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5 Patriotic Comic Book Characters!

Celebrate Memorial Day by reading comics? Sure, why not!

So much of what exists in our society and in our culture is prevalent in the comics we read. While comics are fictional, and superheroes aren't real, sometimes we take from reality and what exists in it and use it as inspiration for the fictional world we want to create. The idea of patriotism is one of those very things. There are countless symbols of patriotism in comics, and there are likely too many to count. So, to celebrate Memorial Day, I thought I would list five symbols of patriotism that I have found in comics that are most obvious to me. Maybe you guys can help me name a few? 

 Captain America

Captain America

This is the obvious one, I mean, just look at his name! Captain America was first introduced in 1941, a full year into World War II and was given his very own comic book, Captain America #1. He has since appeared in over 3,400 comic books and has been a staple of Marvel comics as one of their most prominent characters. While his costume has changed over the years, and has been modified by different artists, the red white and blue stars and stripes that have made him so iconic have remained.
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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Of course, if you know me then you know I would throw her into the mix. For obvious reasons, Wonder Woman has always been symbolic of patriotism to me, not simply because of her costume. After first donning red white and blue to embark on her journey to deliver Steve Trevor back to the American goverment after he accidentally landed on Paradise Island, Diana has retained the costume and continued to wear it as a symbol of respect for America. Not only that, but she loved the U.S. so much, that she decided to stay and fight alongside members of the Justice League. 


To me, Superman epitomizes what it means to be a patriot. Beyond the fact that he bears the colors of the American flag as his uniform, he represents what made this country what it is. Superman is an immigrant from another planet that has settled in America and fallen in love with the people and their culture. He is, to me, what it means to be American and one of my absolute favorite superheroes. 
Now, for two of the more obscure examples...

 Reagan's Raider's #1

Reagan's Raiders

One of the strangest examples I have come across, was a series that was first released in 1986 during the Reagan Administration. Published by Gary Brodsky under Solson Comics, Reagan's Raiders only lasted for about three issues. The release of the first issue came in October of 1986, shortly following the height of the Iran-Contra during Reagan's term. Not only did the team hold Reagan's name in their title, but one of the team members even had his likeness.


The Shield

Before Captain America and the great Steve Rogers, there was The
 The Shield
Shield, published by DC Comics. Created in 1940 by Harry Shorten and Irv Novick for Archie Comics, The Shield saw success for about a year, that is until Archie trumped him. Archie Comics made several attempts to bring the character back into the limelight unsuccessfully, that is until 2009 when they teamed up with DC Comics. DC took the Shield and used the character as a part of their Red Circle series. The Shield saw some more time in the spotlight in his very own self titled ongoing from DC, but the lack of sales inevitably doomed the series and it was quickly canceled. However, something tells me this is not the last that we have seen The Shield!  
What other patriotic comic book characters can you name that you have found in comic books?
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US agent ,Patriot or even iron patriot to some degree qualify to

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Miss America 

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@lazystudent: Why are you coughing?
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@Babs:  was ment to be a polite attention bringer to the other patriots , i was being rather british
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Patriotism at it's best!

P.S. - I never heard of the Reagan's Raiders and i'm a little upset to see The Shield get  canceled but I agree that we haven't seen the last of him. 
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Good List Babs..  I have another Obvious one for you.








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Freedom Fighters
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when the name is "The Liberteens" then thats patriotic and cheesy
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Spirit of '76 
He was a low-level hero who became a short-lived substitute for Captain America at one point.
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@Roninidas: Yeah, I thought about using him, but I didn't want another DC on the list.
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Liberty Legion and Shield was canceled?
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Captain America, Bucky, Uncle Sam, Liberty Belle, And Superman.

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 Isaiah Bradley
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I got another one. 

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@Roninidas said:
I got another one. 


That Ones my Favorite.
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Jack Flag anyone? Anyone? 
Or how about Howling Commandos?
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Would Beast be patriotic character?

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Thanks. I have one more, SuperPatriot from Image.
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Lest he be forgotten.
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What about..

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I was thinking about stargirl too, but does she count?
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How about Nuke (later Scourge)? He was psychotic, but he only wanted to serve his country. 

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 Captains: Spain, France and Italy

 And we shall call him.... Captain Germany circa 1940

Because Patriotism isn't just for the yanks!
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I was wondering when Fury would be thrown out there. But How about Sgt. Rock? eh? eh?

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Gosh Captain Nazi? patriotic to well not U.S.
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Not much else needs to be said, the Toxic Crusader!!!
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The Veteran. Secretly keeping America safe with his secret group. Knows that they were actually 5 World Wars instead of 2 lol.
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   Jack Flag 
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They don't get much more All-American than Ms. Victory...

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@Babs: Excellent list, Babs. I agree with what you said about each character. They do represent patriotism in their own unique ways. Have a good Memorial Day. 
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Funny how Superman is now a symbol of the U.S. even though he was designed by a Canadian.

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@Ikkybooger:  Also see: Basketball 
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 Ms. Marvel
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NICE, I like how you dug up a scan of Yankee Poodle from the Captain Carrot comic!  Good stuff!!
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I'm never too comfortable with the idea of Superman as a "patriotic" character.
His costume's red and blue but no white and with a little bit of yellow to boot.
In a more serious way a character of his power should be more about the planet than any one country. I think the stories should approach that more.
I hate to be the party pooper but people often talk about what America represents but forget all about things like segregation and other dark times.
No one country's perfect.
It's important to celebrate the good but not to get lost in what we wish our country was and forget what's come before.
I consider myself lucky that due to my back ground I've developed a very balanced out look on my culture and heritage. I can see the good and bad of what's come and have never though my back ground give me any kind of birth right. Countries are land masses. It's the people we need to celebrate.
That said we should never  forget any mistakes we've made. If we do we'll never learn from them.
Thanks for reading

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every one is forgetting a recent one.

Invincible Iron Man #28

Invincible Iron Man # 25

Invincible Iron Man # 25
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Found a few.

Haunted Tank/Gen J.E.B. Stuart

American Eagle

Mr. America

Super Patriot

Had too, Captain Confederacy

and lastly Ulysses Pilgrim from Last American I found some more but too much to post.
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@Black Lantern Mar-vell: Thanks, I have a folder saved with so many Patriotic character's and their various costumes.  So I posted a few of them.