Posted by Mr Mofo

I hate to say it but the Skrull chick is kinda hot.  But I wonder what that chin feels like. 

Posted by Super-Buster

It would be so awesome for Marvel if secret invasion actually worked and humans were forced to live alongside skrulls as they fixed all our problems, the potential for stories in that environment would be near limitless. Though I have to say, embrace change is kinda creepy.

Posted by G-Man

Just remember, "He loves you..."

Posted by Super-Buster

See what I mean? Creepy!

Posted by Slinger

But "He" is dead, right?

Posted by Super-Buster

Isn't "He" God? How does God die?

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Posted by starwarsmarvel

i say its time for a what if secret invasion was a succes

Posted by grimreaper1980

whoever did the makeup effects for this needs to get hired to work on the next fantastic four movie