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A Look Behind-The-Pages of the GOD OF WAR Comic

From sketched carnage to fully-rendered brutality.

 Forget Perseus, this is the guy who really clashes with the Titans.

Simply stating that I’m a big GOD OF WAR fan would be a (pun intended) titanic understatement. In summer ’07, I gave an X-Box game to my friend so I could borrow his PS2 and then started an account with Blockbuster JUST so I could rent the second game. After beating the recently released game #3 at my friend’s place, I’m honestly thinking of retiring from gaming altogether, since there’s really no way of topping it, in my eyes. If playing something like UNCHARTED is like playing a movie, then GOD OF WAR III is like playing IMAX.

Needless to say, then, I’d be eager to see more of Kratos’ monster-shredding adventures in comics. And it just so happens that Wildstorm recently started a six-issue GOD OF WAR mini written by comics legend Marv Wolfman and drawn by Italian artist Andrea Sorrentino. Given the amount of bleeding that goes on the game, it’s therefore fitting that Wildstorm’s official blog, the Bleed, would release a behind-the-pages look at Sorrentino’s creative process. We’ve got the pencil sketches below, followed by the finished, fully-rendered page it becomes.

One thing that’s struck me about playing the whole GOW series is that I’ve felt like I’m playing the modern equivalent of a Jack Kirby comic - - almost like an ultra-violent NEW GODS. There isn’t any “Kirby crackle” to be seen nor renderings based on the King's styling, but try telling me Kratos' fights against Titans that are a thousand times his size DON'T remind of you of classic Thor. Hell, I even saw a “making of” featurette for the game showing Stan Lee’s visit to Sony Santa Monica’s studios where he’s just identified as “Legend.” Clearly, there's an comics influence.

Anyway, what do you think about this, oh Olympus-defying Comic Vine community? Does this capture the game’s destructive, indomitable spirit for you? Or does it leave you feeling hollow, like a disemboweled centaur?

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this April - - available for pre-order now on

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Posted by welshguy

clashes with the titans and tears them a new one, I think you'll find 
good ole' kratos and his shenigans

Posted by Hellos

Where is this man's head? 
Edited by Bobby X

woww, Wolfman wrote thisss?? That's a surprise... 
Guess I have to read this now. 
Btw, my bro has God of War 2 which I plan on playing before I get the third one. What do you think of someone skipping the first god of war entirely and jumping into God of War 2? Totally unforgiveable?
Posted by jloneblackheart
@Bobby X: they were both awesome. You can probably rent them , they came out together for the PS3 recently before III came out. 

Posted by jloneblackheart

Anyway, I got this comic and I'll read it later. It was supposed to come out in October, but fell off the face of the Earth. It was supposed to lead into the new release of the third game. I'm glad it finally came out. 
I flipped through it and I like the art, yet I am confused by it. It's VERY dark.

Posted by Bobby X
Cool. Actually didn't know they re-realeased them for ps3 so thanks.
Posted by goldenkey

man I need money. 
Edited by Darkstalkers

The comic looks interesting but I do wonder where it will take place in the timeline. 
Also as a gamer myself for anyone looking to pick up the GOW franchise I would say pick up the other two first (the GOW 1 & 2 collection on blu ray for PS3 is a great deal.) 
The third GOW was great. but the second will always remain the best in the series for me.

Posted by No_name_here
@Bobby X: I'd definitely recommend picking up the collected edition of the first two games. Good value, good experience and you're going to be VERY lost when you play the third since they assume you've already played the first games.
Posted by NXH

God of war III is deffentally the best game of the year hands down!  
I missed the first two games and I wasn't compltetly confused. probably because I watched the recap video of the games on ign. 
But I will be getting the collection game at somepoint. 
As for the comic, of what ive seen so far on it from the previews, looks pretty good and I will check it out cos I am a slave to god of war.

Posted by jloneblackheart
@Darkstalkers: It's supposed to be between two and three from what I heard. If it would have started in October like it was supposed to th elast issue would have came out right before the game came out.
Posted by No_name_here
@NXH: Well yeah, if you watch something like that, but if you have only the game itself to run off of, I figure newbies would be lost.
Posted by NXH

haha, true that

Posted by grimreaper1980

hell yeah, that and i wonder how the next god of war game will present itself