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Arthur Joseph Curry was delivered prematurely when his mother died of complications. His father did all that he could to save the baby, and injected him with a serum that would allow him to breath underwater. The serum gave him gills, and he can only stay out of water for short periods of time.

Infinite Crisis

During "Infinite Crisis", Arthur was being kept at his home, a laboratory where his father worked. There were storms created by Spectre during his attack on Atlantis and the lab was destroyed, along with the tank that Arthur was kept in. Arthur's father was found dead a year later.

One Year Later

Arthur first appeared in issue 40, of Aquaman (renamed with this issue: Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis). It was marked with the "One Year Later" stamp. It began with Arthur swimming downward, and eventually hearing a voice asking him his name. The voice mistakes him for Aquaman because their first and last names are the same.

The voice directs him to a large battle between King Shark, and many other sea creatures. The voice tells him to help King Shark, and the two of them hold off the sea creatures until more sharks arrive. At this point, King Shark grabs Arthur, and then the voice leads them to a creature known as the, "Dweller In The Depths". It gives Arthur a set of armor that is similar to that of the original Aquaman (orange shirt, green pants), as well as a sword.

Arthur eventually abandons his position shortly before Blackest Night, not being able to take the pressure of carrying on the original Aquaman's position. Tempest succeeds him on the throne for a short time.


Arthur is not able to command fish as well as the original Aquaman, but he can see through their eyes, as well as talk to any creature living underwater. He also has the ability to breath underwater, and his body is adapted to underwater life. He has strength that has not yet been completely revealed, but has broken free from metal shackles. He has not yet shown any evidence of super speed in or out of water.

Arthur has shown skill in swordsmanship, as well as fighting without any weapons.

Arthur can survive only short periods of time out of water.

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