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400,000th Issue Added to Comic Vine Database

We've reached a new milestone.

It's a time to celebrate. Since Comic Vine launched in December 2006, our database has grown at a pretty crazy rate. We can say, we have the most comprehensive comic book wiki around.

Today, we reached a new milestone. The 400,000 issue was added. Think about that number. That is a lot of comic books. The issue that ended up being the 400,000th issue was ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #200.

Of course we couldn't have reached this milestone without everyone that has contributed to the site's database. Check out the list of top users. Comic Vine is about the Community. That's what makes this a wonderful place. There are so many dedicated people and they all deserve a round of applause. Thank you to everyone.

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Posted by Wyldsong


Posted by Black_Arrow


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Congrats guys.

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Man, do I love this website and its community. Way to go, guys!

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Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Great job, guys!

Posted by DrellAssassin

Pretty cool that the milestone comic for Comic Vine was a milestone comic itself.

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Congratulations Comic Vine!

Posted by Jake Fury

400,000 issues? i've got some serious work to do....

Posted by KEROGA

I love this site.

Posted by bladewolf

Sweet! Congrats!

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Nice, Great work guys.

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That's awesome. Keep up the great work guys!

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So proud ^_^

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haha it would be Ultimate Spider-Man #200 at that. If that isn't good luck for that issue then I don't know what is

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

Congrats Comicvine and let's get 500,000 now.

Posted by PunyParker

I know ,we're awesome.

Posted by RustyRoy


Posted by Saren

300,000 of which were added by pika :P

Moderator Online
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I think it is awesome that an anniversary issue ended up being the 400,000 issue added!

Posted by Overlander

Yay! Congrats ComicVine Team!

Posted by animehunter

Congrats, Awesome, Greeaat

Edited by Ashr

Well done Comic Vine

Posted by Renchamp

@saren said:

300,000 of which were added by @pikahyper :P

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Posted by GraniteSoldier

Pretty deserving that it should be the remembrance of the death of Peter Parker.

Congrats CV.

Posted by pikahyper

@renchamp: lol not even close, at best I'm up to 80k :D

Posted by Renchamp
Posted by ravisher

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now i need to get tony and any other comic vine crew i run into to sign this issue!

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@renchamp: well aztek had a pretty big hand in that as well :P

Posted by Renchamp

@pikahyper said:

@renchamp: well aztek had a pretty big hand in that as well :P

Indeed. I felt sad not including him in the call-out since he's gone MIA and wouldn't notice. But the kid was a beast in his day.

Posted by pikahyper

@renchamp: indeed he was, hopefully he wanders back some day.

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Posted by Mucklefluga

Does that include the Spanish ones etc?

Posted by PrinceAragorn1


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Way to go :D !! Here's to 400k more!

Posted by mak13131313

Awesome! Way to go Comic Vine!

Posted by pikahyper

@mucklefluga: it includes all issues currently in the database.

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What are the odds that the issue itself is also a milestone?

Posted by micah


Its a sign the Ultimate Universe's fortune is changing for the better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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400th? Big whoop

Posted by angelalfonso


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Posted by TheBlackHood

Posted by LyraFay

@sc said:

Congratulations Comic Vine!

Posted by StMichalofWilson


Posted by NewComicGuy

Congrats! You guys do a great job with the site. Very user friendly.

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