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A New Spidey Game Swings Onto the iPhone

How much can you pack into this thing?!

 Break his jaw, Spidey!

So, there’s going to be a new handheld Spider-Man game coming out next month from Gameloft. It’s going to be called TOTAL MAYHEM (though it’s got nothing to do with Tyrese) and it’ll be available for the iPhone and iPod touch. I’ll admit to being more than a few years behind the curve when it comes to next gen tech like this - - I still just have a Verizon flip phone whose biggest feature is a tip calculator - - but this sounds pretty cool. Based on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, it’ll feature 12 levels of action and 20 different combos for Spidey to trounce a whole gang of super-villains, including Venom.

Gameloft, the French company putting TOTAL MAYHEM out, has marked out a corner in the game world for putting out handheld games like this. They’ve won awards for their mobile versions of famous titles like ASSASSIN’S CREED, THE PRINCE OF PERSIA, SPLINTER SPELL, BROTHERS IN ARMS and, of course, IRON MAN 2.  I didn’t realize there were awards for categories as specific as that, but my expectations exist only to be surprised on a daily basis, don't they? == TEASER ==

Anyway, here are some screenshots for you to peruse…

You know, I remember when the N64 SPIDER-MAN came out in 2000, everybody was going bananas over how cool it was to finally play as Spidey in 3D. Lord knows I idled away many Saturday afternoons playing that thing as a freshman in high school. I bring it up because these graphics look on par with that one’s, and the whole thing is just an app for your phone. A supplementary feature is basically pulling off what you needed an entire console to do before.

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Posted by SumoSlamMan

Hmm... I wonder how profitable games like this are on Apple devices?  Regardless, it definitely looks cool.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

i am so going to buy this

Posted by Weapon ONE

Looks like those awesome Spider-man games i would play on the playstation one system. I cant wait

Posted by bingbangboom

Gameloft is very hit or miss with their games and almost all of them are rip offs other games. If they didn't have the Spider-Man license, they would just release Bug-Boy which would be about a teenager that is bit by a bug and gets powers. Look at their website and their games, it is very funny.

Posted by TheMess1428

The graphics remind me of original xBox. Which is big step up for mobile games.

Posted by Joey Ravn
@TheMess1428 said:
" The graphics remind me of original xBox. Which is big step up for mobile games. "
Uh, those graphics look more PSX or NDS than Xbox. Look at the shadows and the textures, and how blocky the characters are...
Posted by XFan616

I might get this if it's not too expensive. Five bucks for a two hour game? I don't think so

Posted by mesosteros

wow... Venom looks bad... in the graphics department...