I'm not sure what to make of this "
I hope it's better then the prequels.    
" I want dark and realistic SW! "
It should be PG-13, because i'm sick of this kids crap! 
Posted by adamgs

I hope this has CG (space) monkeys in it. And Han Solo in a refridgerator.

Posted by Bestostero

Well they made Sequels seems to be next step...of course they would want to do it, its more money for them regardless if it flops or not

Posted by Dracade102


Posted by Midnight Monk
@Nyogtha said:
" I'd like to see a live action version of what's happening in the Force Unleashed games. Hell, the voice actors look exactly like the game characters so why the heck not? "
This guy knows what he's talking about, the action of the Force Unleashed is what SW desperately need, Pulling down a Star Destroyer from the sky would look freakin awesome in Live Action
Posted by kalonthar

Either way, I think it's a hilarious rumor... "We've got this inside scoop that there will be a new Star Wars trilogy after the final film is re-released in 3D in 2016, just wait till then to see if our source is right or not".

Posted by BK-77-7

Yes I hope they make a Movie about the Dark Empire story arc!!!

Posted by TadThuggish

"complaining about the prequels complaining about the prequels complaining about the prequels complaining about the prequels complaining about the prequels" 
Did I just sum up all the comments?  I'll barely check.  Just the phrase "Star Wars" is enough nowadays for someone's ears to perk up, stand up on a podium, and talk about how much Jar-Jar sucks.  I'm never going to make excuses for the prequels' faults, but film criticism should be more than just a handful of talking points shouted over and over again to reinforce the beliefs of what people think is an elite group that somehow includes everyone. 
The producer of ANH and ESB recently brought up that while Lucas has good ideas, he needs a filter, or someone to stand up to him, or collaboration.  It's where the prequels' issues become apparent; for all of the 90s it was just Lucas sitting in a room by himself hashing this stuff out, without anyone or anything else for him to compare and contrast with.  When you don't have other personalities and frames of reference, you can't really see flaws.  It takes something good to see why something you thought was good was actually bad. 
That being said, more Star Wars films absolutely can be universally-beloved but it may take more of an effort and collaboration.  There are hundreds of good screenwriters, directors, and producers in Hollywood that could do great things with the series.  Hopefully the stars will align and Lucas will decide to share in the creative process instead of trying to do it all by himself.

Posted by Planewalker

I'm up for it right now I'm reading Fate of the Jedi the last series of books and for me the expanded universe is better than the one on the movies. bring out the old republic with the mandalorian wars or the new republic. Besides I still hope to see a Jaina Solo live action she's the best character and Ben Skywalker is really cool... so if well played yes I wanna see it.

Posted by blaakmawf

Put the guys who made the trailer for the TOR MMO on the job.

Posted by Tmul501
@dondasch said:
" Jedi Academy is one of my favorite trilogies by Kevin J. Anderson and it may work, but please God, no more Mr. Lucas.  We're all still trying to recover from the prequels. "
Agreed. I think this franchise might fair a little better in someone else's hands from now on.
Posted by skaarason
it's gotta be LEGACY    !!!!!!!!
Posted by Dark Cell

Thats a mistake, they should make a trilogy based in the old republic era!

Posted by G-Man

Bad news (or good news, depending on how you feel about this). Read the UPDATE in the original post.

Posted by Nova`Prime`

I don't see why Lucas wouldn't jump to squeeze more money out of the cash cow that is Star Wars. Hell there are volumes of novels that are considered cannon by Lucas himself that he can draw from. He doesn't even need to do anything then give the green light and sit back and make bank on every movie that comes out. I think the only thing keeping these movies from being made, especially now, is that alone on his Skywalker Ranch he heard the complaints from the fans of the new movies and he doesn't want to risk losing the fans on a gamble. But then again fans have been clambering for everything from Return to the present... especially stuff like, The Shadows of Mindor, the X-Wing series, and the Jedi Academy.

Posted by Skaddix

Definitely Legacy.

Posted by BK-77-7
@Planewalker: No Baron Fel is the Best Star Wars character EVER!!!  Followed by every major Tie Interceptor character that is Imperial =P
Posted by Eyz

Come on guys! You knew it was a fake rumour from the start!
It has been like this ever year from well before Episode I!
Every time, some reliable newspaper/website/source claims Lucas will make episode 7, 8 , 9 and then it is revealed to be false! 

 @SupremoMaximo said:

" Just give it to Michael Bay.. "
Heck no! People complained about CGi and Jar Jar, Michael Bay would just do the same x100 times!! With 'SPLOSIONS!!!
@Illyana Rasputin said:
Darth Talon is awesome. "
Indeed she is :P
Posted by Omertalvendetta

I really wouldn't mind as long as it's not 3D...

Posted by TheCheeseStabber
@Nyogtha:  very true
Posted by NatX

I woulnd think it would be sick if they did four movies one from the Old Republic,end of first Thrawn series- begining of Jedi Acedemy, Fate of the Jed,i, and then come back and do Legacy. By opening these chapters you culd come back with some unique adaptations to each one and by getting characters out there you can open it up for solo(no pun intended) projects!